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  1. What's going Ben....been far too long. While current conditions have me further away from the salt now then I would prefer, out here in Warren Co. I live right down the street from a great musky lake, can walk to the pequest and within a 15 min drive to Merrill Creek, Spruce Run and Round Valley.
  2. Just look at the posts from 9/11/ want to talk about a community.
  3. Plan on leaving the house at 4 am tomorrow to head out an pick up the new ride. Its a new day when a paypal for the funds can be done right in the parking lot
  4. It seems I have made a deal with a member on a purchase of a slightly used loaded yak that should meet or exceed all of my needs. Looking forward to picking it up sometime around or right after the 4th.
  5. Just a clarify space to store is not an issue and this thing will be transported on a trailer anywhere it goes.
  6. I was there today but didn't look for that specifically...may have to go back. Good or bad I seem to be drawn to the ones from Old Town PDL 120 or the Predator PDL
  7. First off hello one and all....been a while, (too long) since I have been a regular contributor, and I have done some searching on the topic but just want to make sure I am looking at the most reliable and up to date info. Currently I have a Cobra Fish n' Dive (purchased from Big County on this site) and it has served me well for over ten years and all my time spent on LBI...even had it as far out as the Barnegat Reef a couple of times under the right conditions. Doesn't track well but very stable and able to store all necessary gear should an anticipated "dump" be necessary coming in from out front. Changes in conditions and location do not have me out front at all with the upgrade I am seeking, but a trailer will have me at Round Valley, Spruce Run and Merrill Creek quite a bit as well as other areas in NW NJ. While the budget is not unlimited, I would like to keep it under $2,500 and really under 2K if possible. But if I need to go north of $2,500 for what I really want or what would be a great fit than so be it. I am fine with sacrificing tracking for stability and would even like one that I can stand up in for some easier LMB fishing in some of the more weedier areas I haunt. I stand currently at 5' 11" around 250 but we have a "re-tightening" of the lap band in the near future as we prepare for another walk down the aisle....why I am still not sure but she puts up with me so it's not all that bad. I await all the recommendations.
  8. A classic....
  9. Last year's season was the best by far in recent memory... I tried smoking them and they were good...but more bones than a Parisian runway model. Roe is pun intended...even saw the guy from Bizarre Foods eat them mixed with lightly scrambled eggs....eggs&eggs is the dish. Sudsy Brain Z
  10. Should bust wide open this weekend from Easton to the Gap...I will be up at the Gap early Saturday Morning.
  11. If I roll outta bed the wrong way in the morning I am in PA.
  12. Other than that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln
  13.'s been a long long while...a lot of water has turned my wheels but at the end of the day all is pretty friggin good.
  14. I am open for just about any day for the rest of the month...except the 19th....I know the reports have not been great but I am willing to make the 90 minute drive from up here in Gods Country...
  15. That is a lucid and well thought out rejoinder which may have overloaded your cortex....When you catch your breath I expect to see more of your work in The Atlantic or perhaps The Economist in the coming months..