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  1. If you click on the link that says 2 conventional set ups it should take you to the link. The Lami LSB 1322 is a blank that Lami made for Mudhole. According to the builder its the same as the gsb. Rated for 3-8 oz
  2. $25.00 shipped and the rest $15.00 each
  3. These are whats still available
  4. Sounds good. My paypal is wazu02@hotmail.com. Pm me your address and I will send them our in the morning
  5. Will you do $55.00 to help with fees and shipping
  6. There is no damage but there are 2 tiny air bubbles. These have not been used or carried. Let me know
  7. Ok, the 2nd down on the right and bottom on the right for$55.00. I can do that. Pm me your address. My paypal is wazu02@hotmail.com they will go out in the morning
  8. I will split. Offers on the 2 that you want as I don't remember what I paid its been a while
  9. Would like to sell plug lot. Big Rock 2014, Hook R 2009, After hours, RM Smith mixed lot. All are unused except the large Yellow RM Smith the paint has bubbles and the Danny has a crack in the paint on the bottom. Would like to sell the entire lot together but will seperate if needed. $200.00 Shipped
  10. Nice report