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    Living La Vida Loca in Rockland County.
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    Fishing, plug making, teaser tying, boating...
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  1. Hey I was waiting for you to send me paypal info. What gives????
  2. Sounds great! I'll take it. PM me your Paypal info. Thank you.
  3. My son has 2 custom rods w/Penn Senator 114H reels filled with wire for CHEAP! $135 per outfit. Interested?
  4. Did I miss something??? Size/model & price???? And, of course, DIBBS....
  5. How much for Van Staal cash ????????????
  6. How much for (1) box??????????
  7. Bedroom Furniture- (2) Triple Dressers, Night Stands Can you post pics, please??? Thanx
  8. Originally, the post didn't list price.... And, yes, I wanted 1st refusal... Gonna pass. GLWS
  9. How much? DIBBS
  10. Where in Jersey?
  11. I’ll take it. Pm me for payment details.
  12. Got two. BNIP. Both for $30 & shipping. PM me for details.
  13. TimFish1 You're a good man, sir! I applaud your generosity!
  14. Hey there! Selling a bunch of Shimano spools. All are used but in great shape (including drag washers) except Okuma=well used. Add shipping for each spool: multiple spools get a discount. 1=Shimano White Stradic 5000- $12 2=Same-$12 3=Shimano White Stradic 4000-$12 4=Sedona 4000/older model- $8 5=Sahara 4000 FE(?)- $10 6=Okuma Epixor EB50- $10 Thanks for looking!!!
  15. Hey Folks! Looking to sell (3) Penn olde-tyme spools. Buy all (3) for $25 & shipping. #140 = BNIB Maroon Plastic #29M-200 = Used but you would never know it; fits 155-200 reels #29M-200 = Used/slight corrosion All are ready to fish/no dents, straight shafts