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  1. Tied up a faux bucktail thing for pike, now i know why that stuff was on sale, met Mr. Clouser himself, and have been busy tying up smaller bluegill and carp flies. Moving on to a batch of Murdich Minnows.
  2. I ended up pulling the trigger on a pfleuger I liked the price and seems like an older battenkill that I had thanks everyone
  3. Matt_man and others thank you for the input I settled on the Airflo Streamer Max and am currently looking for a reel (started in another thread).
  4. Building out the recon 7 i got for xmas, purchased Airflo Streamer Max for this setup. Looking for a reel , dont want to spend too much as I rarely if ever put most of the fish i hook up here on drag, only exceptions have been a catfish 1x and one exceptional smb in current. 7 seems to be an in between size. I like the Lamson reels, have a few cheapos that have taken a beating, I have seen the Behemoth around but wonder if thats too big. Thanks in advace for anyone commenting.
  5. Think im going to settle on the bass/muskie line, 89 bucks is a lot but based on how much i like the 8wt int. by airflo i think its worth it, this will consolidate the 6 and 8 into one rod. Thanks for the input.
  6. Or for that matter Monic? I got a 7 wt recon for xmas from my awesome wife and need a line for this rod. Sort of tired of the PVC lines (RIO SA) have gone through most of them except shark skin stuff and at the end of it all im feeling like i want to try something else. I use airflo for an 8wt int. line and I love the line. Low stretch i know, but picks up less stuff , hasnt cracked in years of salt use, additionally the water up here in Upstate can be sort of cold and the RIO stuff doesnt cast well in colder water. Thanks!
  7. A close friend died accidentally ice climbing we were all in our 30's this was the first really shocking death I guess, I knew for a while I wanted to fly fish, so I started a month or two after figuring if I never start I never will. So glad I did.
  8. I bought two of these for PIke fishing in Ireland years ago. They worked pushed a lot of water and really in current were just swung making a nice V with a twitch here and there.
  9. Great story, and every big cow story needs a teaser first like this to bookend the glory.
  10. did they make a grunting sound? catch these all the time in MD and called em croaker as well.
  11. Are croaker available there/then?
  12. One more thing to throw in the jumbalaya, you may have heard of the belgian/belgium? cast, basically it means opening up the cast a little bit.
  13. Only shark I ever caught were near inlets on good bait, a double dropper circle hook setup. Caught one redfish, then it was shark on and on and on over and over again, right outside an inlet SC. I know youre not down that way however sharks like inlets because its a conveyor belt of trash straight to their mouths. I got mine at a site that since moved google trophy rigs, they were high low bait rigs and great.
  14. I wont, there was a time with a boat I used a spinning reel when it was difficult, but it never gave me the same feeling so now its fly only. Not a purist or snob, just enjoy it more even if it means less fish. I will say though, on a hot day on the beach, a cooler, some beer and a surf rod planted in the sand is pretty much the best thing you can do if youre not gonna FF for me.