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  1. Mark, Try a wanted to buy in the BST for the rotor
  2. I'll take lot 7 please
  3. The "drilled penn reels random pictures" thread is full of examples of Penns coated with both (link below). Here is one that I powder coated. I recommend using powders that are rated super durable for salt water applications- which limits color choices Post number 1000 on the page linked below has some of my advice on powder coating.
  4. How about converting Grandad's 704 to a 705 so you can keep some of the nostalgia of his reel? I can put together enough parts to get that done for you for around $35 shipped. Might take me till the weekend as I'm on the road today and tomorrow. I also have a complete 705 Greenie with original (but ratty) box I'd sell for $115 shipped.
  5. They can throw a $150 plug 10 yards farther than any other color reel.
  6. Is it leaking (engine) oil or fuel?
  7. Can the handle be switched to the right side for a lefty? If so, I'll take it for your asking price
  8. I have a like new Factory built 1327 11" 1-5. Literally used it once. $325 cash pickup. Located on North Fork can meet you halfway (Babylon area) next time I visit the Inlaws.
  9. New in Box never used. Couple marks/imperfections in rotor paint that were likely there since it was manufactured. $145 PP Shipped
  10. I'm not 100 percent sure but I think that would be a good bet based on when the WTS post quoted above is dated.
  11. I guess I should have included a price. I can do $125 shipped PayPal
  12. If you would consider a Stormr Typhoon jacket, I have one that may fit the bill, It is a 2XL under their old sizing system which is 3XL under the new system.
  13. Bail open: 60 yards Bail shut: 150+ yards Hoping to get a new SP for X-mas
  14. Started out as News and best wishes for the folks in the path of the storm and went quickly down hill from there. Main Forum Fishing discussion, fishing questions or website specific topics - news, trips, pictures, stories, tackle, rods, reels, lines, lures, techniques and fishing travel for striped bass and everything that swims The Town Tavern This is the forum for non-fishing discussion and any other respectful debate you might want to engage in. Political Graffiti Politics, political news, establishment corruption, Russians, Renate Aluminum, it's Frank's fault, the Storm, where is RBG, fake news, orange man bad, MAGA, but but Obama, TDS, pro tip, MSNPC, Pizzagate, Pepe - let's fiddle while politicians burn down Rome
  15. I would eventually be interested. I only have commercially made molds right now, but I plan on building my own soon. Right now, I just have too many other projects in the queue.