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  1. God already did fix it, 2000 years ago.
  2. I assumed we would have been, but seeing these "self radicalized" Muslims being radicalized by these sites on an ongoing basis as well as Anonymous having targets suggests to me that we are either doing a bad job or are not doing it at all.
  3. Got mine about 4 years ago, had to wear tighty whities for about a week to keep the jostling down. They gave me propophol and put me out. That's the same stuff the Michael Jackson died from. I can totally see why he used that stuff, it is AWESOME.
  4. Ok so, Anonymous has declared war on ISIS by hacking their sites and shutting them down. One question. Why haven't we done that? Basically we have a bunch of mind control zealots out there who are waiting to be activated through these web sites. Why hasn't the United States taken action to do launch attacks on their sites? Why do we need to rely on criminals to do our work for us?
  5. That depends, are you thinking about something unflattering about a protected class? Death.
  6. At this point, Hillary would be acceptable as a president if a fiscal conservative doesn't win. I could see her being less of an Ideologue
  7. I'm personally in the camp that the police have to deal with the worst of humanity all the time, so we should be friendly and courteous to them. I do understand that we should defend our rights though, I would pick a different route, possibly by challenging it after the fact. I just don't have the time to deal with being arrested like when I was young. If he has a wife and child, he should have thought of them too, the woman was in danger a couple of times by leaving the car to go to her husband. I'm sure a taser wouldn't be good for the unborn baby. Here is a video of someone who seems to be challenging authority in a safe way, although the dog scratched he heck out of his car. I wouldn't do this now, but I could see myself doing this when I was younger.
  8. I don't believe in stop and frisk. I also don't believe in dishonest laws that pretend to promote the public health when you really want to collect tax money. I really don't believe in using such force in enforcing those laws by treating a dude who is selling loosies like he just held up a store. Write a ticket for heavens sake.
  9. libs don't like torture they just like to kill them and their families with drones. Keeps them from having to look them in the eye before they snuff them out. Sort of like abortion. out of sight, out of mind.... go back to watching "ellen".
  10. Looking at the video, I consider this excessive force. that guy literally had his hands up. He was selling loosies for God's sake. I generally have a problem with this "Stop and frisk" approach. I hope people do protest
  11. I wonder in which neighborhoods the police will be getting the cameras first? That will determine which citizens will need "protection"
  12. I think the St. Louis Police should ignore them, and by ignore them I mean don't show up for a game to protect the players. Between wearing pink, domestic violence and this. I can safely say that the NFL has jumped the shark.
  13. This isn't exact. The Michael Brown incident would have ended in the Police Officers death. I think this will be in the new playbook after Obama starts his National conversation. It's her fault anyway, I'm sure she called him a name.
  14. let's pretend this is your neighborhood and the very same thing happened. Cop shoots and wounds him and then doesn't finish him off. Guy takes the cop's gun, shoots the cop and then you have a crazed goon running loose in your neighborhood with a gun. Oh yeah, I would looooove that.
  15. If I was in his mother's place, I would apologize to everyone for the inconvenience of having to deal with my kid. This appears to be a case of a 290 lb apple not falling far from the tree.