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    My family and I are very involved into fishing, mostly freshwater striper and catfish. Occasionally we venture down to the Gulf of Mexico.
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    Fishing, grilling, shooting
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  1. Thread closed. Thank you raybliu.
  2. My new book just arrived. Already started reading it. Thank you all for the advice.
  3. For those you you that may not tie your own Bucktails, where would one purchase some quality Bucktails on the interwebs?
  4. I purchased this book, should arrive tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestion. I am also going to get The Art of Surfcasting with Lures by Zeno Hromin.
  5. I am searching for a Sr. Troller, color is not a big concern. Please let me know what you may have to part with. Thank you.
  6. 12' is the deepest and it is roughly 100-150 yards out before reaching that deep. Where I fish you can walk out about 50-75 yards before it reaches chest deep, about 4.5-5'. A SR. Troller? I have a couple Dannys and a really big Goo Goo eye by Afterhours. I do not have a Sr. Troller. I will be on the lookout. Thank you sir!
  7. I found the book by Zeno Hromin. I am having trouble find a book by DJ, could you let me know who he is, or maybe what the book is called. I also found a book by John Skinner. I am buying both.
  8. I am fishing for freshwater striper, on Lake Texoma. It is a pretty big lake, (for the south anyways), it is not particularly deep. The place I fish mostly is fairly shallow, about 12' at the deepest and flat,, it is very windy here usually, around 12-20mph winds. The lake is really rough most of the time, top water plugs are going to be best I think, like a danny. I do not believe a darter will be good, but I may be wrong. I have used Yuzuri crystal minnows, they dive too deep and hit bottom, even with a terribly slow retrieve. I use a 10'6" tsunami airwave elite rod with a shimano ultegra xtd 5500 reel spooled with 20# power pro braid. I also bait fish for catfish and carp.
  9. Thank you everyone for all the tips. I am finding more out now in the past few hours than I have in a week. Thank you again. I do not live near salt water, so all my fishing is done with freshwater striper. I have caught them on pencil poppers, trying to expand my arsenal of lures to what you north east guys do. I hope to come up that way one day to try out what I have learned on the salt.
  10. Thank you for all the tips and info. I do really appreciate it. Thank you for the thread also, I am starting the read now.
  11. I am searching for any information regarding the action and how to fish each type of plug. Unfortunately I have not grown up using plugs, nor do I know anyone who has. I have searched videos, articles, and on here. If anyone has any tips or can point me to the right direction, I am in great appreciation to all of you. Thank you.
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