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  1. A Cuban woman turned me on to coffee when I was a kid , black with cane sugar. Coffee with milk was for infants and the sickly.
  2. Smoked bacon and strong black coffee is usually liked by male White Middle European , A type personalities . Ya know like man stuff.
  3. Death Wish. Made a few miles north of me Good black
  4. Yea. Ralph and I have , history I guess you could say.
  5. Ha. The Ginny G. That dude must be 80 by now. Another grumpy boat I ran into chasing tuna once or twice was the Odesy.
  6. For more than a few years, fishing in the parade out by the pot line I felt safer than paddeling back to the beach. The Ginney G I think she was called scared me more than times than fog,whales, sharks and wind ever did
  7. We warned them about the seals years ago
  8. #1,I thank you for the knowledge you share on here and Greatly appreciate you for it. Carl I think. I would cherish a visit with you
  9. R P maybe a mile or so either side of the race. And if you could get a look along the backside down by the golf ball that would be swell. Beers when I see ya
  10. Thank you Donald Trump
  11. In the spring of 1990 I brought my son on his first trip out there he was 5. When we walked in the door the sights and smells of Nelson’s,a place he had herd his uncles and grandfathers and dad talk so much about , his face was lit up like Xmas morn. In awe he could only stare and watch in amazement as eels were being counted,reels were being loaded and the chatter of some pretty tuff dudes getting the last few things ready for a few days of hardcore beach fishing filled his ears. Same thing my grandfather and dad did for me in 1964. I remember my first time,intimidated and a bit scared but by that fall I was as excited to go in that shop as I was for that beach. As I write this tears run. I’m older more mellow and a lot softer I guess I get sad easy now. That place was special as were those years. It ain’t the same out there.
  12. That’s the most intelligent thing I’ve read in all 18 pages. Common sense goes along way