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  1. I can say good things about Harris she gives good skull. Warren can start a mean camp fire and can dance like a drunken Indian. All good now ?
  2. What Slack said ...k him
  3. Threatening us deplorable types ? Can’t be Tolerance and all. Nancy Nancy Nancy we have guns Nancy.
  4. Great to hear. I love your reports. Thank you a thousand times my friend. Good to see more beach open. I can’t come out till the last of September so to be able to read something from someone like you means a lot
  5. Root boy slim
  6. Bernie. That’s funny. Bernie. Hahahahaha. It kills me just to hear him speak. Effin idiot
  7. Compared to other bigger/longer plugs these go a bit quicker They are easier to drill through and only 1 single tail hook and some weight. I’m doing 2 @ 2 oz , 2 @1.5 oz and 2@1.25 oz. to see how they swim
  8. My copy of a peanut
  9. These are made 1 at a time as I have no duplicator. Old school. They’ve been drilled and weights have been positioned where I think they should be. Soaking 24 hrs in linseed and spirits now. Next week I will prime and paint. Then another week I can epoxy coat. Should be good to go. Hopefully they catch
  10. This is for pitching into a frenzy and twitching and ripping
  11. Do you think you’re better than them ?
  12. Just a group of normal Americans All good