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  1. Bottom line is we are never ever going to teach respect to less than desirable people , ever. Period. Fact. End. Now what are we left with ? We are left with closing that resource. Period. C & R can’t work. CANT work. WONT work. They can’t enforce it. Can’t work. Close it a few years. Then see
  2. WOW that’s sweet. Thanks man
  3. Evening and early morning for me as I can’t make urine with the young dogs anymore so it’s strictly a daytime game for me now ! Time fly’s.
  4. You need to do both. I fished for years during daylight and caught many fish before my guide talked me into an after dark trip. Wow. As you can only imagine the quiet darkness brings to life a mans senses like daytime could never do.
  5. I have 2 small $60 cigarette lighter plug in things that work swell they are slow but will do the job. You need 2.
  6. W T F ? No ! Can’t be. No way. With Husain’ showing his face and his wife’s big yap flapping I think it would be him again before the poisoned one. Awesome pic.
  7. Thanks for the reports. They keep guys like me excited
  8. Where do I get the winter pass ? Never knew there was a winter pass
  9. Thanks for sharing you guys. November 15 is last day for driving out ?
  10. That’s a hard fishin Captain right there.