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  1. Been using frogtoungs for about 15+ years. When there’s a side current, I purposely leave a fair amount of slack so the current pulls the line and sets the sinker, if not I’ll go up an ounce or two. But normally, I keep a tight line. I do believe they hold better, depending on the sand.
  2. Shouldn’t use sputniks on fishfinder rigs. Your hook will tangle with sputnik wires.
  3. If you find yourself buying and loosing sinkers all the time, pour your own! Or get a friend that does. How much is an 8 ounce sinker now ?$? When you loose a dozen or so on a trip due to sharks and rays you’ll understand.
  4. Think he’s the catch of tomorrow ( congrats and good luck )
  5. Pretty rare for June.... storm probably wiped out the plover nests, delaying a closure for a couple weeks??? Saw some neat stuff in the water/surf near the line one mid June.
  6. Trouble with bourbon, it eventually is turned into pee
  7. And never tell your wife how much that reel/rod cost.....
  8. If they are for sale at Martins sea food store, they’re probably in the area, but not necessarily in the surf. I believe getting one on AI. would be a gift from above.
  9. Funny, (but not for all) all that nasty weather on Delmarva coast is keeping the weather here the best week yet. Sunny every day, no clouds, between 70 and 80 deg. and NO WIND!
  10. Yes but..... It’s more unpredictable than the weather depending on who’s in charge. Have had it go both ways on my drive down there. And then of course, the birds!
  11. If anyone needs a new drum stick, it’s you.... Think it was spring of 06, had met Steve the previous fall. The week I was there in May, Steve was also there. There was a mean blow the whole week, no one fishing and if you did, it didn’t pan out. Saw Steve mostly in the parking lot. The blowing sand wore off the “06” printed sticker on my AMSA plate. Learned some stuff that week plus spent a lot of time cleaning reels! I now plan my trips by the weather. (main thing learned)
  12. Have found several skulls and some sun baked skeletal remains of smaller ones back in the dunes where the high water wash goes.
  13. Recipe for shad - split/butterfly shad and place on a cedar plank. rub butter, salt and pepper on shad. place plank on a medium hot grill, shad facing up. Cover grill. In about 18 min. remove shad from the plank, throw away the shad and eat the plank.
  14. It’s a GREAT place to do business. John has gone the extra mile for me more than once!
  15. A senior citizen national park pass is good for life, your good.