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  1. Same boat. We launched out of Bass River. Still have a real job ? You’ll remember when ya c me. Housewives of S Boston. Remember?
  2. Stil have a real job ?
  3. I need to go fishin with you again. What boat do you have now ?
  4. I spend 2 weeks out there every summer since 1963. I see with my eyes tourism is down.
  5. I’m way more concerned about the damage they are doing to the fisheries. Get rid of them. Yes is my vote
  6. I believe it is the governments problem as they directly created it with the ban on harvesting these things years ago. We warned them this was going to happen
  7. Tourism was way way off this year. Wait till next year. And the OVERPOPULATION of seals is ruining the environment they are eating everything. Something MUST be done. They need to get the seal flu and all die
  8. So I should lay in a few gallons of mustard for the end times then.
  9. Stripers. But the variety of fish there makes it exciting. In years past we caught stripers,blues, bonito and have thrown to bluefin to no avail. To see the amount of life out there in the fall is worth the effort even with no fishing. My son is now 33 and spending this time together just he and I and my coondog is pretty special
  10. Can’t help but wonder if this is the same fish that bit the dude last week. We gotta taste better than those filthy stinkin sea rats
  11. Looks like it’s fixin to be a pretty good weekend commin up. The stars are aligning And hopefully the fish gods will shine a light of luck upon us. My karma is good. My hooks are sharp. Re spooled 5 rods. Tied new fluoro leaders on all. Have more plugs,tins,jigs and swimmers than 3 of the average bears. Already laid in my supplies 1 to 1 beer and water. What am I forgetting ?
  12. We told them this WILL happen. First symptom of drinking too much koolaid - loss of common sense then comes hyper emotionalism. The rest of us have to live with all this and tolerate it . For how much longer ?