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  1. Trying now to put a bird shooting trip together for Mexico. Doves and I guess whatever flys. But it's scary there now so there's that.
  2. Unbelievable. The pigeons are back and fully recovered in NEW ENGLAND already. Enough with this crap. Masshole is the only state that can't figure out how to MANAGE ! WTF. I hate those pigeons. Money rules aren't the same as rules. 2 classes of citizens , those that have make the rules. Watch what happens to the dune shacks with the new rules that rules us out
  3. It gets worse. Everything I do now hurts. I had to install a bidet even. No joke I'm only 64.
  4. I liked the managers best. The Grand Wizard, Captain Lou and Classy Freddy Blassy
  5. Gout juice. I used to like good Burbon. And shellfish. Then I caught the gout
  6. That's gotta get ya a 12 pack anyways
  7. 4 oz crockadile silver/green sometime around 1969 I was 10 and could barely throw it. 54 years later I'm still at it.
  8. Haddock ? WTF ? 2 years ago it looked real good, they were slightly larger than they were and plenty
  9. That's important to the history of all this. If it isn't shared it's lost. Forever Lost forever.
  10. I love it. Thanks for that Here's an original next to my wooden version
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