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  1. Earl was the first person I met on AI.
  2. So YOUR the reason AI. doesn’t have a fall run, thanks a lot Happy Thanksgiving
  3. On Assateaque, I find that most drum I caught were on medium type days, wavey with swells and not much side current. Never went above 7oz last trip. They are just passing through in Md. so current might not matter as much, where as they stick around NC. So feeding behavior might be different???
  4. Well know fact... you catch more fish with 7oz. sinkers. to be more truthfull, they are lighter than 8, when a 6 just won’t do.
  5. Been getting e-mails from RTIC, they’re on sale......... but it seems like they are on sale 90% of the time. Prices sure went up since I bought mine. That being said, if I were going out for just the day, I wouldn’t invest in a high end cooler. I was talking long term use for quality coolers.
  6. Good luck with it
  7. Is that how it comes? Has it ever been..... used? is the paperwork in the box?
  8. Bought a custom rod from Nick when he was building on Rainshadows. Big yellow sticker, on a 1418. There was a guide not aligned that eventually failed, plus sub quality craftsmanship. One of my favorite rods with lots of mojo. I never wrapped a rod before, but looking at this rod, I knew I could do a better job. So, thanks Nick, for getting me to build some good rods.
  9. You better wrap another rod..... boredom is setting in and winter isn’t even here yet
  10. They are good.... one of my experiences with them is, snapped tip off an Avid plugging rod closing the tail gate, totally my fault and I told them so = $75 replacement. Was disappointed when they sent a new model (red) until I casted it!
  11. Cool spot configuration on that tail. Looks like alien writing. Nice job Andy!
  12. Plastic milk jugs filled with water, frozen. Great for cooling a cooler. Put in the night before, and your set in the morning. Also, precool or freeze things you pack if possible. The less air in a cooler, the longer it will stay cold!
  13. These hi end coolers do live up to their reputation. Might be some better than others, but probably near the same in performance. Personally, I use 2 RTIC coolers, a 65 and a 110. In the fall I use the 65 as a freezer and the 110 for backup ice, bag of food, and a place to put bags of fresh. I put zip locs with 6 spot per bag already frozen into the 65 with ice and salt. Adding ice and salt occasionally will keep it frozen forever. Anyway, the first day of my trip, 10/2/20, I put 2 -40lbs bags of ice into the 110 with a poked hole or two, then added loose ice. The top 40lb was cut open to bury some bags of fresh. Also, I was replenished with ice every couple days by Eric, so I never went to deep in the backup ice. All that said, I didn’t empty that cooler (sitting in the back of my truck) till 10/20/20 = 18 days. This is what the bottom bag looked like when I dumped it.
  14. They always seemed nice to me. Just doing their job as they were trained. Maybe one of you were having a bad day. Never had to have anything getting a permit except for registration and a way to pay.
  15. A horse of a different color...