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  1. Any thoughts on why the big resurgence this year? I hadn't really seen more than a couple a year for ages. This season, they were everywhere and in a few different sizes. Saw on multiple occasions cormorants holding them in their beak trying to get them down.
  2. Thanks! It looks like a good one. Any idea how long the cable is from unit to transducer? I want to make sure it's long enough
  3. It was a garmin I have to check the model number maybe 550S or something like that I don't know if it had a chip - I know I never added one
  4. Hi all I need to replace my GPS/FF combo unit which crapped out on me on the last day of the season last year. Not looking forward to replacing all of those marks I had saved. I have an 18 foot Boston whaler Dauntless CC with a single engine and the transducer would be transom mounted. I rarely exceed 80 ft in depth and most of my fishing is done in the 5-30 foot depths. I know there have been a lot of developments and new bells and whistles in sonar products in the 10+ years since I bought the last one. I'm looking for suggestions as to the new "must-have" features and any other things I should look for. I haven't looked much yet at what's out there but would prefer to keep it under $500 if doable. Thanks -Scott
  5. Has anyone ever seen spinner sharks come this far north? My daughter and I were out on the boat yesterday out of Jones Inlet yesterday following a couple of humpback whales. Lots of bunker around. I'd say we were in about 45 feet of water when we saw a shark jump 4 separate times. We were able to get close enough to see the last couple jumps fairly close. I'd guess it was around 4 feet long but it was quick views. Each time it would jump straight out of the water while spinning like a top. No flips and no somersaults. Just spinning. I didn't think spinner sharks came this far north but it certainly was acting like one. Water temps around 74 degrees Any thoughts?
  6. Anyone know when the final regulations (i.e bottom fish and bass) come out for New York?
  7. Anyone know when the final regulations for bottom fish and bass come out for New York?
  8. I clam in the areas around Jones Inlet....Town of Hempstead permit (the office is right off the parkway by the point lookout fishing piers). I believe it's $10 for recreational permit and they will give you a map of the open areas. Kids under 16 don't need a permit. I usually fish at low tide and don't typically use a rake although that's probably not the most efficient method. If you're up on dry beds, you can get by with a short metal hand rake that you'd use for gardening. BTW they get measured from top to bottom, not corner to corner.
  9. EEZ

    It seems a lot of bass are being caught in deeper water this year which bring the EEZ into play. I can only get my boat out to 50 ft + depths in perfect conditions and since I have to pull it for the season tomorrow, it doesn't look like it'll happen this year. However, I'm curious how most captains are able to gauge where they are vs the zone. Is it measured 3 miles directly out from the nearest point of land? Is there a way to set GPS units to mark a line there? I fish out of Jones Inlet and am curious what the typical depth is when you hit 3 miles. Thanks
  10. That may be related to the fact that they have a much more limited audience as table fare. I can't even remember the last time I kept a blue unless it was a snapper I was live lining
  11. I wonder if we can get them to open Field 1 to permits during the show. Half mile farther east but at least it's closer than Field 6. No idea who to even ask about that
  12. Plus they are doing work on the Big M drawbridge and have it down to one lane in both directions. Expect @#%^ loads of traffic backing up the Meadowbrook once that show starts up...especially on weekend nights...stick to the Wantagh if you can
  13. well I wouldn't do it without a top. A good belt around the waders and another over a sealed top works fine anywhere. People fish off kayaks with that set up