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  1. Thanks, I lent them out and them came back a little "sandy" just trying to be preventative.
  2. Penn Conflict II and a Penn Slammer III 4500
  3. Anyone know if there are any shops/bait stores on the South Shore (Quincy to the Canal) that do a decent job cleaning reels? Just don't have time and am trying to avoid sending them out. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. Just fished all weekend Thursday, Friday, Saturday, all tides new moon, nada. Ran into 1 10" striper. My usual spots were dormant, no bait, no birds, no bass only a pack of seals roaming along the shore. It was frustrating to say the least.
  5. Yeah I was just there this past weekend its in the back lot and cost $1 to get in.
  6. A few years ago I fished an over night tide without a bite. As the first light came up I got a solid blow up, 30 inch bass easy, but he was tailwalking and jumping around like a bluefish. I got him with 50-60 feet and he stopped dead, couldn't budge him. Walked to my left to see if maybe he got hung up on a rock, nope. A seal popped up with my striper in his big fat mouth and pencil popper securely stuck in the stripers jaw. I gave a good yank and BOOM the seal took off, I had to cut my line before he spooled me, I hate seals.
  7. I don't carry a ton of soft plastics but I like having a few of the go to colors so this is a great idea!! Thanks tight lines!!!
  8. SP minnows hooks are no good in my experience nor are the splint rings. I haven't purchased new ones in awhile buy if you use the search function on this site or Google, you'll find plenty of upgrade tips for them.
  9. Not to hijack the thread but I'd love a pic as well. I carry a mid size Plano in my plug bag, your way may be easier . Thanks!
  10. Just missed it!!!
  11. I'll take this pay by M/O or venmo which ever is best for you. Thanks Dan
  12. Great do you want pp, or USPS M/O, what works best for you? DM me with the details....Thanks!
  13. Are these still available? Would you do $60 shipped for both? Thanks for considering
  14. Don't worry about distance right of the rip, worry more about form and technique. You Tube has a ton of videos where you can get some good advice and watch guys who can cast and you can emulate them. I am by no means a "sharp" when it comes to fly fishing. Where I fish I very rarely worry about getting a ton of distance but worry more about tide, wind, bait I try to put myself in the best situation to catch fish. The distance will come its like anything the more you do it the better you will get! Good luck!
  15. Most of if not all of my lures I switch to a flag on the tail no hook. I feel like it's better for the bass, less gut and gill hooks