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  1. My friend launches his 6 pack out of Oakland and fishes for whatever the client wants as long as it's legal. Warrior Poet
  2. Hey folks, I'm up in Washington state and I haven't seen any summer nor fall steelhead or Silver Salmon. Has anyone seen any run recently, if so, what rivers are they running in? I know that the kings are running (I've caught 2 while fishing for steelhead). Unfortunately the kings I caught were old and very dark. Lucky for them they get to continue to their spawning beds.
  3. Nothing in the Chehalis yet either. Although last week I caught a 12# salmon, but it was very dark.
  4. Thanks guys. I thought I had bought premade "punch" skirts, but they're just skirts held together by tubing. I'll look into the punch skirt and if that's not it I'll try the other ideas.
  5. So I have been doing a lot of smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing since I moved back to Washington State. I've been trying to get into bass skirts to jig around lily pads and structure. My question is: is it possible to attach just the skirt directly to my line? Sometimes my jig is just too heavy, but I want to keep the skirt. I want to be able to change out the weight and nothing else. I also don't want to go out and buy a ton of jigs with 4 in each color and weight when I can just change the weight itself. If I can get a skirt on I could lock it in place with a sliding sinker/weight above, held by a bobber stopper.
  6. Holy smokes that's awesome!
  7. Is that a Dolly?
  8. South Bend Washington
  9. 4 pounds 4 ounces for the big trout. About 2 pounds for the little trout
  10. Heading back to Long Beach tonight for the weekend. Hopefully I'll have some more photos for this page.
  11. Long Beach Washington
  12. Good. Thanks!
  13. Isn't there a 2018 version of this? I can't find it.
  14. I also have gout. Ginger, Celery Seed, and Advil help. I have to avoid the red meats, pork, shellfish, trout, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, and peas. I've noticed that shellfish are really bad for gout. Back to the topic. Fishing in my hometown is still slow. The water is just to muddy from the rains we just had.
  15. Not a giant, but it's a fish.