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  1. I was there too! Reminded me of something you’d see in Rhode Island or Cape Cod. I left around 10am and the action was still as steady as when I had arrived. Wish I could’ve stayed longer.
  2. Used Van Staal VS150BXP. Won it in a raffle and already have one that I bought last season and was just serviced, no use for 2 of them. No idea if/when this was serviced and it does have a few dings (see photos). Feels like a very solid reel mechanically overall: no grinding, loose parts, etc. Not sure what lb test the line is but it is spooled. Still have the box and mesh bag it comes with. Message me if you have questions or want more pictures. Buyer pays for shipping. Asking $550 but open to offers.
  3. May 9, 2017 for me. Southern most river in the state of ME.
  4. I would personally recommend Leightons smelt camps in Bowdoinham. He runs a pretty tight/small operation and doesn’t put up with any of the b/s that a lot of them allow. If the smelt are there they’ll hit anything. Sabiki rig wouldn’t hurt and would probably better your chances, might be worth bringing a flasher if you have one too. Like any kind of fishing, it’s all about being there when the fish come through - last year was a pretty dismal smelt run for the camps.
  5. I’ve used a dropper loop knot and I’ve used a swivel with a shorter leader material. Usually use a cod teaser fly when use lures like SP minnows.
  6. I try to crush em, especially when catching small fish. Crushed a brand new lure one day randomly and put in through my hand that same day. I was some happy I crushed the barbs.
  7. I’m in!
  8. 1 maybe 3 if headed far from home.
  9. I called the refuge today. They said you wont get locked inside once you’re in, doesn’t sound like too many nuts being busted.
  10. I guess you could be stuck in worse places..
  11. If they shut the gate when you’re still in the refuge will the gate open from inside or at I stuck there until morning?
  12. How is parking currently at the Parker River Refuge in Plum Island? Are they locking the gate at sunset?
  13. Striper, probably 12". Didn't expect it at all. No shad to speak of but the river herring were around.
  14. Got one this evening on a shad dart. South of the Saco River.
  15. I ended up ordering it through cabelas for an in-store pickup. I got the 10' Insane - they'll be here in no time.