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  1. OMG went to Thumb for Father's Day and saw more clowns than ever. People getting stuck kids running everywhere etc. Getting too crowded on the weekends there....
  2. You really do not need 4x4 low unless you needed to pull someone out. I leave our Jeeps in drive and turn off traction control on the 07. We drop our tires to 12 to start but have gone as low as 10. It depends on how much sidewall your tires have. 70 series and higher can go lower. If you have 60 series try 15.
  3. We have 3 Jeeps, a '98 ZJ, an '07 WK and a '17 JK (son's). I like all 3, we have owned the ZJ 20 years this week, 176,000 miles. I test drove the ZJ and XJ way back then. And the ZJ, is just enough bigger inside to be a lot more comfortable. XJ to me felt claustrophobic, The ZJ, has full coil suspension so it rides a good deal better. There is plenty of aftermarket support for ZJs, but there is more for XJs since they were built a lot longer. It is getting hard to find either in good shape now, esp in the rust prone northeast. As far as problems, yes the XJ is simpler, less electronic gremlins, but the cooling system, rear drum brakes (most ZJs had 4 wheel discs) and rear leaf spring suspension are inferior to the ZJ. The transmission issue is partly true, the Chrysler 42RE is not as durable as the AW-4 in the XJ, but when properly rebuilt they are very good. If you're a big guy the ZJ is much more comfortable, even the rear seat is fine for long trips. XJ, not so much. When it comes time for my next Jeep (my '07 only has 106,000 on it though) I'm going to look for the sleeper of all Jeeps, the beast in the plain suit....the WK Grand Hemi. I have one now and when I come across a good low mileage one I am going to buy it and put in storage, for when the 07 needs to be replaced. Why, well for one, it has been more fun to drive than any vehicle I have owned and I'm driving since 1972. It is comfortable, muscle car fast, best 4x4 system ever in any stock Jeep (Quadradrive II, with electronic lockers front and rear, full time transfer case with 4-low). As complex as it is, I have had less problems with it, than with the ZJ. This model was last built in 2010 and when I come across a good one I'm buying it. It is unstoppable in snow, on the beach and tows boats effortlessly (7200 lb tow capacity). The new Grands are nice, but if it does not have a HEMI, well, it's not the same. I drive both the ZJ and WK on and off, I love the old vintage feel of the ZJ, but when I have that urge to own a Charger, or Challenger, I get in the '07 and the urge just disappears....330 hp....375 ft lbs of torque...this is why, nice as they are, a Tacoma or 4Runner will never do it for me.....
  4. I have seen the Viair 300P as low as $113 on Amazon. A bargain for what it is. We have 2 and I ordered a third for a back up. I added 6' of 12 gauge wire and larger alligator clips to mine to make it easier to use.
  5. On our first trip to Democrat Pt we saw a Porsche Cayenne stuck up to the frame, which made us a bit cautious but no issues with either Jeep as long as aired down.
  6. As far as cooling, I replaced the whole cooling system over the years on the '98 4.0 Grand with mostly Mopar stuff (rad, water pump, thermostat) and got an HD fan clutch (Four Seasons brand) and with this set up it does not get past 210 even on the hottest days. I also put in a B&M trans cooler before we started using it on the beach because it did not have the factory tow package. That helped as well.
  7. We've used valvoline MaxLife 10/30 Summer and 5/30 winter with Purolator oil filters in our '98 jeep with the 4.0. Runs well with 176,000 miles on it. We are the original owners, 20 years old this coming week..
  8. One thing that you can do with the Viais is get a longer air hose, Quadratec and Morris 4x4 sell them with air pressure gauges attached which is very handy. I also added about 6' of 12 gauge wire with bigger alligator clips that fit the battery clamps better.
  9. I'd go with a Viair 300P as a minimum if you are inflating tires that are on a medium to large SUV or pick up because the smaller ones will be slow, get hot fast, and the plug in models will draw more current than the fuse for the plug in circuit is able to handle leading to blown fuses. You want one with alligator clips to hook up directly to the battery. The plug in ones are for filling a car tire that is a bit low. Airing up 4 truck tires from 12 psi to 36 psi takes a much better pump.
  10. Ah it depends on what year and model. From 2005 on up they are all full time automatic 4x4 with the V8 models having selectable 4x4 low range which is like locked in part time 4x4. On my 07 I have never needed to use low on the beach though. The last year where you could get the selectable 4x4 with high, low and full time (open center diff) was 2004 (that is the Selectrac system). The bigger issue to me is that the newest ones come with low profile tires that don't air down well. Id try to upsize to a 70 series tire (247/70-17 is a good size for late model Grands). I have these on my 07.
  11. As long as you can air down your tires to about 15-12 lbs it should be fine. For sand you need continuously engaged 4x4, good clearance and tires with enough sidewall to air down well.
  12. 1) actually the small rims are just fine, reason being you can use a taller aspect ratio tire which is better for airing down (ie 75 or 80 series vs 70 series, taller sidewall). 2) its all about air pressure, an aggressive tread will work fine on the beach IF you are aired down properly (ie 12-10 psi) 3) down side of all season tires, more of a tendency to punctures because the tread is so much more shallow than AT tires. Also, the P rated versions sidewalls are quite weak. C would be better if you can get them in the size you want. check out aussie 4x4 websites, they wheel all over Australia with MTs in sand, but way aired down.
  13. We have a new '17 JK Unlimited Sport. It came with little baby buggy 225/75-16s on 16" steel rims. There was a factory optional upgrade to 245/75-16s so we upgraded to the GY Duratrac 245/75-16 in a "C" rating which is better for Off Road use but not too stiff.
  14. I like the cars, we've had 2; a '98 Outback we kept for 18 years and it's replacement a '17 Forester . I have seen a number on the beach and not seen any stuck. Of the 2 I think the Forester has less overhang and better approach angles. I CANNOT stand their commercials though. Pregnant ladies, babies, puppies and mushy headed parents do not make me want to buy one of their cars! Try a little excitement Subaru, like your BRZ with an attractive young lady would be much better!
  15. Also if it has a hitch with trailer wiring you could fab up an adsptor to run litghts off of that if they don't draw too much current. LEDs would be good for that reason