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    i treat saltwater fishing like what it is, a second job...been fishing since i was a little kid
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    carpenter/home remodeler

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  1. Somerset county...i live Hillsborough but willing to drive within reason
  2. 9' 3" rated 3-5 heavy....Bought this to try a few years ago as a heavy current/big wood/ chunking option after reading an article on eeling...i like the rod but it gets no use i think i used it twice...was 180 new...asking $120 meetup central is a two piece so i can ship for additional $25
  3. Sold to jeff b thanks sol
  4. Pm coming jeff thank you
  5. They look more used than they are...these had maybe a dozen trips a few years back they were rinsed but the spikes still have surface side is missing one spike...they have been sitting in rubbermaid bin i just dont walk on the rocks too much anymore...size large 50 pp shipped or 40 meetup central NJ
  6. Drive in a couple blocks
  7. Sold closed
  8. No worries...pp received...item sold thanks sol
  9. Pm coming
  10. I sold my others over the years and never bought myself to fish it...its my last one so its new unfished no package...6 inch...$50 pp shipped
  11. New never used...bought as a replacement sheath for pliers that i wind up selling and my new ones came with sheath so i dont need this...34 pp shipped
  12. The batteries are decent shape they still hold a charge and i was using them and the nailer up to a few days ago when i got a new nailer...i can definitely meet up sometime this week pm me and we can chat
  13. Battery operated 20v 18 gauge brad nailer couple years old...used...has hard time to shoot 2 inch nails anymore but 1.75 inch and smaller work just fine....idk why that is but for small repair projects its great handy tool comes with 3 batteries and a charger all work fine as well...$70 pp shipped....this combo set new is probably 250-300