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  1. What curfew are you guys talking about? I plan to go to Connecticut Friday evening, leaving Boston at 5:30pm, and taking 95 down through Providence. Will I have any issue coming back? Probably wont be driving through Providence again until 2:00am or so.
  2. Dorchester is probably your closest bet. Checkout P&J bait shop on dorchester ave
  3. I found that the situation has me traveling further than ever for salt water fishing, but also found one of the best spots i have ever fished at. How are your experiences?
  4. Maybe because Trump will deploy the military to stop the riots if they dont do something about it.
  5. Thats right
  6. you can usually tell someone is a troll by their small number of forum posts
  7. Lobsterpot is my personal favorite. Try the lazy mans lobster
  8. More of a troll. What kind of person trolls a fishing website...
  9. I actually dream of fishing in such conditions. A Noreaster on an outer cape beach. Not that easy to arrange though since I am not local to that area
  10. Are you really casting an 8oz sinker? Whenever i saw the term 8 and bait i always thought it was an exaggeration. I've never needed more than 3oz off a beach and the distance seems fine for me
  11. Yea I have started fishing SE CT and I am very pleased so far. CT does a great job with their state parks.
  12. I think they were around where I was fishing but I am not sure because I did not actually catch one. How can you tell if a fish that was pulling at your line was a weakfish or not? These fish were not hitting the bait as aggressivley as other fish I have caught, they sort of slowly pulled the bait and then let it go. I caught a 20" striper that same night, but it hit the rod like a freight train, not like whatever else was out there.
  13. I love the airwave myself, especially for anything non-canal. I suspect you will get at least one person vouching for each of those rods, just pick one
  14. there are no fish in CT
  15. where are you located?