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  1. Can it handle up to 1 oz? Would you be willing to ship to Boston? Shipping cost?
  2. Where are you fishing? Its been slow for me all summer
  3. Thanks for the update. Its true, the Chu fishes better in colder weather
  4. Anyone hit up the Chu recently? I hope to make it out there at least a few times this fall
  5. Didnt make it out Saturday, hopefully this Saturday i can hit the beach. Otherwise, I dont think ill fish the salt again this year
  6. No matter what time of day?
  7. So your only supposed to use poppers for bass in dim light conditions such as dawn or dusk from what I understand, but for blues, can you throw them all day long? Or are metals the preferred way to get them from the beach in the daylight?
  8. Yea I was heading to the jetty anyways. As for early afternoon fishing, from what I understand, blues don't care what time it is, but it will be high tide
  9. So I have not been fishing for a while due to family life, but I think I can get away this Saturday morning. I will leave Boston around 6:30am-7am and I want to fish South Cape Beach. Now I know the general Cape rule is you can park for free before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, but is there any daytime parking around South Cape Beach that will be available to a non-resident this Saturday? I just dont want to plan a trip and waste the time driving down there, only to be shut down by lack of parking
  10. If it was blues or bass, why werent the pogies eaten?
  11. Maybe global warming isnt as bad as i thought... New England will be the new Florida Keyes! At least until ALL the fish die
  12. If the weather isnt too bad Saturday, Im going to look for some with a friend of mine off a beach on the southern side of the cape
  13. I was just about to ask if the canal had cooled off. I havnt been out in a few weeks and was wondering if it was fishable again...
  14. How did the first die?
  15. I see what youre saying, but you are not really advocating for no government are you? If there was no government then groups of criminals would take over and become the new government. Thats essentially why we have government, to stop things like this from happening. And what I meant was that as the world becomes more developed and connected, you need more government to moderate it and support everyone. Unfortunately our government is about making the rich richer, taking opportunity from the poor, and convincing them they are doing what is in their best interest when they are just padding their pockets