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  1. Yea it's really stupid, i haven't bothered even trying to fish there this summer. I really hope a bunch of people brandishing weapons run into others brandishing weapons and they shoot each other to death. It's sickening how people act over their pissing ground, pissing ground that isn't even theirs!
  2. Lol, guess you're not too smart leaving recorded death threats, more likely than not tied to an email address that has your real first and last name on it.
  3. Okay good, as long as it's not death, thanks for letting me know
  4. I cooked them on the grill, i think i over cooked them actually, but what's the worse case scenario if i didn't?
  5. Aren't those full of bacteria? I hope i don't get sick...
  6. Thanks for the tips everyone. I went to Gallilee Rhode Island at 930am, far too early but I didnt know better. Around 11am I was able to buy some fresh caught lobster. I got two over 1.6lbs and two over 1.8 lbs for $52 all together. The lobsterman I bought from was a very honest guy. I accidentally gave him $80 and he immediately gave me back a twenty, saying not to give him extra money. Lobsters were on the grill shortly after I got home, and they were delicious. A bit of a drive but a good experience, thanks again! I also got sand crabs which I have never tried. 12 for $10.
  7. What time of day can you go? Is it just early morning or can you buy into the afternoon? I'm thinking of checking it out this weekend
  8. Yea, you need to be extra careful if you land a fish at the canal. I was walking there one morning and a guy was about to land a fish when there was something big that thrashed in the water no more than 2 ft from him and his line broke. I dont think anyone confirmed it was officially a GW, but Ive heard they are around from other people, and from the size of it theres a good chance it was
  9. Ive only tried it once and it was much better than store bought, but maybe the guys here who put out their own traps can shed more light on the subject
  10. Thanks, this is helpful. I certainly dont want to risk doing something illegal for better lobster, not at this point in my life anyways. Ill check it out this weekend maybe
  11. I wish I caught more scup. Maybe Ill buy some chainmail and try my hand at the canal
  12. Ive only once in my life had lobster straight out of the canal. It was the one year I had a lobster license, and we managed to catch one lobster, which was just a smidge above the legal keeper size. It was the best lobster I ever cooked, the meat was sweet and tender, and Ive yet to have a lobster that tasty anywhere. No matter how fresh a seafood restaurant claims to be, you cant beat taking one out of the water a few hours earlier. My question is, is there a way to buy lobster right off the dock? Right away as soon as its taken in? The freshest possible lobster? Does anyone know if its legal for people who do their own lobstering to sell what they catch? If so, can you have such lobstermen PM me? If what I am asking is agains the law, forgive my ignorance and ignore my request, but I see no reason why people cant sell what they catch if they have a commerical lobstering license.
  13. I'm all for idiots making lame remarks, but just out of curiosity, what is your justification?
  14. I've always wanted to try whale. You can get it in Iceland too As for the mercury, the longer an animal loves the more time it has to become mercury laden. Usually bigger animals live longer
  15. Thanks for the heads up everyone, those kinds of crowds arent worth dealing with imo