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  1. Cant go wrong with the Ugly Sticks. I have several I bought for my boat so I don't have to worry about someone breaking one of my nicer rods. I use them too, especially on big blues and they hold up well.
  2. Avoid the canal on weekends, especially holiday weekends! I'll only go down to fish during the week and overnights. The best is rainy days.
  3. The Savage sand eels are great. They swim well on slow and fast retrieves. Great for jigging too. The bigger one is just under 5 oz and its perfect when you're fishing in strong currents. Unfortunately Bluefish love them too.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. But then I found out that I am in a position where I can register my trailer in N.H. It's amazing how simple and uncomplicated N.H. is about registering a vehicle or trailer. All I had to do was go to the town hall and drop off a copy of my MA registration and a check they process it and they have the plates right there. I'm picking up mine tomorrow. Imagine how fast and easy it would be if Massachusetts did it this way.......
  5. The more pressing question is how did you do?
  6. You seem to be trying really hard to take what I said out of context. If I was calling you a drug dealer, I would say You're a drug dealer. But since I don't know you from Adam, I wouldn't have any basis to call you anything. So let me be clear. I was not calling you anything.
  7. Well I know that at least one person got my meaning. Thank you brother.
  8. Wow, bag of dicks? Really? Understood her post perfectly. YOU misunderstood my response. I even went so far as to say "he" when I mentioned drug dealer so she would know I was talking about street dealers in general. I do follow some of the forums and I reply to ones I feel I have something to contribute to. As a medical marijuana patient for a few years now this topic was something that interested in me. It's all good though. I figured your name pertains to your brain cell count. And to be clear, I'm not saying you smoke weed and as a result you only have a few brain cells left, I'm simply saying you're stupid. Have a nice day.
  9. Why would I want a street connection? I can get it legally and at a decent price and I know it's been tested. I don't have to take the word of a drug dealer as to how "clean" or "organic" his weed is.
  10. Dont know which shops you visited. Most places have oz's for less than $400. even after you add the tax in. some have specials, less than $300 an oz before taxes. as for the quality, it doesn't compare to the street weed imo. I'm not just talking potency, like others said, the dispensary weed is much cleaner.
  11. In Salem alone they have spent large amounts on repairing the fish pier only to have it fall apart again and again. They built a beautiful fishing pier at the Beverly Salem bridge in Salem across from the Beverly pier . Great location for spider crabs. But to be fair, it is getting a fair amount of use. The junkies love the isolation and can just toss the needles in the water. And it being Salem, the cops leave them alone.
  12. Like Harp said, The Ugly Stick Tiger Lite. I have 3 of them. I bought them as general purpose rods and for friends to use so they wouldn't break any of my more expensive rods. They are tough and can take a beating, and can handle 36" blues.
  13. The quota couldn't be filled last year, presumably because there weren't enough fish to be had. So the answer is to make the season longer so the failing striper population can sustain the quota. Does that about sum it up? How can anyone possibly think that this is a good idea?
  14. I don't agree. I have ridden through the canal in my boat early mornings, watching the bllitzes as they happen and I have seen lots of dead and dying stripers. Sometimes over a dozen from the east end to the r.r. bridge. Makes me sick. I sometimes see it at some of my better known spots during and after blitzes.
  15. I don’t have any issues with pop ups here