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  1. Me too ! After the media sensation of the buffalo store shooting what do you expect. Every mentally ill 18 year old wants to be next. The world is coming apart at the seams and tweaks are going off. It's a free for all now. No fear , no respect. The schools mess them up and confuse them and society is so wrong what do you expect. Democrats and the media along with Hollywood and the music industry. Told you so 45 years ago. I'm a racist and have a few phobia's though. Yea right. Here it comes. Hope you have plenty of ammo and good friends. Lots of both
  2. Hope you all have plead ammo
  3. Her opinion doesn't matter. She doesn't matter. That whole crap show doesn't matter. None of the libs are going to matter in a few more months after survival mode kicks in. Good luck snowflakes
  4. It is intentional and treasonous , they should be hung for real along with all collaborators.
  5. Got some AYC to share with so you can make a needlefish as nice as mine Davey. True 1" x 6 ". Just right
  6. That's their job. Uphold the constitution and protect all citizens rights. O and a secure border. So there's that among all the intentional failures that are treasonous. 81,000,000 ? Where are theyb? I'd kick everyone of them in the genitalia. Twice. Then step on their neck.
  7. Fortunately the Stewart's Company in upstate NY still sells non ethanol, but I still use stabil in all my small engines from 25 Hp zero turn, weed wackers, log splitter, blowers and chainsaws and outboards and quads. Stewart's likes bikers
  8. I have to be sensored. Takes the fun out of it My content might offend some snowflake. Hurt feelings reports
  9. BLM = buy large mansion. How funny. Morons gave thugs and savages money. They partied and lived large. Fools. Vote Republican
  10. Cancel democrats. Off to Russia with you. Commies
  11. Couldn't reach those snook without a boat. They camped out over a shallow oyster bed , maybe 100 or so on small mullet. What a blast
  12. Go Ron. A gosh darn squirrel can do better than ANY dem. ANY. Go Ron. Bring it. Let's get it on and clean up our country once and for all.