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    Living La Vida Loca in Rockland County.
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    Fishing, plug making, teaser tying, boating...
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    Just a cog in the gears...

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  1. Awaiting your address.....
  2. Private message me your Paypal address!
  3. JJD- Might be tight: usually a D/E width. Can you do $70? Kind of a gamble for me... Not trying to "haggle" but might be worth the risk at $70.
  4. What width are they?
  5. OS- Are you ever in Westchester or Rockland Counties???
  6. Its 2/9, VFW Middletown, NJ, 8am-2pm.
  7. Want to buy it but won't be down your way till Hi-Mar Flea Market. Can we meet there? Or are you up in Bergen/Rockland Counties ever? Im right off GSP/exit 172.
  8. Hey I was waiting for you to send me paypal info. What gives????
  9. Sounds great! I'll take it. PM me your Paypal info. Thank you.
  10. My son has 2 custom rods w/Penn Senator 114H reels filled with wire for CHEAP! $135 per outfit. Interested?
  11. Did I miss something??? Size/model & price???? And, of course, DIBBS....
  12. How much for Van Staal cash ????????????
  13. How much for (1) box??????????
  14. Bedroom Furniture- (2) Triple Dressers, Night Stands Can you post pics, please??? Thanx