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  1. Please post up some examples so the posters can be properly shamed..
  2. I wonder what Biden's count is during his to be in the hundreds of thousands...
  3. So a quick google of "Covid models wrong" yields about 160k results. Folks in charge that have listened to the "science" and in many cases made terrible decisions that may have caused much worse damage due to incorrect models . These models are based off of pretty solid data that is current and right under our noses. So my question to the global warming are you feeling about the models that predict the environmental demise of our planet that is modeled off of much less reliable data, and uses factors that in many cases are assumed because they cant be proven. If you are a logical free thinker our current situation should give you something to ponder, even before you factor in the absurd amounts of money at stake involved.
  4. Even if this comment has a shred of truth to it, if you think it gets folks to pull the lever for Biden you are going to be very disappointed.
  5. those are countries....not ports.
  6. Ironic that most of those body bags are stacking up due to Democratic incompetence...
  7. If that 40% leaves....who the hell will employ the 40 million immigrants??
  8. you really should have stopped at No..
  9. right....and still knocked that dope the F out..
  10. sorry weewee....I cant help myself with this one....
  11. skirt....