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  1. Sorry. Don’t get up above exit 100 on the GSP very often, let alone out on Long Island.
  2. Belmo, i don’t have the cooler in front of me, but found this on the web. Dimensions seem right. 18.75”w x 42” l x 18”h
  3. Going to drop the price one time on this. $100 picked up takes it.
  4. Selling a 128 Qt Igloo Marine cooler. Cooler is used but not abused. No cracks. Holds ice for 5+ days in the summer. Drop in insert and 2 cutting boards included. Down sized the boat, time to down size the cooler. $150 firm. Picked up on LBI or Moorestown NJ. Too big to ship.
  5. I’m in Mordecai. The owners are great and the location is nice. Slips are protected by Mordecai island which is nice.
  6. Have that same sheepsfoot mini-grip clipped to my pocket every day. Great knife and sharp now that I got the Work Sharp GSS.
  7. This thread is now costing me serious money. White River Hunter. Made in USA right down to the thread used to sew the sheath.
  8. Payment and IM sent.
  9. Ok. I’ll take them for $140. Looks like the holes are in the bibs?
  10. Ok. I’ll take these for asking if you accept PayPal and can ship them in such a way that they’ll arrive at 08008 by Thursday. Turkey hunting Friday and Saturday.
  11. Man, you’re about as far away as you can get for body type. I’m 5’10” and 220lbs. Wear 36/32 jeans. Do you think the bibs and jacket would fit well? Hard to tell from Cabela’s sizing charts. Do these show as new other than no tags? No rips or other wear spots?
  12. Interested. Do you have the model number? Insulated? What’s you height / weight and how do they fit? thanks Stu
  13. I have a brand new eel trap and used rake. Located on LBI, NJ. Exit 63.
  14. Fished out back in OC from 4:15-5:15 this AM. 12 fish, all between 14” and 22”. Pretty much a fish every two or three casts. Nice way to start the season and break in my new light action rod.