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  1. I'm trying to get some info on the Airex Durods . I know they were made in the 40s an 50s an as far as I know there was a 6' and a 6 1/2 model an that's as much as I can find on them . Anyone have any more info or give me a link on them ? Thanks ahead Jim
  2. I have the top section with both ferrules on it outside tonight letting the cold get to it . I put a few drops of Kroil oil inside the female ferrule standing with it up so it wouldn't leek out . I made a jig to fit around the male ferrule out of wood in two pieces an screwed together with a hole the size of the male but smaller then the female lip on the ferrule. Planning on putting it in a length of PVC pipe longer then the rod section with the wood jig over the opening. Slide a dowel sick inside the male an tap the dowel with a hammer. Hope this will work .
  3. Tried the icing method but it didn't work that good for me . It did come apart but both male an female ferrules are still together on the tip section now but not on the butt section. I guess I'm getting closer but there yet LOL Bet these ferrules have been together 50 years or more . Any other ideas ??????
  4. I'm restoring an old bamboo saltwater two piece rod with it's ferrules stuck together for many years . Does anyone know a trick to get them apart ?
  5. I've been collecting old Meisselbach reels from the early 1900 for a number of years now an I'm trying to find parts for a few without any luck . Does anyone on the forum know of anyone that might have parts for Meisselbach reels ? Thanks for any help Jim
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  7. Trying to find some info on them . Looking for what lengths they came in an the model numbers . Actions I think were in lite an med but not sure about that . Any info would be help . Can't seam to find any info on the internet about Airex bamboo spinning rods. Thanks Jim
  8. Years ago I used to make the trip to Michigan in the fall for the salmon run but I haven't gone in years . I use to fish the Plat near Beulah an other streams in the area . I always did very well but I haven't gone in a long time . Just wondering if any of you guys go there an is it as good as it use to be ? Thanks Jim
  9. I just bought a used Van Staal VR 150 reel an it didn't come with a schematic an I've been trying to find one everywhere with no luck . Can anyone help me find it ? Thanks Jim
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  11. Can anyone tell me where I can get an extra SILVER spool for my Van Staal VR50 reel at a fair price ? A used one would be even better . Thanks Jim
  12. Thanks guys for your help!
  13. I have a Akios 666scm w reel that I need to replace the pinion gear . Can anyone tell me were I can find the part here in the US ? Thanks Jim
  14. I've been looking around for one at a decent price for awhile now . Can anyone point me in right direction . A used one would be even better to find . I hear there's a problem with the anti reverse on them . Can any one fill me in on it ?