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  1. Fishermans Den in the Belmar marina. Bobby tries to keep stuff in stock and is a wealth of local knowledge.
  2. freeze whatever you want to take home and stash in with your check in bags it will be fine when you get home. Don't forget to get a non res fishing license.
  3. you'll be going right by my place on the way to mat glacier. If you want to catch fish forget about the yak and go on a boat if you just want to float around then do the yak. Did you get a place to stay in homer ? What do you want to catch or fish for ? Do you want to take fish home ?
  4. ferry is probably booked up and you can't drive up from outside, Canadian boarder is closed to foreigners to drive thru to alaska. What do you want to catch ? Homer or Seward are your best bet for saltwater & Kenai river for some salmon or rainbow fishing either from river bank or do a guided trip. I don't know of any yak fishing guides. if your thinking of going north to Denali National Park a stop in talkeetna for a trip with phanton 3 rivers guide service would be good for salmon and trout. Pm me if i can help ya or have questions. Where does your son work ? homer is 300 miles from anch, seward is 130, kenai is 160.
  5. "the works" toilet bowl cleaner works great on rust stains on fiberglass.
  6. 1000's of these in use here in Alaska
  7. chain equal to length of boat, the heavier the better and a Bruce style claw anchor one size bigger than recommended for boat size. get double braid rope for anchor line easier on the hands and only takes up 1/2 the space of 3 strand.
  8. 3M, 5200 Marine Adhesive / Sealant, Fast Cure it will never come off.
  9. Fishermans Den in the belmar marina. Locally owned and Bobby is a wealth of info.
  10. circle hooks totally revolutionized the halibut fishery in alaska same style fish just way bigger.
  11. no longer available
  12. someone must need this ?? over $400 new.
  13. buy a small unit that can be hooked up to a monitor aka TV.
  14. Still Available, great jacket at great price