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  1. Rest in peace Captain Mac.......
  2. Thought you guys on the other side of the pond threw those little ones back........
  3. Hey.........
  4. Seems like it only took a few years for beach striper fishing, both spring and fall, to go down the drain! At least we have an upswing on those bronze beauties come fall.
  5. ......random sniffer
  6. Wow... pretty late for those, wonder what the temp is? ya put it in the wrong month Allen
  7. Same up north, just dull colors if any at all....
  8. Nice little catch...... ya should have been out front with the big rods earlier this month
  9. Simms are probably the best. I love my guide weight stocking foot, although they're 18 yrs. old and full of repairs, they're very comfortable. That being said, don't spend that kind of $ on waders worn on the beach. Sand wears them out faster. Probably better off with under $200
  10. No matter what your get, they will eventually leak
  11. Walmart has 2 strap sandals for $14.95 that work well, and no sand build up, but good to have a back up pair. Usually lasts a couple seasons before they loose a strap. Probably not on the shelf now, but stocked in the spring. Get one size larger, they have up to size 14.
  12. When your there for a week to 10 days, not fishing during low tide would be a waste of time. Some nice fish caught in low water!
  13. Of course there's always some young professional that comes out for 5 hours and racks up 4 fish, but for most of us, a fish a day is quite rewarding.
  14. Although it was a great fall run, If you look at it from a different angle, it wasn't great fishing (catching) = I averaged 1 fish a day, I fish 16 - 18 hours a day, 2 - 4 rods used, depending on time of day, tide, and bait availability. Do the math, that's a lot of hours per fish. Not complaining. just explaining
  15. What a great fall run, and many were able to cash in. Congrats I know my trip was kind of a dream come true, good company, best fishing, best weather (didn't break out the rain gear or bug spray) and only caught 1 skate. It seems every fall gets a little better and every spring gets a lot worse, yea, 2 different species, but we're there for the bite! This is the 15th year I've been fishing for these fish and back then it was kind of good deal to get one a year. Now we're racking up numbers and sizes not seen in the recent past. Will this trend continue? I hope so, but every year is different. I think the winds were in our favor this year. Wonder what next year will bring...........? any thoughts?