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  1. This reel is sold. Tight lunes all
  2. Available again someone backed out again on me before looking at in person.
  3. Still available
  4. Not rust. The camera really brought stuff forward then you can see with your eyes. Its more of a dulled area I guess where a little salt water sat.
  5. Nothing on the lip.
  6. Im not shipping it. You must come pick it up. Reason being I just dont want anyone saying "I thought there werent any little scratches or something to that effect" This reel is about as clean and perfect as a new reel as it was only used about 2 months max. I have Van Staal's and prefer them but must admit this reel looks and feels stronger but is heavier and I have a bad back and torn rotator cup so trying to keep my gear as light as possible as I put in a lot of time on the surf.
  7. I will put up some pics shortly
  8. Sorry. I forgot to put that for this post. Im in Naugatuck Ct.