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  1. I guess my pricing was a bit too high for everyone... new price of $390 pp shipped
  2. Can you come up a little bit to help me with the shipping
  3. No one?
  4. Price drop $420 pp shipped 400 pickup
  5. Ill come down to $420 shipped
  6. Im waiting to see if my buddy will take the 3/4-4 i will get back to you as soon as i can...if someone says that they will take for asking i dont want to gold you up
  7. WTS well cared for Gen 1 VR 150...not beat up but this reel was used and has been very kind to me...barely a scratch on it because i always take care of my stuff and fish mostly sand beaches. This reel has been dunked to give quick rinse but not reeled underwater. Was serviced by saltwaters last winter and used this spring. The picture of the bag reflects parts that were replaced with new. New bearings seals, anti reverse, drag washer. New line roller last fall. Box bag papers wrench and unused bailess kit included. Spooled with 30# suffix. Asking $450 paypal shipped or $420 picked up.
  8. Im considering taking both for asking if i can work out the logistics
  9. What part of Philadelphia north or south
  10. Local meetup trade for some plugs or whatever...all batteries still hold a charge...they are a few years old but they outlasted my drills...somerset county monmouth county areas...
  11. It is a nice reel and i appreciate the better photos...i still think i am going to hold off because of the money order and logisitcs thing...thanks though
  12. I appreciate it man....its just hard for me to see the exact condition of the reel based on the photos....the camera flash wont allow me to see the rash and im hesitant
  13. Would you do 700 shipped to nj
  14. Bump