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  1. I’ve heard Congress is exempt. So is the postal service. I’d love to know about the pharmaceutical companies tho - that’d be the icing on the cake
  2. Lots of people are to blame for the rising crime. Soros is responsible for letting crimes go unpunished
  3. Oh please, like they get anything accomplished anyway. Our government is useless. Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional and ridiculous. I think the Dems are overplaying their hand, again. They must realize it’s unpopular, yet they just don’t care
  4. That’s true, but again, the media didn’t wait for his own confirmation to call it for what it was, a racist POS. They immediately went to the racism narrative. They also did that to Kyle Rittenhouse, hell even still to this day. I’ll ask again, why are the media standards different? Why aren’t they bringing up this dude hateful rhetoric on his social media? Why is the story being quietly swept under the rug?
  5. Oh I am aware. The hateful social media posts was where I was going with that
  6. And this dude said a bunch of hateful crap as well. So there you go. Just going by your standard
  7. He “could be” racist? You’re kidding me he is a self proclaimed racist, end of story. Unless of course he cured his bigotry somehow before mowing down innocent people
  8. But you have proof of the white guy in Charlottesville? If so, what is it?
  9. Brooks had tweets that were racist towards white peoples and Jews. That was his own doing. The Christmas parade isn’t an exclusive white person thing, it just happens to be in a majority white suburb.
  10. Lol. Ok bud. Stay in that fog you reside in.
  11. Who knows. The media sure claims to know what happened. And that’s the point.. the double standard in reporting. If the skin colors were switched, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. We have seen this clearly
  12. I never said it was racially motivated. But that dude definitely is a racist.
  13. Because it was 2 bigoted idiots doing the same exact thing. You must be kidding right
  14. Being able to do a google search and find the story, that isn’t the point. The point being made here is that this attack isn’t in your face, on every channel every hour on the hour. Charlottesville was. And we all know, without a doubt, if this was a white individual mowing people down at a BLM march, it would be everywhere. Constantly. For the next several years. If you think otherwise, well.. your just being dishonest and no one buys it. This is why corporate media sucks and no one watches anymore. It’s a hole they won’t climb out of.