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  1. The only parking to fish the jetty that provides beach access is North Ocean park. Beaches are free,,,,,parking isn’t . Bring any assortment of spoons but keep big plugs at home.... never did well with them. Good luck
  2. In Deerfield, you can fish anywhere on the beach until the lifeguards start and until they leave,,,, 08/0900 to 5. Boca Inlet jetty is closest and is productive. Park at Boca Inlet park. Pompano Beach is next closest jetty (Hillsboro Inlet) and is great, about a 20 min walk from parking Mike
  3. A “Trolley Rig” down south.
  4. Spoons - .5 to 1oz Bucktails Storm shads , plastics Bomber type plug Deadly dick or crippled herring
  5. I am only familiar w/ Deerfield area. Don’t focus on tides, just fish when you can. Deerfield pier can be great when crowds are light Boca Inlet - from the park to the end of jetty For the most part, fishing is not allowed from ocean beaches once swimming starts/ lifeguards are on duty. Red reef park in Boca- not ocean but on the ICW. You can park right there and fish Hillsboro Inlet - a jetty that is a walk to get to but worth it Good luck! Mike
  6. Tog

    I remember back in the 80’s guys fishing the bay right against the sedge banks w/ fiddler crabs did a number on them.,,,,, no structure at all.
  7. I have worked in the marine environment from Alaska to Maine over the past 25 years and I stick with what works for me........layers. UnderArmor compression tops and bottoms Turtleneck style latest micro from LL Bean , Grundens or Helly Hansen Same for over the compression bottoms LL Bean fleece lined jeans Grundens / Carhart lined sweatshirt w/ hood Full face mask Watch cap 2 pair socks starting w/ non sweat and working up. Read LL Bean and follow what they recommend for sub zero climates ****HEAVY FOUL WX TOP and BOTTOM- you need this to break the wind....Grundens green for me Gloves- figure out yourself . I layer up to the heavy orange style Boots- I just got rid of HH insulated but hear great things about Muck boots Post what you decide on and works for you
  8. I will take it for $160 shipped without the line. Please send PayPal info and I will send shipping info. Mike
  9. Tagged Fish or Fischer Price...... both out of Highlands Good luck
  10. 11/4: Broward Co pier..... small Spanish macs and king Mack’s . Would not hit any live bait only small spoons and Gotcha lures. Couple guys tried for Pompano w/ Goofy jigs but one was caught on Gotcha.
  11. As discussed in another post,,,,,, my wife and I bought a condo in Broward County 4 years ago. we are on 2nd floor o a 50 unit non renting complex. Our unit faces East. 1.2 miles from beach and there is Always a breeze. Another mile west,,,,,, dead, hot air that everyone complains about. We love this area so much that after 40 plus years of NJ, we made the move full time. Not for everyone so visit, and and talk to people,
  12. Lee Child,,,,,, anything in the Jack Reacher series.
  13. I fish Boyton Inlet, Boca Inlet , off the beaches when swimmers aren’t present, Deerfield Beach pier, Pompano pier and Dania pier. Rarely do I not catch something (snook, snapper, jacks ) Have plenty of party boats from Lantana to Ft Lauderdale which run 4 hr trips and almost always catch something to bring home.
  14. My wife and I bought a condo about 4 years ago in Deerfield Beach. 5 min drive to beach and we loved it so much, sold our home in Monmouth co last November to make it full time here. Everything in life is relative! A nice breeze almost daily makes the FL hot summers bearable. Lots to do and fishing is great here. i would not go any further south than here based on traffic and overcrowded conditions. Any further west equals zero breeze and those temperatures that people experience when they take the kids to Orlando in the summer. Good luck!
  15. PayPal made and shipping info included. Please send tracking info when shipped. Thank you