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  1. Ya, they sold after the tax evasion thing. Now they sell frozen pizza. Sad.
  2. Kings Roast Beef!
  3. As a kid we used to catch MONSTER carp in the Mystic river in Medford MA. Back then raw sewage was still being pumped into the river so the carp grew to absurdly large sizes. Corn worked best for targeting the red and orange carp but bread was the go to. A piece of white bread rolled into a ball for bottom fishing. For top water, which was by far the most exciting because you got to see the strike and the massive swirl that followed, we would chum the water with small pieces of bread that would float and wait. Once they showed up, you took a small piece of bread that was mostly crust, toss it in and wait for the strike. I know guys who make their own special carp bait and swear by it, even when I would out fish them using just plain old Wonder bread.
  4. The mortality rates of released stripers are fairly high because the majority of people do not know how to rest, revive, and release a striper. If you ever get the chance, ride a boat down the canal during a blitz and you will be disgusted by all of the dead and dying fish that were released by righteous fishermen. I love to eat striper but because of the failing fishery I have only kept 2 in the last 2 years. Personally, I don't care if someone doesn't practice c&r so long as they are only keeping their legal limit.
  5. No safety concerns of note??? Are you frigging kidding? A good friend of mine, 58 years old and in great shape, got Guillen-Barre syndrome from the vaccine. Not only did he nearly die, he was paraylzed from the chest down. He is starting to learn walk again but the doctors have no idea if he will regain total mobility. He is in constant, barely bearable pain that is driving him mad. I personally know 2 people who got blood clots after getting the j&j vaccine.
  6. I offer up free lead to guys who are just looking for 10-15 pounds for personal use and I barter with guys who are looking for more than that. I own a chimney company and typically have several hundred pounds of old lead flashing laying around my shop which is located in Peabody MA. If any of you are interested hit me up.
  7. I'll bet Fauci knew.
  8. Try posting in the coastal Maine/N.H. forum.
  9. I have towed a boat 3 times in the last 5 years and jump started another. 5 weeks ago me and a buddy of mine pulled a guy out of the water between Marblehead and Cat Island. His kayak sank. it was floating but submerged. He lost his phone and his life vest floated away because he wasn't wearing it. I can confirm that he did have one because I found it about 2 miles from where we picked him up. He was wearing shorts, t shirt, sneakers, and a hat. He had been in the water about 20 minutes (his estimation) Water temp was 51 but the air temp was 78 so he warmed up fast. I always keep an eye out for people in need.
  10. They had a floating dock connected to the pier that was for boats to tie up to. It had a 20 minute limit and it was great for pulling up and grabbing a bite to eat.
  11. There was a state wide ban on parades when UMASS held theirs and a lot of the students and players were not wearing masks.
  12. This only applies to honest fisherman and honest restaurants. I have worked in enough restaurants to know that back door sales happen all the time and not just commercial guys either.
  13. Sorry man. I know the feeling all too well.
  14. How dare you doubt the great and powerful Fauci!