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  1. Love My Bull Bay Sniper amazing rods!
  2. No not ay all just got a Hobie pa14 360 and excited .
  3. Black Fishing along a jetty with current must be a pleasure !! Staying on top of a structure with no anchor heaven !!! 360 sounds like a game changer to me!
  4. Did you ever get into a Club?
  5. Fishing out of a kayak is so diffent than a boat That's why we are on these Kayak forums. Some pay $5000 for a Bicycle do i think a bike is worth $5000 same goes for golf club sets its not my call. I say If you can afford the Tool that makes your sport more enjoyable GO FOR IT ! Hobie is # 1 in the industry when it comes to Peddle Kayaks Period !
  6. I Got a 360 on Preorder. Rep said that gears are a quick change if you look close at pictures Gears in sections with screws.
  7. OUOTE Pretty sure you will be fine and can park in any open lot. They do charge to park in some lots even if you have the pass. But certain lots are free of charge. If you Have a season day pass what parking lot charges ??
  8. Fished out front CMC Friday used clam. 6 shorts to 27'' all on top of incoming . Had a a nice day after all that rain.
  9. Thanks for that important tip
  10. Sounds Good, I ordered a 42cm Wheel Axel Kit for my Reels on wheels Sr.
  11. How Durable are the Polyurethane Beach Wheels on a surf cart going over clam , oyster , mussels shells in the sand?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by BradleyBeachMan no offense but my heart always sinks when i see someone wheeling a cart-full-0-fishin-crap down towards the water and I pray they dont come near me. why so much stuff? i dont understand!! help me understand!! im a bit drunk atm I understand your offense. One of the reasons i use a cart is so i can go farther from to parking lot to be alone and enjoy my space also
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by JBreese1 Hey, What do you know. IT WORKED. There is enough info here for those willing to read and learn that explains almost everything you need to know. There is also another thread about how to read a beach and structure. That basically tells you where to fish [sPOTS] Jim That's Right Read between the lines!! Its all hear just sort it out .