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  1. Before you set your sights on Montauk, here's a good thread to read: (keep scrolling- there are huge spaces between the paragraphs)
  2. I can't help on the ID part, but I can help with Ebay. In case you don't know, No matter what a seller's policy is regarding refunds, Ebay will force a refund if the item is "not materially as described". All you need to do is start a case through the ebay system and ebay takes care of the rest. They'll even supply you with a postage label-paid for by the seller. Once tracking shows the item delivered back (might even be once it shows shipped), you will get an automatic refund to your PP account.
  3. My experience posted above was with clear powder coat over the chrome. It was the clear powder recommended by the MFG for the chrome.
  4. PM me a mailing address I only ever painted one reel with it. Looked great until the clear coat. It went straight back in the sand blaster after clear coat and I chose a different color, so I can't comment on durability.
  5. I've used a powder called "Ultimate Chrome". It looks beautiful before you clear coat it, but looks nothing like chrome after the clear coat. Clear coat is necessary in order to allow the chrome powder to be outdoor friendly. I would expect the same to be true of the Eastwood product. In general, the chrome powder is a great under coat for powders requiring a reflective base coat such as candy apple red or other candy colors, but is a disappointment as far as a chrome replacement for outdoors. That said, it might be OK for bucktails but will need a pretty thick clear coat to survive more than a few retrieves. Next time I'm playing around with powder coating, I'll try a chrome bucktail and see what it looks like. Or, if you'd like I can mail you a one ounce jar of the ultimate chrome (I have a pound of it and have only used a bit so far) and you can try yourself. PS Nearly every bass I caught last fall (and I caught a bunch) were on an all white bucktail. 90 percent of the rest were caught on a white bucktail with a streak of chartreuse (when the water was a bit cloudy). A few of them were caught on a popper just to mix it up a bit and see a surface strike.
  6. Just to give you a bit of hope. I just, today, found a very expensive tool that went missing around the same time I had a few contractors working. I'm glad I didn't make any accusations about it. It just took me "not" frantically looking for it anymore. Found it somewhere I had searched several times before when I was looking for something else (sucks getting old). Take a deep breath, forget any assumptions you previously made, and have a second look. If they are still missing, follow the advice others have given.
  7. It is tough to gage your level of experience since you are new to the site and only have 5 posts as I'm writing. How many years have you fished an off the shelf rod like the one you seek to have built? If you've fished one long enough to be able to tell a builder exactly what you are looking for in a custom, then it's time to have a custom built. If, however, you really don't know what you need that an off the shelf rod lacks, I would suggest waiting to have a custom rod built.
  8. used penn 704's can be had for 45 bucks or so. I've treated my 7xx series Penns like a rented mule and never had a problem.
  9. The two upfront are 4 oz. Avas. Sorry, nothing marked Sekora. Rest are 6oz to 8.5 oz.
  10. Are you still looking? I saw this post a while back, but couldn't find my stash of big diamond jigs at the time. Just found a box full.
  11. FYI, Billy the Greek didn't write Night Tides. It was written by Michael Cinquemani. Night Tides: The Striper Fishing Legend of Billy the Greek by Michael G. Cinquemani
  12. "In the water stupid!" In answer to the question "where?"
  13. Thanks for the write up. I saw a while ago in one of your WTS posts that you had purchased a lefty ZB and converted it to righty. Can you elaborate on what's involved ? I'm wondering about what it would take to convert a righty over to lefty.