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  1. How do you catch them? sabiki rig?
  2. Ive never caught a carp, but I thought they put up a good fight? I know where there are a ton of them but they are always splashing about beyond casting distance so I never bothered to target them.
  3. 100 years ago there was a lot less available data and wide spread studies. Sky is not falling, it's just getting a bit warmer
  4. I think they should close the canal. Then I wont be able to complain about never catching anything there
  5. They didnt that day, but I cant answer if they do. This was the 4L which weighs about 3.3oz, the smaller ones might work for rainbows and salmon, but Im not sure
  6. Was that guy throwing deadly dicks? It might have been me actually. I have tried this once but to no avail. I have been considering going back with sluggos and trying to get real deep as opposed to high up in the water column with the deadly dick.
  7. I never catch smallmouth bass there, if anything is always rainbow trout. I just picked up some half ounce rooster tails so hopefully I can get into some smallies. By the way that is really nice fish!
  8. Ive thought of throwing a big jig with my surf rod at the narrows, still havent tried it yet though
  9. fishusa has g loomis steelhead rods at 40% off for today.
  10. where can you target them from shore?
  11. Im interested in the 1145, where are you located?
  12. I caught my only laker on a mojo inshore and the rod is way too stiff. It's really a salt water rod
  13. where are you located?
  14. Im going there Saturday with rain gear. Wind is light in the am, and it seems fairly warm, but it will be raining.
  15. What time of day do you target browns? I always thought they were more nocturnal, but you cant fish the Chu after dark