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  1. Ive got 9 hours throwing eel and various lures with no signs of life yet. I will catch though hopefully tonight. Ill take 1 fish going off instinct and notes than 100 fish chasing reports. However I'm on this page reading reports so I'm also kinda full of ****
  2. Thats one of the reasons I don't like him. He will post every bit of information he has and a large majority of the locals in AC keep everything.
  3. I genuinely hate that guy.
  4. Used with normal marks and scratches but nothing crazy (see pics) she still looks good works just fine. Spooled with 50# spiderwire stealth. $500 local pick up by Philadelphia in NJ or $515 Shipped Venmo is preferred but PayPal is ok as well. Thanks for looking
  5. I'm a trained Martial Artist and never worry about someone trying something in the dark. Ok I actually don't think my skills would work the best with waders on in the sand but it felt good to say that. I get scared in the water at night sometimes too. Like something is going to take a leg from me scared. But seriously though if a weak drunk guy tries something ill dragon punch his ass and take vids for worldstar then call all my boys and leave out that he was weak and drunk
  6. Found a ZeeBass ZX25. Thanks guys.
  7. Looks like I'm too late on that one, let me know if that falls through
  8. Owen54

    Van stal Vr

    The thing is OP asked if anyone has used one and what they think of it. He didn't ask for hear say or second hand stories because things can and will get confused through the grape vine. I would like to hear about this from the person it happened too so we all understand exactly what happened
  9. Looking for a used VS200 or ZX25 What's out there guys? I live in the Philadelphia area
  10. This is all I saw. "I need $10 from everyone on SOL" Sorry the confusion and I'm not going to post all the receipts I hand In to my accountant for charitable donations I donate to a lot of causes and bive blood three times a year. Now that I've actually read more than the title I would consider a donation. I'm just saying when you read "I need $10 from everyone" Its off putting the Sick child part was left out of the post on the previous screen.
  11. edited, the title from the previous screen was misleading sorry for any confusion.
  12. None you guys should be assuming a fish's gender. SMH
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