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  1. was it a keeper?
  2. thanks
  3. Anyone know if bait shops are stocking green crabs yet?
  4. hmmm, this or a new Century rod.... good luck with the sale
  5. too soon
  6. I dont use a casting glove, I use cloth band-aids
  7. Carry less!
  8. Yea, mine was from the Chu
  9. Ive eaten one laker, just one time, maybe 8 years ago or longer at this point. It was so disgusting I can still remember how disgusting it was. I had the tiniest morsel of meat and instantly threw it in the trash and went out for fried chicken. It was so awful that after I picked up my chicken and was driving home, I burped, and the taste was so bad I almost threw up. That being said, I am willing to try it again, but IFF someone who has prepared it eats it first. I heard you need to smoke them but I baked mine in the oven. Apparently people do eat the, and I find it hard to believe they can eat something so awful, so maybe I just didnt make it right.
  10. Thats a monster reel! How much line can you put on it?
  11. My advice is use google maps and just look for jetties that are accessible. You might have to drive by the areas you find as well to find out how accessible they are. You can try the mentioned jetty, but now that it was been mentioned you may be hard pressed to find standing room.
  12. Theres a small bait shop as you drive down the roads towards the Q at one of the gates. Does anyone buy shiners from there on their way in?
  13. You can probably still sue in the case of death, but then again I'm not a lawyer
  14. confiscate gear plus $1000 per illegal fish
  15. Thats just what we need! I really hope Q rentals dont turn in the canal and then we lose access to them.