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  1. just another pic of trailer wiring and i hope what i already posted helps the guy.
  2. Fox don't take this wrong but by your previous post about anchoring and now this post you really need to get some boating safety classes before you kill yourself and whoever is dumb enough to go with you. Buy a good floating hand held VHF radio your boat is to small for a stick antenna and you'll probably be in the water when you need it most. I'm not trying to be a smartass just you really have little to no knowledge about boating. Please don't kill yourself, your family or friends just get some knowledge.
  3. trying to post pictures to help but they don't show up.
  4. Trailer Wiring Color Code Connector Function Color Suggested Minimum Wire Gauge Where To Attach - Vehicle Side Where To Attach - Trailer Side 4 Way & 5 Way 6 Way & 7 Way 7 Way 6 Way 5 Way 4 Way Right Turn Green 18 16 Right turn of vehicle's wiring harness Trailer's right turn signal Left Turn Yellow 18 16 Left turn of vehicle's wiring harness Trailer's left turn signal Ground White 16 12 Vehicle ground point - metal, uncoated, rustproof Trailer ground point - metal, uncoated, rustproof Tail / Marker Brown 18 16 Taillight of vehicle's wiring harness Trailer's taillights Brake* Blue 18 12 Electric brake control, power for brakes Break away switch Battery Red (or Black) 12 Fuse block or FUSED battery Lead Break away kit, interior lights and battery charger. Back Up Purple 16 Back up circuit of vehicle's wiring harness Back up lights (if available) / Hydraulic coupler. This chart is a typical guide, wire colors may vary based on manufacturers. Use a circuit tester to verify connections.
  5. looked to me like it was on the bow covering between the tubes. I wouldn't want to tie off on the side of a tube, boat would want to shear off with current or wind.
  6. if you let ling sit on ice overnight they are a lot easier to fillet. The the words of Ollie Klein "you have to let them get old". RIP Ollie.
  7. is there a backing plate that those screws go into ? I can't imagine what they might go to if not a backing plate.
  8. whatever you do DON"T ANCHOR BY THE STERN !!! Post a picture of the bow area of the boat then maybe i can help you. You need to learn some basic knots and hitches, look on animated knots dot com for all kinds of boating knots.
  9. Barn door is what your looking for buddy !!! Maybe see ya later this winter.
  10. google Hamiltons Marine in Maine they sell them.
  11. 500lbs is still a big bastage of a fish
  12. brand new Lamson Liquid 2 fly reel. 5,6 Wt. Comes with 2 extra spools and carry case. 125.00 plus shipping or i can meet around Belmar,NJ area around mid sept.
  13. Every one of them get cut and sold, Where did you think the skates in fish markets and restaurants come from ? I'm one of those bad commercial fishermen in fact this will be my 50th year commercial fishing for a living. I choke dogfish & monkfish to death also. Caught my share of bluefish back when i lived in NJ then I moved to Alaska many years ago and caught a few salmon also. By the way they are winter skates different from what you catch all summer. also.