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  1. Another catchy tune I just can't place....
  2. My fav part about this song is during the bass solo as its winding down Alvin just shouts..."one more time" and then Leo Lyons has to crank it right back up again without missing a beat.
  3. Teeing off at 2PM so I hope it will help the drives....
  4. Ease up...once you use the Capital letters you wander into my domain...and I only care about National Butterfinger Day.
  5. All the best Big Guy.
  6. Around that time the stories go that when Ashburn with his very weak arm but lighting speed, was playing CF for the Phils and would visit the Polo Grounds with the enormous CF the fans would scream on a ball hit to him..."Run it in it in!!!"
  7. One of my favorite "stories" in a song.....keeping a secret no matter the cost.
  8. I have caught that song on 60's on 6 on sirius three or four times this week alone.
  9. A classic....from 1934.
  10. The last three minutes with the return of Sexual Chocolate was mildly amusing...
  11. One of my favs ...this on the Bose while cooking dinner with a beautiful woman helping you out and a roaring fire from the living room in sight. Magic.
  12. I almost defy anybody to hang with that all the way....a masterpiece but one of the hardest listens in all of music.