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  1. are there stripers in the canal right now?
  2. Ive been using a century slingshot 1327 for years. Its rated up to 5oz, so I usually jig when the current is changing directions, but it throws plugs real well, even sp minnows, and is easily sensitive enough for jigging. Ive thrown 5oz jigs, but usually dont throw more than 4oz
  3. where abouts did you catch them? south side? buzzards bay? canal?
  4. I think at least some were blues, judging by what the bait looked like after a hit.
  5. I fished SCB this past Monday, lots of weeds in the water. I was fishing with mackerel and looking for blue fish, so i started off bombing the bait as far as I could, reeling in tons of mung when I would check my bait. I was going to give up, but decided to cast not even 20 yards into the water. This cut down on the mung I was catching by about 90-95%, and I got a ton of hits for a period of about 30 minutes. I guess the fish were close in and also not too big because I couldnt hook one. I was using a 5/0 J hook and fishing at about noon on an overcast day. Once the sun came out me and my friend went home because it was too hot.
  6. Im going to be staying in Yarmouth last week of July. I am not familiar with the area at all. Any advice on fishing beaches? Hopefully beaches open at night by then
  7. this: laugh all you want, its damn good
  8. all greek to me
  9. There is no hope because humans evolved to be stupid. That goes for every member of the race. Education is the only way out, and its mocked as being stupid. What kind of person actually believes that becoming smarter is bad for you?
  10. I wish I was shocked that people still believe in universal standards, but im not
  11. Do you really subscribe to the entertainment industry? Stop letting hollywood tell you what to believe
  12. I dont think you understand. Its not a racial issues, its a poverty and education issue. Poor, uneducated people suck, and they tend towards violence.
  13. LOL
  14. Im glad you are not smart enough to be a judge
  15. Looks like beaches still closed at night, and canal, though not shoulder to shoulder, is more crowded than I enjoy to fish it.