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  1. He's being used like a a first grade. Their throwing things in front of him and telling him sign here. I saw a video of him signing something and before he put the pen on the paper he actually said. I don't know what I'm signing.
  2. Biden has done such a great job in only 3 days he's thrown the US under the bus. Thousands of jobs lost on both sides of the Canadian border. Canada will be suing the US Thousands of jobs lost on the southern border. So much for securing the country. Reversed Trump executive order to reduce the cost of insulin Changed Trumps income tax from 22% to 39 % OI can't imagine what the next 4 years are going to be like.The only good news about this is Congresswomen Greene filed impeachment papers on him for past and present crimes.
  3. No wonder Joe Biden is so tired. He's been in the Senate for 180 years and 10 years as the Vice President.
  4. A dead commerant.You want to smell something that's disgusting..
  5. Here's an article that the local paper has run. https://wareham.theweektoday.com/article/family-selling-md’s-bait-tackle-wareham-after-33-years/39209?fbclid=IwAR1Z0yJ1l8WtHCbEwrC3KEqNB7FeEMpX5sTmpEz436iuZM92Vp7WM09jYtw
  6. It was just the antenna mast that hit the bridge. Some one forgot to lower it. Bet they won't forget next time around. From what I heard this ship will be making regular trips through the canal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_B6gTwt0fU
  7. The biggest thing I remember about Bob was constantly getting stung my bees as I worked. Bob left a lot of tree damage in it's wake. The tops of trees were spun off like they were tops. It took months to get all the down trees to the dump so they could be burned. Hopefully the storm heads out to sea. But who knows what's going to happen now that it has given birht to and off spring storm.
  8. The waters on the south side are still a little on the chilly side. But this weekend the weather is suppose to break open for us and be close to 70 during the day. Once we get the water to warm up things will start to happen. Here's a like to the weather buoy in Nantucket Sound. http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=44020
  9. My old house in Sandwich was built way before central heat came around. But when it did they had a great idea on how to run the pipes. Seeing all the interior walls were made of horse hair plaster. Instead of running the pipes inside the walls they ran them outside the walls. Never had to worry about the pipes freezing. The pipes were made of copper and in the 54 years I lived there they were still going strong.
  10. I'm sorry to hear of Stan's passing. Stan was an awesome man and would lend advise were ever it was needed. To me he was not only an old friend but also a mentor. He gave me great advise and pointers on how to cast a conventional reel and how to work a jig in the canal. One day Stan,Ron Arra and myself met at CBT. Stan had made a secret weapon that he would only allow Ron to cast out. As he wanted to get it back. We went down to Scussett Beach opposite the tanker cut. Stan pulled out his secret weapon and handed it to Ron. It was a white plug he had cut but had weighted the plug to 4 oz. He handed the plug to Ron. Ron tied it onto his line and let it fly. Ron landed the plug in the middle of the tanker cut. The only reason I remember this was it was just to dam cold out. It was in January. Ron handed me the rod and told me to retrieve it as he and Stan retreated to the truck to get warm. Stan was an awesome man and will be missed by all that knew him.
  11. I'd take it some were that has an ultrasonic cleaner too. The vibration from the cleaner will peel the rust off and loosen things up. If water found it's way in to the body of the reel. The cleaner will fallow the same route.
  12. I was drift fishing from my boat years ago off Gray Gable trying to hook up to some fluke. I hooked into a something big and heavy but was able to get it up to the boat. What was attached to my line was a very large mass of weeds. I started to pull it a part to find my lure. When I spot what appeared to be a stick. I continued to pull the mass a part to finally find a reel. I had hooked into a rod and reel. I took it home and washed it and pulled the reel a part and clean in. That was close to 20 years ago and has always been my favorite and for some unknown reason has always out performed any rod reel combination I have.
  13. A PFD is a must for every boater. You never know what your going to encounter. The self inflating vest are very comfortable and after a while you do not know it's on. A boaters safety course is a must. It will teach you what the different type of buoys mean and how to read charts and to plot a course and the rules of the road. If you plan on going out in the bay. You should be aware that with an east,west or northerly wind. The bay gets very sloppy and rough.
  14. Now that state has been down and viewed the damage. To both Sandwich and Sandy Neck. More power will be thrown into the pot and might be get things going. When this whole thing started back when. There was still some dunes left standing. Were there is none now.
  15. I live in a 55+ Development. I have 3 lady neighbors who are to fragile to be out shoveling especially this winter. So I go around and dig out their cars with my snowblower. Which is no big deal. Because I have to pull it out any way to do my own. The fringe benifets they bestow me for doing this is great. My father always told me. Take care of your neighbors and they will take care of you.
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