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  1. Headed out to AI this weekend and maybe a Bay-bee trip with the kiddo!
  2. Rookie Surf, I am from Coopersburg / Emmaus. We have a place in Ocean Pines and love it!
  3. Guys, Thank You for all of the replies! I think I am going to look for a Penn. We did some fishing this weekend down in Ocean Pines, we had a couple of bites in the pond and no luck off the bulkheads. Still time well spent with the family. Headed back down in a couple of weeks for some Surf Fishing and a trip on the Bay Bee.
  4. Perfect! I will stop by the store and pick some up!
  5. You know it!
  6. Spelling... * Spinning Reel for all around Inshore
  7. I got a great deal on a couple of Abu Garcia Vendetta Rods 7' Med Heavy and a 6'8" Med/ both spinning rods. $ 29.00 each. I was looking at The Cabo 30 or 40, Penn Spinfisher V 3500 or 4500, The Boca 30 or 40., also The Penn Slammer 360 or 460. I want to stay around $ 100.00 . I plan on fishing in and around Ocean Pines, Down near Rt. 50, and when I get my boat in the water we will be hitting The St. Martin and Assawoman and North East MD. Keep in mind I already have a Quantum Boca 50 with a Boca 95gram Jigging rod as well as a Calcutta 200 paired up with a Penn international 7' Med Heavy Rod. I just want to add a spinning set up and not sure what to go with. There are so many reviews my head is just spinning. I do not have the money or need for a Saltiga, Stella Zee Bass or Van Staal. Great reels but I'm not ready the race reels. I would like to get the DelMarVa take on these reels. Thanks Guys!
  8. Hahahaha! My Cuda was a 318 with 355 727 auto/ slapstick. I have a 440 Magnum waiting to be placed in. It is Plum Crazy Purple with the Go wing. ( Cruise Night Special / No Trailer Queen here) Good stuff. I am going to work on my knots and I think I will try to make my own rigs. AS far a weights go I have 2 oz pyramid weights. What others should I add for my bucket?
  9. Thanks for the advice! I have been checking out the Youtube videos! Also thanks for the advice on threads....
  10. Thanks to all for the input and advice. First of all I did find Oyster Bay Tackle shop and Sue Foster's web page , I bookmarked that! I started doing research on live bait ,hooks and prepping the bait for the hook ( Sand Fleas ). If we get out enough this year I will see about a beach cart, I am going to be sporting a 5 gallon bucket and my backpack with tackle trays. I saw a video about crushing the bards on hooks, any thoughts? I have a string and have bee practicing my knots. * vaearl, I'm a Mopar guy I have a 1971 Barracuda :0) My little Fishing buddy !
  11. Thanks Guys! I started searching around and found a couple of threads that were good reads. I started out with the Mustard store bought Fluke Rig and a 2 oz sand weight. I was baiting up with Gulp Bloodworms as well as Gulp white shad. Started watching Hooked on OC, love that show. I have a nice Flounder set up for the bay. Calcutta 200 with a Penn International M7 Rod, spooled it up with 12lb mono and now I have a few Bucktail Rigs. Doing my homework on knots ( I'm serious when I say we are new to fishing) I've always had someone hand me a rod and say have fun. This site is great, I really like watching John Skinners videos. We try to get down to OCMD at least once a month so after I get all the house chores done it's time to grab the gear and hit the beach. JUst found the fishing reports so that was a big help. Thanks Again for the comments!
  12. What would you suggest using for a " smaller rig " I have store bought Flounder rigs as well as an assortment of rigs I picked up at the boat show in OC I see bloodworms I have tried them on a Flounder rig with a 2 oz sand weight. I am new and trying to get squared away. I was going to try bucktailing with gulp bait. Any thoughts or advice. I'm not really sure what i'm doing but my daughter and I have the FEVER! My gear is down in MD. Next trip down I will take stock as to what I have. WE are going to try to hit the beach in a couple of weeks!
  13. Learning quite a bit just reading these posts! New to this site as well as Ocean City area.
  14. Let me know what you think of the Spinfisher V. I just got a Boca 50 as well, I was looking at the Penn V 3500 for the backbays.