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  1. And that’s why it shouldn’t be on our fishing site ! Go somewhere else with this….
  2. Just saying, most your posts have been good questions about fishing, this post takes it totally off the subject of fishing. = Try Facebook? Google search?
  3. Why is this on our fishing forum???
  4. The only way to get the experience is to do it yourself! It’s easy, all you need to know is found online.
  5. The other Catskill John……
  6. They won’t follow you! The horses out on the sand, south of NPS campground area are a bit more wild than campground horses, they would rather avoid close human contact SO RUN TOWARDS THEM !!!
  7. Not so funny when about 6 horses are running down the beach at the water line towards your set-up! You better RUN and divert them. Happened to a friend - rods, line, and sand spikes thrown all over, luckily none got hooked.
  8. There are many spring fed ponds on AI. with quality fresh water. The horses don’t drink salt water, maybe a little brackish at times after a wash over. They know where to drink. From what I heard, horses were put there by mainland plantation/farm owners for free grazing and tax avoidance. As far as a shipwreck, it’s possible also.
  9. Take a walk behind the dunes
  10. Get out there, you’ll find them! Get an OSV permit. FinDiesel…. Love the name. Are you a fast and furious fisherman?
  11. I doubt clinging, they don’t have a “clinger” like remora, more like staying real close. FYI - the remora is the closest relative to the cobia!
  12. ...... it didn’t take that much thanks to d-man
  13. A well respected surf fisherman, human, and my fishing buddy. He often gets fired up over 145 vehicles on a partially closed beach.
  14. Your right, haven’t been there this year. I also totally forgot the closure at 21 + summer, and the recent explosion of OSV passes over the last couple years. Forgive my ignorance.
  15. With 12 miles of OSV, you can always get away from the crowd!
  16. Give them a call....
  17. I’m sticking with bunker....
  18. Enlarging the pic, it sure looks like bunker to me - color, mouth form, lack of teeth ?????
  19. Agreed, BUT at times fresh isn’t available. I do pretty good on back-up frozen spot. That being said, energetic young guys like Koss, (he often arrives without natural bait) catch bait as they watch their heavers, do VERY well. For me, being in the mid 70’s, I need all my energy for the heavers. Been tons of red drum caught on fresh bunker. Probably most common fresh bait in shops along the coast.
  20. Hey... I have 2 eyes Normaly I’ll use spot because of its availability, but a fresh bloody kingfish head gets head of the line privilege! Mullet top choice also. If it’s a good bait, a hungry drum won’t pass it up!
  21. I’ll take a shot..... sand eel
  22. Been using frogtoungs for about 15+ years. When there’s a side current, I purposely leave a fair amount of slack so the current pulls the line and sets the sinker, if not I’ll go up an ounce or two. But normally, I keep a tight line. I do believe they hold better, depending on the sand.
  23. Shouldn’t use sputniks on fishfinder rigs. Your hook will tangle with sputnik wires.
  24. If you find yourself buying and loosing sinkers all the time, pour your own! Or get a friend that does. How much is an 8 ounce sinker now ?$? When you loose a dozen or so on a trip due to sharks and rays you’ll understand.