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  1. I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just wondering how someone can be hired to oversee and protect something as important as our fisheries, and instead of preserving it, they are ruining it. When a species is brought back from the brink, i.e. Flounder, striper, only to be pushed right back to the brink, it boggles the mind.
  2. The Director of the Department of Marine fisheries and his staff are elected officials? I thought they were appointed.
  3. This isn't always a bad thing. I have been down there many times fishing elbow to elbow with guys who knew what they were doing and were courteous and polite and even made a few friends. That said, I wont even go down on weekends unless its raining anymore but only because nowadays I'm in a great position to pick and choose which days or nights I want to fish. The rain washes away those who want to catch and those who want to fish end up with the canal to themselves.
  4. Back in the 90's when the limit was 36", there were very few fish that size to be had and fishing was tough for a few years. But then they started to rebound and within a few years the fishing was great again. But the powers the decided to screw things up again and changed it to 34, then 32, then 28. one fish, then 2. How is it that the powers that be are so incompetent yet still in power? If there is a stamp, then 100% of the money should go to enforcement otherwise I'd be against it.
  5. Me too. But sometimes the idiots out in Buzzards Bay fishing for BSB can rival the idiots down at the ditch in both crowding and lack of etiquette.....
  6. cant fish within 50 feet of the dock or ramp
  7. Ah, ok I see now. When you do a patch like that you should not only wet it down but apply a bonding agent to the old concrete. The old material is going to be "thirsty" so keep wetting it down until it takes a long time for it to dry out. The crack is caused by shrinkage. Cement shrinks while it cures. The old concrete will suck out the moisture quickly causing the crack. Rapid drying will also cause the concrete to lighten considerably. Slowing down the drying process minimizes these issues. You should continue to wet it down for a least a day. If you spray it with a light mist a few times you should be good. You can use Quickcrete acrylic latex fortifier, aka milk. C21 works well too. These you can apply it to the old concrete AND put some into the concrete to help it bond. Another product is Weld-O-Bond. This stuff sticks to the old concrete like glue but it cant be mixed in with the concrete like the others. Assuming that you use concrete and not one of those Concrete repair mixes, doing the acid wash will expose the aggregate, matching the texture of the old. This, and keeping it wet beforehand will also leave you with a darker finish.
  8. If you're talking about the texture, it's an age thing. The concrete was originally smooth but over time the surface cement wears away exposing the top of the aggregate, making it look rocky. There are 2 ways you can try to match it. The first is to wait until the cement is dry to the touch but still soft and brush it out using a stiff bristle brush. Just the right pressure will remove some of the cement from between the stone aggregate without dislodging the stones. You need to do this at just the right time. If the concrete is too wet, you'll make a mess. If it's too dry, it wont work. The other way is to wash the area down using muriatic acid. the acid will quickly remove the top cement from between the stone aggregate. Doing this the next day, use a 10-1 water-acid ratio. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the area afterwards.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if there are suckers in this pond but what I saw aren't suckers. Color and shape are different.
  10. I don't know what is considered big or small when it comes to trout. I would guess these fish were 18-22 inches. The ones I saw only came out of the water 3/4 of the way so it's hard to tell. The pond isn't stocked. Its just strange to see fish that big in a pond that size. It's about 120 yards by 25-30 yards.
  11. I have an old 17' cc and I have been dealing with a crazed windshield since I bought it. It wasn't that big of a deal at first but it is officially time to replace it. Clear looks nice but I'm thinking I should get a tinted one to reduce glare. But what? Green? Blue? Bronze? Smoke? Are there any other factors to consider? I know nothing about this. Thanks.
  12. Are there Brook Trout to be had on the North Shore? Not looking for any spots. While scoping out a very small pond that is fed by a very small brook, very large fish were breaking the surface. I didn't recognize the species and I know most fresh water fish species very well with the exception of Trout.....
  13. Grab a half dozen of them, fill them with piss and leave them where you found them. He may not drink them but he'll get the message.
  14. I remember when not catching crabs was a good thing!
  15. All that would do is triple the amount of dead stripers I see floating by.