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  1. deleted. wrong thread
  2. deleted. wrong thread
  3. Need to start a rumor in Asia that plover hearts are an aphrodisiac.
  4. That's awful. People should be required to watch Reefer Madness and get a certificate if they are going to fish on the canal. What with all those rocks and slippery things.... my goodness!
  5. Do any fishermenpeople smoke pot while fishing at the canal?
  6. Nah... Who would fish in the rain?
  7. Ok thanks. I always have a hard time deciding on calls - especially if they had both shrimp in distress and screaming seaworm.
  8. Will these work on both Fluke and Winter Flounder or are they made for specific target species?
  9. Sea bass? There are? Never caught one around there. Skates are pretty abundant....
  10. Yep - you get those 75 deg days in the spring when the water temp is 45 and then those 40 deg days in the fall when the water temp is still mid 50's. Fish prob don't care much about our environment.
  11. Huh? I.... I don't know that. Auuuuuuuuuugh
  12. Damn. Was hoping it was an unladen swallow.
  13. craigslist
  14. I can never tell. How do you know? Do they have different accents ;-)
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by R.R. Bridge Fisher Woman's bike would work better with waders but would not work with my bike rack. How do you transport it? You do a google search for "top tube bike adapter bar" and then buy one of em.