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  1. Thank God for that canal. It filters out all the less than desirables and keeps them off the beach
  2. And phuuck these childish rules anyways
  3. But it’s ok to call someone retarded. Ok so now I’m out too along with thousands of others. Soon this site will be no more. Along with 247. Too bad.
  4. Why ? Is this a children’s site ? A religious site ? Why ? And I really don’t think they do.
  5. That pic is on the men’s room wall in a famous fishermen hangout on the Salmon River. I thought perhaps someone would recognize it
  6. American Bluetick Coonhound. Had to go to Montana for her. She was bred for Mountain Lion and Bear hunting. 100% Cameron blood. Only 6 months and treeing with old Mud dog like a 2 year old. Going out this week alone to see how she does on coon.
  7. Anyone see this before ? Know where ?
  8. Till they find his phone and read all this
  9. Never said I wasn’t weird. But I do sleep well.
  10. When the next civil war ends they will ALL be gone.
  11. Dude this probably isn’t the best place to ask for advice on dating. Just sayin. But I do applaud your inquisitive desire to learn what your fellow tavernites have to say regarding this particular activity. Anyways thanks for the entertainment
  12. Mud dog 15 years old. Mountain Cur
  13. Hazel 6 months old
  14. Tell her the truth. You are a bit messed up after divorce and really just need a little diversion and to drain a massive load of poison