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  1. Joe loves amtrak......It is true that he regularly took the train back and forth from DE to DC. He even got Hunter a spot on the Amtrak board. Fun little tidbit about Joe and his favorite mode of transport, it was not uncommon for regular folks to sit past scheduled departure times when Joe was running late to the station. Amtrak would hold up on leaving so this common man could catch his ride.
  2. LOL...yea, cancel culture is just like that..
  3. Chicks always dig dandelions...he probably thinks its a rose..
  4. During the ACTUAL election would have been nice...
  5. I bet he would take responsibility for the US not being in the same shape as he should.
  6. It does for the slow and dishonest.
  7. I believe that Mr. Scott was saying that there is racism in this country, but as a whole it is not know the "systematic racism" horse crap that is always being thrown around....Seemed a pretty clear mesaage to me.
  8. Thanks Shag...yes Max weight will be under 6k...(small light weight trailer). Truck is an '18 F150 4x4 off road with the 5.0 V8 specs show just over 9K tow capacity, but I realize over sand that probably does not mean much.
  9. Thinking seriously about getting a lightweight travel trailer, and MTK county park is one of the reasons...If I am running a F150 with a 9k tow capacity and most of the trailers I am looking at will be less than 6k loaded, I assume I should be ok..??
  10. I do sense some broken emotions in this thread...
  11. Riiiiigt...because the funding came from the private sector....oh .....wait a minute..
  12. COVID-19 vaccine provider in Washington state—the African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH)—is prioritizing "Black, Indigenous & People of Color" for bookings at four vaccination sites across Seattle and Kent in King County. White people are currently not eligible to book a vaccination appointment at the AARTH website. They are instead directed to join a waiting list and advised they will be notified when there is a "vaccine surplus available" at a clinic. Vaccine appointment slots at the four sites available via the AARTH website are currently targeted for "Black, Indigenous & People of Color."
  13. In new deal, Wisconsin slashes controversial Foxconn subsidies 30-fold New deal requires Foxconn to create 1,454 jobs—down from 13,000 in the original. TIMOTHY B. LEE - 4/21/2021, 3:40 PM
  14. It appeared to be a huge mistake....people make mistakes. Moral of the story, when dealing with people that have guns, don't do things that might make them pull out their guns and possibly make a mistake.
  15. Is this his Grindr profile..??