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    i treat saltwater fishing like what it is, a second job...been fishing since i was a little kid
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  1. Sold to dave...thanks sol
  2. Pm coming
  3. Redhead spoonlip is a basswood i qill send a better pic
  4. I would do $40 pp shipped for those two...thats $15 for the sporting wood parrot and 20 for the ss bottle plus $5 to mail
  5. The a54 and goo goo slim id go 60 shipped
  6. Hey dave i appreciate the offer...i may try and break this up
  7. Ill go 225 for whole lot or if guys want to make offers on splits i will entertain offers....must buy atleast 2 please
  8. Need to buy some new underwear lol. These plugs are just not serving my needs right now. We have from left to right top to bottom: big dons, sporting wood, saltys, tank, gibbs, basswood, alpha, afterhours, rhode island poppers, saltys, 2 ss, goo goo man, wright, seperate picture is a jnski. Plugs that are new are: big dons, saltys needle, gold ss, wright and rhode island poppers. Items carried but not throw are afterhours a54, goo goo slim(little oxidation on swivel from having an older split ring on it), jnski slopehead jr. All others have been tossed but are solid shape with good paint still. Time to let these plugs go. Asking $250 for the whole lot pp shipped.
  9. Sold....this was literally the last of my kayak stuff. Good times remembered but good times ahead. Thanks sol.
  10. Pm coming thank you
  11. 30 final drop
  12. Sold to gonecoastal. Thanks sol as always.
  13. 35 shipped
  14. Pm on the way
  15. More pics