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  1. Like Dave said, keep the line to the reel easily detachable by slip knot or a small piece of tape. If the line gets down to the spool, there’s very little chance you’ll win, but you won’t loose your gear!
  2. From past experience….. Lost rods are an opportunity to upgrade.
  3. But there’s plenty of spot around mid July I guess you did it again, cool, thought the cold water at the beginning of the month might change things.
  4. Just about time to start keeping and freezing those spot! Of course, the proper way. Sometimes they are hard to find when the bite is on early October.
  5. Expensive lesson, learn or burn! Wonder if he’ll return? Looks like a fly fisherman by the rod holder on top. See a lot of those up here.
  6. Think they’re doing this to help cut down on manpower $. Mailing them would add to manpower responsibilities.
  7. And you’ve missed some top notch catching because of this.
  8. Unless the DNR announces this in a broader, more public way, rather than on their website, it may be easier to beat in court, depending on the judge. Do you read the reg. book at the beginning of the season or do you go to DNR website every time before you go fishing?
  9. Wow…. wonder how much they reduced the commercial guys since it is an EMERGENCY?!?
  10. When I was on a Md. beach first week of May there was talk of emergency measures to reduce the slot on stripers from 28” through 35” to 28” through 31”. Any info on this?
  11. Had the opportunity to be on the beach fishing all last week. Was good to see some friends and hear some stories. Besides skates, and a southern ray, I did have a nice tail slapping on the beach to make my day on Cinco de Mayo I hadn’t been on the beach for 2 1/2 yrs. Felt good! One thing I noticed, the beach was spotless. Only trash was a small piece of thin plastic and a container lid. No balloons!!! Couldn’t even find a balloon ribbon string to tie to a sand spike for a wind vane. Guess that’s a good thing!
  12. Last BUMP Will be locking this out Saturday. I will put this up on BST again if requested, if I still have it.
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