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  1. Hi SouthcoastPhil, As a member of SOL, Id love to help you out! But first, we should get to know you a little better! Did your wife leave you? If so, youre in the right place! Sounds like you know your way around a rod a little better than your letting us on to believe ;-) Two handed fly rod might not work for you, according to grapevine one hand may be overkill as well. Try using tweezers to cast your rod, its not about how much force you use, but about getting the rod to load, and then unload; all over the place. As for any "keepers" you may catch, you might want to do them a favor and let them go, for their sake as much as yours. Trust me, once they are gonna leave you one way or another, and you will at least look like a decent human being if you make it look like you let them go. Its great that you are committed to your beliefs, but TBH, most people are pretty ignorant, so its also good to keep an open mind. Welcome to the forum! -Yemista
  2. Muzzle loader seems interesting. I have never heard of it before. My main reason for not wanting to get a gun is having a small child around, but this gun seems real hard to shoot(hard in the sense that it wont accidentally go off if it gets in the wrong hands)
  3. Correction, I dont want to OWN a gun.
  4. Good to know. Thanks for the information. I get how shooting a bird in the air is safer with a gun than an arrow, but what about when people shoot rabbits with guns? Isnt that just as dangerous?
  5. Sadly Im not
  6. I wouldnt hunt them in the city.....
  7. How is shooting a bow different than shooting a shot gun in this scenario?
  8. Thanks for all the feedback, I did some reading before posting here and at least one some other random forums people claim to shoot them with a bow on the ground, but I know nothing about doing this and didnt realize they are mostly taken from the air. The reason I shy away from turkey is for some reason its considered "Big Game". I live in Boston so even if I wanted to get a gun it would be super tough. Plus I have a two year old at home. I might try archery a couple times just for the heck of it, and if I do terribly and feel its not for me I guess I will just stick to fishing. How hard are wild rabbits to hit with a bow? The ones in the city at least sit for a few seconds when you see them before taking off, so if the ones in the woods are similar maybe that is more doable?
  9. Im considering getting into pheasant hunting and was wondering how hard it was to learn? Without starting a gun debate, I do not want to even try to own a gun, so my option would be hunting them with a bow. Considering I never shot a bow before, how long do you think it would take to get good enough to hunt pheasants? I can practice maybe 1-2 hours a week, maybe more. How hard are they to find(assuming I get good enough with the bow to try)?
  10. willing to ship?
  11. You can use a vaporizer
  12. Doesn't matter, they are just bad influences for people carrying guns in different ways
  13. I think if you are high you should not be allowed to carry a gun; I certainly dont want to be around a drunk person who is hunting as well.
  14. How do you catch them? sabiki rig?
  15. Ive never caught a carp, but I thought they put up a good fight? I know where there are a ton of them but they are always splashing about beyond casting distance so I never bothered to target them.