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  1. Hi guys.. Just wondering if anybody out there would be able to tell me the spool (lip) diameter of a spinfisher v 4500? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies.. I don't have one yet, no. It's for a spinning rod actually but I will just replace the handle if it feels too small
  3. Hi guys. My current 10wt reel is beyond help, I've narrowed the replacement down to the nautilus NV (10/11), ccf x2 (8/10) and tibor riptide.. Not interested in how fantastic a mako is but am open to suggestions of similar priced reels to those I've listed. I've obviously been able to handle and have a cast with them and am happy with the balance on the rod I'm using. What I'd really like is user opinions with any pros and cons of each in terms of performance, durability, maintenance and customer service. Thanks in advance
  4. It's certainly a first world problem and not something I'd even describe as a problem. It's more an observation of the difference an ounce or two in a reel can make to the feel of the rod.. Considering how old the tibor design is, how should you really expect it to feel on a rod under 4 ounces?
  5. That was really the intention of this thread, Jim. I know the reels I initially mentioned have a proven reputation in the environments I plan to fish. I guess I should've worded it better to begin with, something along the lines of 'what are, if any, the common failures on these models and how has your experience of customer service been'. Now having both in front of me and casting them on various rods and with various lines, I can see both are great reels but part of me wishes I had gone for a riptide and NV 8 rather than the Everglades and NV 10.. The Everglades is quite heavy and doesn't feel great on the light 8wt it was destined for where every ounce counts far more than a 10wt for me. Plus the 8wt is more likely to be used nearshore in the kayak or wading so will probably see more in the way of dunkings.
  6. Thanks again for all the advice. This ended up being an expensive decision. I went with the NV for the 10wt and somehow an Everglades also managed to leave the store with me
  7. Thanks Graeme, I'm aware of the QC. They're discontinued though and although still available as Spey reels my concern is exposing the drag at all, such as when changing spools. I've been known to be unsympathetic towards fishing tackle! As I said either reel is an improvement on the reels I've used up until now. I went and checked out a friend's NV10g last night, that's a very very nice reel and his one is like new despite him giving it hell! The tibor sounds sweet but it's no way as smooth as the NV and although the tibor signature has a sealed drag and quick change spool. It didn't appeal to me, neither did the hatch really but I guess you shouldn't always trust first impressions.
  8. I don't like the idea of $70 for a spare spindle on top of a spool, that, and the fact there's a risk of getting sand or dirt in the drag is why I'm considering something sealed to begin with. I appreciate the advice though. This and all my gear wether fly or spin, gets used anywhere. I could be fishing on the boat, kayak, wading shallow flats or casting from the shore and occasionally chasing pike. I'm aware sealed units are the best option, I use an fwx 7/8 and hydros VI without any problems, a beat up old snowbee is what I need to replace but not due to a seal issue, it's just mechanically beyond help. My sage has only been used once so I'm in no position to comment on it yet. Except the possible sand/salt intrusion issue with the tibor I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever I buy. It could eventually be a case of tossing a coin and hoping for the best!
  9. Changing a tibor spool is like refurbishing an antique. That's the problem I've got orvis, nautilus and sage reels. So I've got no loyalties, I know the NV10/11, Riptide and whatever else at that price will get the job done. But I want to know its worth spending 3 times more than my hydros that hasn't missed a beat in the salt and orvis will replace if it does.
  10. The bauers do look interesting, especially the price. It's looking like the tibor is favourite right now even with it's slight issues; although I imagine every reel will have it's faults however small. I have had a look at the hatch range, they're very nicely built! To be honest having looked at hatch, nautilus, orvis, etc. I am still drawn to the slightly industrial look and feel of the tibors; modern reels, while obviously finely tuned pieces of equipment, do worry me slightly in terms of durability
  11. Thanks for the input so far guys. I expected the riptide to be popular and will also look into the others mentioned. I appreciate threads like this have the chance to turn into a battle of the brands but that's not my intention, I just want a reel that'll still be purring away in years to come!
