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  1. Change of heart think I'm going to grab a new one. GLWS
  2. $170 shipped paypal?
  3. Surfstix let's do it I will pm you. Sold pending payment. This was was something I have yet to find out and someone needs to try. At some point in production they started using the ribbed top piece on the drag pack. Now if the plastic lower piece to the drag knob off the x series fits the older ones you could have a clickable knob...drag curve would still be the same due to the different in thread size on the spool shaft...someone out there has to have two of the same size vs one x series one not
  4. No, thanks though
  5. VS 200 silver. Some scratches see pics. Doesn't come with line. Comes with box and bag. Reel and knob=$490 shipped paypal knob separate=$50 shipped paypal reel seperate =$450 shipped paypal
  6. Closed listing somewhere else
  7. $125 shipped paypal? Can sent it immediate. Thanks
  8. Weekend bump
  9. No I'm located in Charleston, sc
  10. Sold thanks snapper
  11. $475 shipped PayPal on the reel. Surprised the knob hasn't sold yet.
  12. snapper you got it if you want it. How does $170 shipped PayPal to Quebec?