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    i treat saltwater fishing like what it is, a second job...been fishing since i was a little kid
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    carpenter, unpaid fisherman

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  1. Big don? Just a guess
  2. I will take the mak for asking
  3. That might help....central nj
  4. 32 length and 19.5 at the opening
  5. Larger sized roll catch cooler from seatle sports used one time...looks a little scuffed from storage...never got around to mounting it on the kayak...but is great as a general fish bag...can fit a few nice fluke or a smaller sized keeper bass etc...has internal zippered bubble compartment to put the fish in and the outer bag can fill with ice...35 pickup 45 ship...i paid 70+
  6. Gonna try moving this again.
  7. Send a buying these for a buddy dont care if its snail mail
  8. Offer 50
  9. Found some
  10. This has sold...thanks
  11. This has sold...thanks sol
  12. Pm coming
  13. $55 final drop
  14. Pm coming
  15. Bump