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  1. I think thats always been a myth. In reality its people who are good at manipulating others into not talking, by brainwashing them with a twisted code of ethics. You need to be good at taking advantage of others to be a successful mobster
  2. Yea but you need to be pretty savvy for that, or at least have people working for you who are tech savvy
  3. I use clear 8lb mono and never had an issue. I used to use 4lb mono but it breaks so easily...
  4. Hahahahahah!
  5. Yes? Details please. Hard to answer a question without details. For example, what kind of fishing are you planning on doing?
  6. That's interesting, I've always heard that the best region of the Charles to fish is south of the Waltham Dam. I guess the rest of the river is in better condition these days. I was fishing in the Dedham area myself
  7. It certainly was not. I thought it had to be since I did not expect to catch any fish but tires did not move the line left and right in the water
  8. I went today to the Charles River, not expecting to do any more than practice casting, but I hooked into a really strong fish that managed to get off. The thing was peeling drag every time I reeled it in a few turns.
  9. Just out of curiosity, did you ever get to any flounder fishing? That was my goal for finding seaworms as well. Did you end up using squid instead?
  10. Thanks!
  11. Anyone know where I can buy some this time of year?
  12. I fished it last early-fall late-summer and there was lots of activity. We could hear fish smacking the surface, but never figured out what kind of fish they were
  13. Hi SouthcoastPhil, As a member of SOL, Id love to help you out! But first, we should get to know you a little better! Did your wife leave you? If so, youre in the right place! Sounds like you know your way around a rod a little better than your letting us on to believe ;-) Two handed fly rod might not work for you, according to grapevine one hand may be overkill as well. Try using tweezers to cast your rod, its not about how much force you use, but about getting the rod to load, and then unload; all over the place. As for any "keepers" you may catch, you might want to do them a favor and let them go, for their sake as much as yours. Trust me, once they are gonna leave you one way or another, and you will at least look like a decent human being if you make it look like you let them go. Its great that you are committed to your beliefs, but TBH, most people are pretty ignorant, so its also good to keep an open mind. Welcome to the forum! -Yemista
  14. Muzzle loader seems interesting. I have never heard of it before. My main reason for not wanting to get a gun is having a small child around, but this gun seems real hard to shoot(hard in the sense that it wont accidentally go off if it gets in the wrong hands)
  15. Correction, I dont want to OWN a gun.