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  1. Think I'm going to soak it. Hitting the suds with Sugarbush Sam and Jeff the janitor.
  2. The salt is the silent slow killer. I wash underneath the best I can. Put a sprinkler under the car and pull the hose so it flushes everywhere. If you can get soap under there definitely do so.
  3. I define agree with the Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo II . I've had two sets on my Colorado and 3 on my f250. Great all around tire. No noise on Highway. Great in the snow and sand.
  4. Went out this morning 6-830 monmouth Co. Looked promising to me but only had 1 tap. Water still churned up and dirty. Saw some bait in the crests of some waves and saw 2 dolphin shoot up into the air like 10 feet like I was at SeaWorld.
  5. Little foamy a dirty. Looks fishable. Waves a lot smaller than yesterday. Monmouth County. Pretty good current sweep.
  6. If there is play they should be changed. If it's just a beach vehicle that's a different story. But if your consistently driving this on the road the bad balljoints will wear and chop your tires up.
  7. Little neck swimmer
  8. Finally went out Friday and Saturday morning and sunset. Landed one nice bass Friday night right as the full moon was coming up. Fish was in about 1 foot of water. 31" and 11 pounds.
  9. A long 1/4" extension with a 8mm swivel socket and you should be able to get the two latch bolts out through the grill. Here's pics from a 99 f250. It should be the same. Through the grill you can lift the plastic up and get access to the bolts or the cable.
  10. I am an ASE certified master automobile technician and I can tell you this. It's better to have a $400 tool box full of $4000 of tools than to invest $4000 in a tool box and only have $400 of Chinese manufactured junk tools in it. Buy the harbor freight box or craftsmen. They both lock. Tell him not to lend tools out and to always make sure to put all tools back. Rather than a box he would probably be better suited with a locking rolling tool cart. That way he can easily bring all tools to car rather than walking back and forth to a tool box. Snap on has great tools, but they are extremely over priced. There are plenty of other manufacturers of tools with lifetime warranties. Check out Eppys tools on Route 9 in Howell. They have S&k, and others. For air tools, I switched all my tools to Aircat. They are quieter, cheaper, are just as powerful or more powerful than Ingersollrand. Remind him to wear earplugs especially when seating or breaking beads on tires. I knew better but got lazy here and there and my ears constantly ring at night from the damage over the years. Good luck. Make wise purchases rather than just for a name.
  11. Spring fling zone. Manasquan to belmar
  12. I'm not trying to be specific, but I've been fishing several areas of the SFZ this fall and only have picked up 3 shorts. The same period of time last year with similar number of outings I had 30 bass with 3 keepers. Is anybody actually doing well in this area? To me it just feels lIke no fish are holding here or coming in close enough.
  13. Barrys, the 4wd drive system is designed to only shift on the fly to 4wd high and 2wd. To go low you have to be neutral / Park.
  14. Your going to need a scan tool to read the codes out of the 4wd system. Most likely your front actuator or the encoder (4wd actuator on the transfer case) is bad. Again,u need to read codes before throwing parts at it.
  15. Yeah a woman on the beach called the police, they called someone else. Said about 2 hours to get there. 10 minutes later he was swimming around the jetty. I'll probably check later to see if he still around.