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  1. That is very generous of you thank you, I sent you a PM.
  2. I'll take the remaining hooks for $20. My son just moved to Fla and started tying,these will be a big help. I don't have PP is that an issue? Thankd
  3. I have fished Cape Cod for 25+ years and never was concerned about sharks, from wading through 3 foot waves to get to a sandbar, or fishing an incoming tide with deep holes behind me. Well that all changed 5 years ago when me and my fishing buddies were waist deep fishing, no moon, calm as can be. We heard what I interpreted to be an attack there was massive splash with what sounded like a tail slap 20 maybe 30 feet from us. The size of the splash the ferocity of sound of it, if it wasn't a shark I don't know what it was. Since that day on dark nights I don't go any deeper then my knees. It truly is their world and we are just visiting.
  4. So I don't use dubbing when I tie flies, recently I saw some shrimp and crab patterns that required dubbing. I wanted to try the patterns so I purchased some dubbing, I did not look at the dubbing closely I picked it out solely based on the colors it had in it. It's reads on the box, waterproof dry fly, I'm guessing this is the wrong dubbing and can't be used, any info on this, can I use it, or just return it?
  5. I'll take the Jigman.....Thanks
  6. If it doesn't work out with Bassadana I'll take them......Thanks Dan
  7. Ah OK your a little far from me. Thanks anyway GLWS
  8. Where in MA are you?
  9. I believe "The Implication" is from the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The episode is about being out on a boat and I'll leave it at that. Funny funny show
  10. You have to post clear asking price, check the BST rules
  11. Your local to me if you want pm me your address I can send you a few flies to get you started. They aren't perfect but they will do the trick!
  12. Bring a book and a machete, if the fishing is slow you'll have something to read, if the bite is on you'll have something to defend yourself with. Plenty spots on the Cape to fish don't limit yourself to just the canal
  13. My son is looking for a fly rod how much would you want for the rod and flies ?
  14. TFO surf rated 1-6oz with a Penn Slammer III 4500. This is the older version not the newer blue one, I absolutely love it its a great all around rod.
  15. I'm in