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  1. Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all catch a big fish!
  2. I figured it would be snowing there by now.
  3. Chehalis river. It was about 2 feet from flooding. We got lucky!
  4. I'm glad things finally calmed down. We were about 2 feet from flooding at my house.
  5. We were pretty close to that here in Centralia
  6. Holy crap!
  7. In Washington state all recreational fishing is shut down
  8. Bat Rays can be fun. I used to wrap anchovy or Sardine in squid for them.
  9. Yeah, the water here has been nasty too. That and my local river is shut down until May 22.
  10. Caught a nice winter largemouth
  11. Is fishing that slow right now that no one is catching anything?
  12. I wish they did something like that up here in Washington State. Our regs are all over the freaking place.
  13. Sorry to hear about your braid. Definitely sounds like a big ray.
  14. That's awesome! I bet it was a lot of fun.