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  1. I've been right there with you. Had my right hand done in January.
  2. Looks like you did pretty well today.
  3. That's one hell of a booby trap!
  4. That's awesome!! I've always wanted to try fishing the east Coast.
  5. That would explain the lack in replies. Lol. Well if you ever want to meet up, just let me know.
  6. Has anyone here ever tried to put together a Washington/Oregon hat fling/meetup? I'm thinking of trying to organize something like that, but 1) Never done it. 2) Wouldn't know where to do it. I was thinking of maybe some place like Long Beach because it's right in the middle, or West Port being it's more popular for fishing.
  7. The nice thing is that we pretty much only catch and release.
  8. My dad and I went to the river today. He caught 2 and I caught 1. The biggest was this 18 incher off a nightcrawler.
  9. They're heeerre. 4.14 pnds
  10. Largemouth bass fishing is starting to pick up here in Washington State.
  11. View of the bay from my flight
  12. Damn! That's pretty bad. Hopefully it settles soon.
  13. Is that from the Napa river or the Petaluma river? Nasty
  14. It was rather strange because we ran into a school that were all 4#'s plus. We caught 7 of them using a variety of hard baits. They'd hit once or twice on a bait and not touch it after that.
  15. My personal best trout. 9.2 pounds, plus 4 others, but only 1 more picture.