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    i treat saltwater fishing like what it is, a second job...been fishing since i was a little kid
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    carpenter/home remodeler

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  1. They bother me too and the garbage is just as bad
  2. Looking to trade any of the stuff pictured...things im looking for are pretty simple stuff...super strike yellow eye bullet, open eye trailer hooks, ta clips, inline hooks, white teasers, rigging needle, dacron line, yozuri mag popper, sluggos, rm smith 1oz peanuts...i have some other stuff i can offer if any of those things come up
  3. Sold to kayaknshore thanks sol
  4. Im sorry this is taking way longer than it should...i told my friend to get his butt in gear and give me the info...i understand if u retract offer but im teyin to get u the specs
  5. Selling for a buddy...hell give me specs later
  6. I would like a yellow/white, white, and red/white like pictured above and two white with red thread open eye 3/0...send me info will paypal later
  7. Do u also have open eyes for direct to lure?
  8. Spend the money on simms
  9. Monkfish Cod Lemon sole
  10. Absolutely...thank you
  11. Bump
  12. 90 final drop
  13. 80 shipped
  14. Trying ro keep as lot
  15. I honestly thought i had my 50...just goes to show the strength of 30lb suffix and a 9ft odm