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  1. Yesterday off Keyport. There was a white center console green t-top coming up behind kayaks trying to bump us. I saw them last minute and turned. being only 2 ft away i could hear them say he saw us. they went on and did this 2 more times, to other kayakers. later my buddy said they did it to him also, but he thought it was an accident. 4 time is not an accident they are playing a dangerous game!!!! it was too late for me to get a registration number. but everyone needs to be on the look for these balloon knots, get there registration number and report them. if i would of known what was going on I would of turned my gopro on an captured it.
  2. It was good to get out with you guys, Rashid glad I could help you with the wheels. Ed I'm glad you got out and got on fish, on Friday you had that oh **** look on your face as we looked at those 4 ft waves. Too bad the fishing was not good, it just seems that its too nice out for the season to be over.
  3. I will try to make it, that all depends on how late I get out of work tonight.
  4. I'm going out not sure where yet!
  5. Rob sorry to hear about your phone. I worked till 2am and was still thinking about going out, but I couldn't get my butt to move with 3 hours of sleep. sounds like I didn't miss much.
  6. Mario, that is amazing. it will be a while before anyone tops that
  7. John I fish mornings during the week, in the Raritan bay. Very little boat traffic till the afternoon. PM me if you want.
  8. who do I have to kill
  9. Jasper if you want to look at tops the paddle sport show is in Somerset next weekend. you could look at them at the show. buy them there or shop for the best price. at least there will be many manufactures there to try them out.
  10. We were down on the Delaware, a young couple were going out on a pair of older sit it kayaks, with an small child!! No PFD's no dry suits just street clothes in 50D water. I tried to tell them it was a bad idea, if even for the child! but he got confrontional. what do you do at that point!
  11. Leftus the most important thing is you are OK. I can not imagine what it was like! I was in the Raritan Bay yesterday,there was a speed boat in the back of the bay, going through the sail boats and people fishing, went with in 50 ft of me doing over 50knts. This moron has the whole bay and has to go through the boats, I retreated to shallow water!
  12. Great shots, must be amazing to have them hanging out by you!
  13. Glad he is OK. Pumps are cheap we all should have one on board. For less than $20 this could have been avoided.