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  1. Maybe he could have smiled. Or waved. Instead he mouth breathes on the glass with a blank stare. Ol’ Joe is not with us
  2. The photo adds to a long line of creepiness from old Joe. I know your new shtick is being extremely literal all the time, but it makes you look super stupid, very short sighted and a champion at carrying water for creepy people.
  3. If we were simply talking about this one photo, yeah it could come off as normal… except he has a long history of sniffing, touching, being inappropriate with children. Including his own.
  4. Uh huh. Just like those showers with his daughter. Clothed of course! Totally normal. You are sick
  5. “Maricopa County had problems at about 30% of its vote centers Nov. 8 when tabulators were unable to read some ballots.” “Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants an explanation of how the printer problems happened before Maricopa County does its certification on Nov. 28. The head of his Elections Integrity Unit also wants to know how some of the uncounted ballots were mixed up at the polling sites and an explanation for issues experienced by voters who left to go to another vote center with operating tabulators. “Arizonans deserve a full report and accounting of the myriad problems that occurred in relation to Maricopa County administration of the 2022 general election,” the head of the unit, Jennifer Wright, wrote. Maricopa County board Chair Bill Gates said the county will respond "with transparency as we have done throughout this election.” “The county said that about 17,000 Election Day ballots were involved and had to be counted later instead of at the polling place. Only 16% of the 1.56 million votes cast in Maricopa County were made in-person on Election Day. In Mohave County, the board and the chair of the county Republican Party praised their elections director. But Jeanne Kentch joined GOP state chair Kelli Ward in saying Republicans were disenfranchised because of issues in Maricopa County. “Mohave County voters, their votes have been diluted,” Kentch said. “Their votes have been worth less than they were prior to this vote due to the mismanagement and the disfunction of the Maricopa County elections department." -yahoo news / ap Bob Christie 11/21/22
  6. It’s funny that the left screams and stomps about voter suppression…. Except when it actually happens and benefits their team. every single voter should be able to walk in, vote, and have confidence that it will be counted. That is not what happened in AZ this year. Completely unacceptable
  7. That was a straight up troll and nothing else.
  8. Sounds like AZ has some questions about this election and won’t be certifying at this time
  9. And they shower with their clothes on
  10. It’s just more proof that certain parts of the world have gone so soft it’s comical. That’s the drawback of having things so good for so long. I guarantee that there are no people of Ethiopia that are confused on what genders there are. No one in Yemen is being triggered by some old painting. Somalians don’t give 2 shits about Coca Cola turning their logo rainbow for a month.
  11. Yeah but he head-buts those rakes and shows em who’s boss
  12. The other day squid lips taught us that supporting a liar actually makes you a liar. So what happens when you support a child toucher?
  13. Hypocrisy is what Dems are best at.
  14. Hardcore working environment = bringing your own lunch, snack time at your desk and actually having to go to work.
  15. ^^^ lefties suddenly concerned about time, money and effort. Lol