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  1. Whether it’s the first ice that you’ll never forget or that ice hole that haunts your dreams , let’s see that hard water while we can. Spring is almost here !
  2. Good morning everyone, hope your Sunday is a fun day!
  3. Not really, but you should tell us what you know!
  4. Here’s one from the other day and one from this morning.I’ve been doing my doctor mandated 4-5 mile walk everyday so I have plenty of opportunities to keep this going.
  5. Does anybody recognize the maker of this paddle ? I cannot find any information on the web, wondering if anyone had any personal experience or contact info.TIA
  6. Let’s see your shots of those pure white puffy pillows of the heavens. Or maybe those angry storm clouds unleashing their fury. Or those that possess colors never seen in a crayon box.
  7. OK it’s not technically a sunrise picture, but it was light enough this morning to be able to take without a flash from my phone. Does anyone know if there is a cloud thread?
  8. One of the best things about having to get up early for work.
  9. My neighbors tree died and now it’s coming back to life with these visitors. Can anyone tell me if they’re edible?
  10. We had these visitors recently.
  11. Seller lives in New Jersey. Said they were his fathers so I thought they might be locally made . I was surprised when he included another that was not in the picture. I recognized the Gibbs, since I already have a few.