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  1. I'm trying to get some info on the Airex Durods . I know they were made in the 40s an 50s an as far as I know there was a 6' and a 6 1/2 model an that's as much as I can find on them . Anyone have any more info or give me a link on them ? Thanks ahead Jim
  2. I have the top section with both ferrules on it outside tonight letting the cold get to it . I put a few drops of Kroil oil inside the female ferrule standing with it up so it wouldn't leek out . I made a jig to fit around the male ferrule out of wood in two pieces an screwed together with a hole the size of the male but smaller then the female lip on the ferrule. Planning on putting it in a length of PVC pipe longer then the rod section with the wood jig over the opening. Slide a dowel sick inside the male an tap the dowel with a hammer. Hope this will work .
  3. Tried the icing method but it didn't work that good for me . It did come apart but both male an female ferrules are still together on the tip section now but not on the butt section. I guess I'm getting closer but there yet LOL Bet these ferrules have been together 50 years or more . Any other ideas ??????
  4. I'm restoring an old bamboo saltwater two piece rod with it's ferrules stuck together for many years . Does anyone know a trick to get them apart ?
  5. I've been collecting old Meisselbach reels from the early 1900 for a number of years now an I'm trying to find parts for a few without any luck . Does anyone on the forum know of anyone that might have parts for Meisselbach reels ? Thanks for any help Jim
  6. Trying to find some info on them . Looking for what lengths they came in an the model numbers . Actions I think were in lite an med but not sure about that . Any info would be help . Can't seam to find any info on the internet about Airex bamboo spinning rods. Thanks Jim
  7. Years ago I used to make the trip to Michigan in the fall for the salmon run but I haven't gone in years . I use to fish the Plat near Beulah an other streams in the area . I always did very well but I haven't gone in a long time . Just wondering if any of you guys go there an is it as good as it use to be ? Thanks Jim
  8. I just bought a used Van Staal VR 150 reel an it didn't come with a schematic an I've been trying to find one everywhere with no luck . Can anyone help me find it ? Thanks Jim
  9. Can anyone tell me where I can get an extra SILVER spool for my Van Staal VR50 reel at a fair price ? A used one would be even better . Thanks Jim
  10. I have a Akios 666scm w reel that I need to replace the pinion gear . Can anyone tell me were I can find the part here in the US ? Thanks Jim
  11. I've been looking around for one at a decent price for awhile now . Can anyone point me in right direction . A used one would be even better to find . I hear there's a problem with the anti reverse on them . Can any one fill me in on it ?
  12. Thanks tor your help bospa357 . I just downloaded the drawing they have on there website . The drawing they have is for the high speed models but I guess most parts are the same for my 3500 lower speed model . Thanks again for your help . Jim
  13. Does anyone know were I can find a schematic for a Daiwa Vadel 3500 reel and were I can get parts for it ? Thanks Jim
  14. Would anyone know were I can get a bail wire replacement for my Mitchell 330 reel ? Thanks Jim
  15. thanks so much. it's just what I was looking for.
  16. Can anyone help me find an instruction manual in English for this Shimano electric reel ? Thanks Jim
  17. I have several abu Garcia 5500 line counter reels that I use for live bait minnow fishing in the reservoirs for large trout . I can't seem to find a decent reel cover to protect then during transportation . The line counter models have the counter protruding past the side plate of the reel . Does anyone know of a cover that will fit this reel properly not just an over size cover ? Thanks Jim
  18. Newbe here. I never fished for tilefish before and I plan on giving it a try this year. I live in NJ and I know of a boat the Voyager out of Pt Pleasant that fishes for them. If any pros out there can give me some pointers were to start will be a lot of help. Rods, reels, line and all else I might need to get started. Also when is the best time of year for success? Thanks Jim
  19. The reel is several years old and they haven't made the 20s in a few years now . Didn't try zebco yet maybe I should but being discontinued I didn't think they would still stock parts . Thanks anyway guys .
  20. I have a quantum carbo 20 pts with a broken bail assembly. Can anyone tell me where I might find one Thanks Jim
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