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    i treat saltwater fishing like what it is, a second job...been fishing since i was a little kid
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  1. Sold....this was literally the last of my kayak stuff. Good times remembered but good times ahead. Thanks sol.
  2. Pm coming thank you
  3. 30 final drop
  4. Sold to gonecoastal. Thanks sol as always.
  5. 35 shipped
  6. Pm on the way
  7. More pics
  8. Pair of spares came off my v2 drive. I no longer own the kayak. $40 pp shipped still in decent shape. Minor wear at the threading but they have life left and to keep a spare set for when the stock ones break is a good plan.
  9. Busy weekend pics to come...
  10. Bump ...$525 ship or $500 meet....cant go much lower
  11. I have absolutely no motivation to separate this
  12. Had this up before but the post got a bit filled with chatter so here is a vs200n. Serial number 11xx. Mechanical tight. Cosmetically 9/10. $550 pp shipped. $525 meet in central nj. No line on it currently.
  13. Sold thanks sol
  14. Dont wear shorts...north face convertible fishing pants...they dry quick as f and can unzip to shorts
  15. $275 meetup