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  1. Spot burn is ok as long as it's not the canal. Maybe it will draw away some of the canal traffic so people can actually fish it in peace
  2. Sounds like you know how to party!
  3. Now I just need to catch a bluefish! The year of the bluefish has been a disappointment so far...
  4. Hi Dan, How much for the new style bucktails in white? I am looking for 2 x 5oz 3 x 4oz 3 x 3oz Thanks!
  5. Not sure actually. I'm looking for the one that has the bright blue color
  6. Looking specifically for GIS SCS 1065-2 model. I live in Boston and can pick up in surrounding areas.
  7. No, to avoid mung, the stuff that ruins beach fishing
  8. What about a bad joke? Most of mine trend on the side of bad
  9. How does that work in the canal? Won't the current sweep away the Pellets?
  10. I guess jokes aren't taken too lightly around here! Are mackerel pellets used to attract bait?
  11. I hear you are so backwards you even drive in reverse
  12. You should post this on Facebook. I think everyone here knows
  13. After getting munged out of my favorite spot, I decided to try the canal, which I haven't bothered with in a couple of years. Much to my surprise, there were very few people there! I got a good spot with plenty of room to my left and right, and I barley had to walk far from the lot. What I learned from this experience? The canal is still a great place to fish, you just need to go when no one else is there! Disclaimer: I did not actually catch anything
  14. That particular piece was thin due to a poor filet job, it's other half was much bigger. I used a rather standard brine that I found online made of salt brown sugar and water, and I left it in the brine overnight. Next time I smoke fish I will cut the filets into smaller pieces because the one in the picture that looks like jerky was actually the best piece
  15. I always go through the back and make sure the hook goes on and out through the skin, especially for macks. If the skin peels off I feel the bait stays on less effectively