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  1. I want to try to fish the Cape Cod Canal. Anyone have any advice or pointers that may help me out?
  2. Guess Ill learn to fish the beaches better. One of the reasons I go fishing is to get away from people
  3. Has anyone fished the canal this year and can report on the crowds? I have not bothered since shoulder to shoulder seemed to be the norm last year, as opposed to occurring around breaking tides
  4. Where did you get your word of the day calendar from?
  5. ok thanks, good to know
  6. Uhhh, is it ok to eat this fish?
  7. I think you ruined smellfish's week
  8. Why is this thread still alive? Now that the bass are moving in, are people still fishing the Charles?
  9. Yea normally I would think it is way too early for stripers as well but they are catching in RI which isnt that far away
  10. Anyone pulling bass in off the beaches yet? In the RI forum they have been, just curious if stripers have progressed the the inner cape yet? Im planning to take a half day off work tomorrow to try some beaches in the morning, will report back if I do
  11. If you have a day to spend just rent a boat and explore it. You cant beat the deal the state offers for renting a motor boat there. Honestly last year was my first year fishing it, and I rented the boat and there are some really nice coves on the edges that have to hold bass.
  12. Just do it. What have you got to lose?
  13. I thought the site was owned by Tim?
  14. Theres some guys on here who know the Q real well. I made my first trip out there last year, and plan to do so again this year. You cant beat the deal they give on renting a motor boat there ANYWHERE One thing I have done is search youtube for quabbin reservoir fishing, you might find some smallie tips in some of the videos you see. I know I did, and will give SMB a shot this year
  15. Did everyone forget about those spots or do they no longer produce?