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  1. Happy Holidays to you too
  2. I wasn't aware that they bred with each other. There are a whole lot of Cutthroat in that river. Thankfully some really nice sized ones up to 18in.
  3. Caught this 21 inch rainbow in a river up in the hills. He put up a hell of a fight on a light action rod with 4 pound test. Catch and release
  4. No pictures, but my dad and I went fishing in a river just North East of Mayfield lake this morning. Catch and release, we caught a mix of trout. Most were Cutthroat, with some rainbows and what we believe were small chinook. He caught 20 fish (4 chinook) and I caught 19 (4 chinook). We were bank fishing with half a nightcrawler and a small split shot. We caught all those within 2.5 hours before the rain chased us away. The average was 14-17 inches, with the largest at 17 1/4
  5. You can Carolina rig or drop shot and reel it in similar to Carolina.
  6. Wow! Great to know. I need to upgrade my fishing license to include saltwater now.
  7. Gorgeous Cutthroat. I thought they'd all be upstream by now.
  8. Went salmon fishing and wound up catching a decent sized trout. No salmon unfortunately, but the 2 guys next to me caught 3. 2 silvers and I'm pretty sure a chinook.
  9. They're probably bottom fishing if they're using diamond weights. The rod you have might be used for tossing lures.
  10. I actually caught my first sturgeon on his boat. He's really nice and knowledgeable.
  11. You'd think they would have stopped and turned around at the first rock
  12. I have pretty bad anxiety. Combat fishing would be really bad for me.
  13. I arrived at the scene to try my luck on some coho just as they were pulling the van out of the water. There were quite a few cops and a game warden there.
  14. I've caught 2 chinook on the Chehalis river and saw a lot of chinook moving on the Cowlitz.