  12. Hi guys.. I realise this subject usually turns ugly on forums but I'd like some advice regarding a starter outfit I plan to give a family member as a gift. I am in no mans land between novice and intermediate myself so lack the product knowledge to know a definitive answer, through trial and error I have put together outfits to suit my own needs but he struggles to get to grips with either playing good sized fish on a 7wt and looks completely lost casting a 10wt. I plan to buy him an 8wt outfit with a reel which is on the larger side to accommodate a 9wt WF line to soften the action, aid loading and throwing into a stiff breeze. Providing that doesn't come across as a silly idea can anybody suggest an affordable option that is ideally covered by some form of warranty, a rod that's happy being slightly overloaded and a reel that can take some abuse (I am swaying toward a hydros as I'm happy with mine and it's within the kind of budget I have in mind). Appreciate any opinions you guys have, thanks
  13. Fair point housey, we won't be coming across anything that huge but plenty of smaller tuna which are hard enough to keep up with when using a spinning reel! Yours is also a good point Steve, the problem is there are no shops I know of that do used SW fly tackle anywhere near me and I'm not a fan of 'that' online auction site
  14. That's exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks again! I shall go down the Clearwater/hydros route. I have a hydros VI which I'm quite rough with and it never misses a beat so I'm happy to buy another. By fixed spool I actually mean a spinning reel, I'm slowly easing him into fly fishing as it never hurts to add another string to your bow!
  15. Thanks for your contribution. I had been considering something from orvis purely on the basis of their warranty. Unfortunately I'm in the uk and we don't have an access outfit available, only as separate items and our prices seem considerably higher so that would come in at the very top end of my budget before entertaining the idea of fly lines and backing... The access reel does look good on paper in terms of capacity but I think being from a fixed spool background he would benefit from the retrieve rate a slightly larger arbor would provide. With that in mind and what funds I have available to me, would a 9' 8wt Clearwater and hydros IV or possibly V do the job? The reel size would depend on how easy the Clearwater is to cast and wether he would benefit from slightly overloading the rod
  16. Hey guys.. This will probably be a new one to you. I use daiwa 2600s on a range of rods all of which are custom built to match the reels with short skeleton reel seats. The problem is I have pretty much killed an SS on a heavy inshore rod and need to replace it, this is an easy enough job usually but having cut down seats I don't have much space to play with. My question therefore is, does anybody have a 2600 and any of the popular daiwa/shimano 4000/5000/6000 spinners that they could kindly compare reel foot sizes so I don't end up making an expensive mistake? I'd appreciate any help
  17. Thanks again Keith; I might grab a saltist in that case as backup as the foot size is identical! Anything with a bigger foot would be too much on the little 7' inshore rod so cutting away won't be necessary, unless I sell a kidney and buy myself a saltiga!
  18. 19oz is heavier than I'd like and I'd prefer a fast retrieve so I've ordered parts for the SS and a similar rod with a 5000fj, problem solved
  19. A good solid 4000 would be ideal. Unfortunately the 2600 is an odd size, falling between a 4000 and 6000 shimano in size and weight but with a longer reel foot than the 4/5k.
  20. Thanks ecks. having just looked into it the 5000 exceler holds 310 yards of 17lb, the stradic holds 170 yards of 16lb so there's a pretty big difference. The exceler also weighs around 6oz more which on a 7' rod will be easily noticeable.
  21. Thanks for your help guys. I'll just make a decision between a 4500 saltist/exceler or stradic 6000 and hope for the best I guess. Re-fitting the fixed hood is always an option but something I'd like to avoid
  22. Well I guess that rules out 4000 shimanos! Thanks keltan
  23. Thanks a lot. Is that 4000 size? Not sure I can stretch to £1000. I'm thinking something along the lines of a stradic fj, sustain, ballistic, caldia.......
  24. Thanks very much Keith. The reel foot of the SS measures 67mm and I imagine I have around 5mm either way to play with. Being a small body I thought a modern 4000 daiwa or shimano 5000 would be closest. Thanks again. Charleston- I'm in London so local tackle shops don't really stock much in the way of metal bodied saltwater spinners. It's mostly carp (rebranded surf) reels that are far too big and small plastic pieces of junk
  25. That is the best affordable spinning reel known to man... Daiwa ss