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  1. flea bitten for sure
  2. there's 30 seconds I will never get back.
  3. from the village wingnutter..
  4. ironically....congress in the past has attempted throught the courts to access GJ testimony and failed. One instance that comes to mind is the investigation of the uranium industry after The Clinton Uranium One
  5. Congress does not have a unilatral right to GJ testimony.....Barr in handing over what Nadler is asking for would be breaking Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e). The Dems know this bit have decided to go the route of high drama as is works so well with their "low information" target audience.
  6. why not just change the law regardin GJ testimony....???? seems a solution to the dems issue..
  7. I thought those jobs were never comming back...??
  8. to be totally fair.....anything held under a year is a short term gain and longer a long term gain weather realized or's just not a taxable event until it is realized...
  9. Just one glaring problem with this assinine idea....
  10. So you are in this is "a good idea" camp..???
  11. Do these people actually think crap like this is a good idea, or is it just more pandering to the stupid... WASHINGTON—The top Democrat on the Senate’s tax-writing committee wants to tax long-term investments like other types of income, raising rates and requiring the wealthiest people to pay taxes on their unrealized gains each year. The plan from Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon is the latest proposal from Democrats in Congress and on the presidential-campaign trail to boost taxes on the wealthy in a bid to address what they view as the problems of economic inequality and provide a funding stream to pay for new programs. While the specific proposal has little chance to become law anytime soon, such ideas could carry over into policy if the party makes gains in 2020 elections. Unlike plans from Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Wyden’s tax would go after investment income rather than total accumulated wealth or estates that are passed on from wealthy individuals to their heirs. Wyden’s plan would tax the gains on long-term investments annually, rather than when someone decides to sell the asset, as is the case currently. It would also raise the current taxes on capital gains to match the rates on other types of income, such as salaries. An expanded version of this story is available at
  12. I don't see any chance of him running. He will get #metoo'ed
  13. who is pretending that..? you know what point I was making...and again..I ask how confident are you that a popular vote yields the outcome you think it will..?? We are barley at 60% participation for eligible voters in 2016. We could end up with Trumps for a lifetime, and you know full well that had Clinton squeeked out an EC win this issue would not see the light of day..