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  1. Me either. Law enforcement people are under attack from all sides. So yea if you have something other than a positive comment about law enforcement F U Q O F F x 10
  2. Try working in a maximum security prison where they set you up every minute of every day after being mandated to work double shifts 4 or 5 in a row. Nobody has your back same scumbag with that sense of entitlement every minute of every day. Tell me about it F u q off
  3. Comply. Don’t die. O and never ever brandish a weapon. Comply don’t die should be a National slogan
  4. The question of how long before another George the career criminal druggie Floyd can be answered simply, as soon as a savage resists arrest or fights with police. I’m figuring a few hours tops. The jury was tainted. Hope he walks after appeals
  5. Saving tax dollars. A career criminal of many felonies higher than a Russian spy plane resisting arrest. Kill them all I say
  6. He will appeal and he will walk. That’s because of your political party. Thank you
  7. He murdered no one. Again
  8. Someday YOU might just NEED a fine medal deserving police officer just like him to save your miserable ass from the savages. Let’s hope that hero doesn’t know or remember you.
  9. He’s still better than a democratic liberal O and we are all racists. Get with the program
  10. Sorry to hear this. Tuff time.
  11. Scumbags gotta go. He’s gone. Next one . They kill each other every day. Keep them in the inner city and game on. 20 or more every weekend in Chicago alone. Great example of the type of people they are. Keep shooting each other , way to go.
  12. Here’s the thing about deplorables , we have too much respect for our fellow humans to burn , loot and murder like the savages you hang with. I’m done till the dance starts
  13. Yup here we come. Better go to ground with the rest of the vermin
  14. In all these cases there is a common denominator , they resist and struggle.
  15. He’s going to get off on appeal. As he should after a fair and just hearing This was total bs He murdered no one. Did his job and did it well