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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the information!!!
  2. Once I am able to get the skin on the plug, do I store the plug and skin in an air tight container with kosher sea salt, or just the skin alone? Will the salt ruin the plug? Thanks for anyone tips.
  3. This is my go to SMB lure rip pause rip pause usually gets a strike.
  4. I can do that! I'll PM...Thanks
  5. Any chance you would take $110.00 shipped USPS M/O? Thanks for considering
  6. I'm in
  7. Send me a PM and I will get payment in the mail
  8. If the swivels on the Jr's are in good shape I can do $35..... Thanks
  9. Would you take $30 USPS M/O for the 2 BM Juniors?
  10. Sorry I read it somewhere and can't locate it it was stated that they are discussing raising it. I shouldn't have stated it as fact, but the fact that it is being discussed is enough to merit concern.
  11. This is a band aid on a bald tire approach, more of a smoke screen. It's basically saying "Hey look at this we're trying to help the bass and keep them safe." Meanwhile they raise the quota because it wasn't met last year, maybe it wasn't met because there weren't enough fish, and no amount of circle hooks is going to help that.
  12. Marc I will take this.... Thanks
  13. My Slammer III on my 9' TFO is my go to. The set up is light weight don't let the reels size fool you it's a pretty solid reel.
  14. Good get!
  15. II'll never use these....$40.00 picked up or meet within reason.