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    i treat saltwater fishing like what it is, a second job...been fishing since i was a little kid
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  1. I apprecaite the offer but not ar this time thank you
  2. 5 or so inches...2.75-3oz range
  3. Send me the pp email
  4. Are the neon green over white ss needles still for sale..and do u do pp...i would like to buy one
  5. I came across this thread and not sure how this works...but since you do not have a pending deal with chipnice was curious to see if you are able to offer the black over gold with the yellow hijack intended i can open a wtb if required
  6. Gonna reopen this here....i have made sure my other ad is here is my edit....price of this package is $1500...what u get for that is as follows: 2014 Hobie Revo 13 No cracks, leaks, seals all intact, sailing rudder, hookless pockets) -V2 mirage drive, turbo fins, washed and lubricated after every use (crank arms custom made out of stainless ($150 upgrade) -Original Hobie 2 piece paddle -Mounting tracks with backing plates installed -Hobie seat pad -Accessories included: Scotty rod holder, hobie rod extenders, anchor trolley and anchor, Yak attack safety flag/light, leashes for rods, drive leash, paddle leash, paddle float for self rescue, stringer w/float, hobie tackle tray i will sell the other items for seperate prices so you can purchase them or not. Cart $125, electronics and batteries $200, aquabound paddle $100, suit and pfd $325....i will not sell the other stuff until the boat is gone (id rather have a cart with no boat than a boat that i cant cart if you know what im saying) i have also added more photos. Very sad to sell but honestly my kid is getting older and id like to do more shore based trips where i can bring him and i havent used the kayak since april or may
  7. Ok ok...Ill go $55
  8. New in package Jr pikie in wonderbread $30 shipped paypal
  9. Let's try $60 final drop
  10. Sold
  11. Not sure what you are offering...what do you have...I know this was an older post that got revived lol