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  1. My wife and I are looking for a haddock trip could kindly pm me with the info ?
  2. At the same time NYS DEC is considering opening the harvest of spawning striped bass 2 weeks earlier! WTF ? Our tax dollars working against us yet again.
  3. I have a feeling she is going to disappear. She may have pissed off the wrong people. Just my humble opinion
  4. Hope you are ok and didn’t break something
  5. So was I. Couldn’t help myself
  6. The police are doing their job and ate not the enemy. The scumbags are the enemy and it seems like they outnumber the fishermen. Be careful always carry The canal sucks , too many of the enemy there and like boat fish - canal fish don’t count.
  7. I haven’t herd about the Canada thing. What’s up with that?
  8. After this week ends we will be “turning the corner “ weather wise. Won’t be long now. April 14 Cod ? How long you figure ? We get them here in the Hudson about then. Some 50 ‘s every year too. A shame really to see those big girls being kept. But like fish caught from the boat , river fish don’t count neither. Ha. Seems like exactly 1 week after the majority leave the river the Cape gets flooded with bigger fish. Funny because these fish mostly stay in Long Island sound from the what the experts say !
  9. You should take this opportunity to make some extra cash They r not going to search you when you explain the reason. They want you to come back and pay American dollars for the real stupid thing you did. Bring 10 or 15 cheap AR or AK type weapons and a dozen 12 gage assault type shot guns down and you will come home with some American dollars. A few more than you think amigo. F them Build the wall or killem all
  10. 4 cod. That’s all just 4
  11. Yea. Savages. Lots of effin savages. Prolly why the population is declining so fast. Savages up and down the entire striper coast. Yes indeed SAVAGES. Our fellow human beings , why yes most act like savages
  12. The canal last year was a combat zone and many crappy stories about it were shared here. I can’t wait to hear about the savages this year. SAVAGES. Some of our fellow human neighbors are nothing more than savages. Why anyone would want to fish there is beyond my comprehension. I fished it for years until 2003 when the savages started to show up.
  13. Thanks you guys. I’m gonna check with my local mills. I didn’t think about the fence guys. Dummy.