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  1. most likely they are lobster, fish trap or gillnet buoys/markers.
  2. You need state and federal licenses/permits to catch and sell fish. Then also there are state & federal landing permits, dealer permits.Also don't forget with some species you'll need to take federal observers with you. Welcome to the NoMoreFishingService ! Want to sell fish get them from commercial fishermen or buy at the co-ops in pt pleasant or belford.
  3. Golden Touch in pt pleasant does open charters check out his FB page
  4. No dibs on any of your stuff ! Just make the decision on who and where they are going to fix you and do it soon my friend. In the words of Tony Zarillo "never seen a Brinks truck following a hearse" . All the best to you & Carole
  5. dryer sheets seem to work in a large plywood bin 8'x4'x4' i use to store gillnets in, i buy them at the dollar store and use lots spread out all through the bin. Laundry soap also works.
  6. couple of ads on craigslist and both will be gone.
  7. they shrimp between 300-800ft, best is usually 500-700.
  8. you lose 30% of your horsepower with a jet due to the inefficiency of the jet over a prop. Just a few weeds rocks or sticks in the grate will just about stop the squirt then you have to clean out the grate. BUT they are great in shallow clean water, as long as you can't see the seagulls legs you can go there !
  9. i bought a Hitachi Metabo HPT C10RJ 10" Jobsite Table Saw (15 Amp) (with Fold & Roll Stand) table saw, looked all over for a good price then found some mexican guys at the Englishtown flea market that sold all kinds on contractor equipment that had 3 for sale. Took a chance on one for 125.00, turned out to be perfect just needed new blade.
  10. This video was made by a customer of mine, i build the shrimp pots he is using. These guys only started shrimping in the last week or so and are doing great.
  11. i don't know anything about rakes but i know that Joseph Fazzios Metals in howell has the all handles you'll need.
  12. to smooth it out mix up some soapy water, dip your finger in the water and spread out the 5200.
  13. thats the bunker seiners i don't think there is a trawl bait fishery.
  14. i'll send you a pm.
  15. I'd don't have a huge need to sell them but for $175.00 they could be yours. I'd think they would ship for 8-10 bucks. Thanks for your offer.