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  1. Wheres @Jeff270 when you need him? A brilliant mind such as his should weigh in on the conversation! Seriously, this guy is so smart I thought about jumping off a bridge since I so vastly paled in comparison to his immense intellect that I felt ashamed to be alive. Jeff270 set me straight though, not everyone can be as great as him. I really hope he runs for office this time around, he is a master politician you know.
  2. Wow, thats too bad. I have seen people fish that area for tog and it always seemed a bit sketchy to me.
  3. I am going to try to make some bluefish jerky if I cant a nice one.
  4. Cant someone add some javascript to lock the submit button the first time it is clicked?
  5. Nice fish! Glad to hear they have arrived!
  6. I tried sleeping once in my car, more like I had to or I wouldn't have made it home. It was so awful that as exhausted as I was it was still the worst sleep of my life. Luckily I managed to scrounge together 2 to 3 hours and was able to get home safely
  7. You ever hear of the Dunning–Kruger effect? Does it apply to you at all?
  8. Just to make Jeff270 happy, can you have a splice without some type of knot? Unless you fuse the strands of a splice together with some kind of fire, you will have to tie the strands at some point
  9. By fishing accumen, do you mean knowing the incorrect usage of a particular word from a local group of fishermen?
  10. You dont even believe in definitions, why are you here posting your opinion?
  11. What does interweave mean though? Does it mean tie together or literally thread the fibers into each other? Thats what I always thought splice meant. At the risk of getting this whole thread locked, I am going to disagree with bob_G. Also, why are you pointing and laughing? You were using the term splice incorrectly. Sure maybe you have some colloquial slang where splice actually means knot and everyone "in the know" knows what you mean, but if you speak to the rest of the world they will not agree with you on splice.
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