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  1. Great story, and every big cow story needs a teaser first like this to bookend the glory.
  2. did they make a grunting sound? catch these all the time in MD and called em croaker as well.
  3. Are croaker available there/then?
  4. One more thing to throw in the jumbalaya, you may have heard of the belgian/belgium? cast, basically it means opening up the cast a little bit.
  5. Only shark I ever caught were near inlets on good bait, a double dropper circle hook setup. Caught one redfish, then it was shark on and on and on over and over again, right outside an inlet SC. I know youre not down that way however sharks like inlets because its a conveyor belt of trash straight to their mouths. I got mine at a site that since moved google trophy rigs, they were high low bait rigs and great.
  6. I wont, there was a time with a boat I used a spinning reel when it was difficult, but it never gave me the same feeling so now its fly only. Not a purist or snob, just enjoy it more even if it means less fish. I will say though, on a hot day on the beach, a cooler, some beer and a surf rod planted in the sand is pretty much the best thing you can do if youre not gonna FF for me.
  7. Ok I am not going to doubt what BD says, I know its a legit as hell source so I am just going to say this and take it fwiw. I got rid of tapered leaders when i went with a guide named Sandy Noyce a few years back, we fished FS and Int. lines in a rip for striper and he told me to cut that line off and here is why, and I guess it depends more on where you are fishing those flies but here me out. When you cast a deceiver and have a full leader on there, its going to kite up behind the sinking line. So your int. line might be in the zone but that fly may be "riding up". When I fish intermediate line or sinking I use 24-36" of stiff mono or fluoro, this allows that fly to ride down in the zone. I also fish more fast moving areas than say a flat where it might have the time to coast down, others may comment , in looking for comments on this subject I found a thread on SOL here I only use a tapered leader on floating, to turn over poppers, I rarely, probably never use a floating setup ever unless its poppers only and I need something to turn over that popper, an intermediate on surface feeding fish wont cost you fish because usually below those feeding shorts are bigger fats. Just my .02 worth, but cut that leader, esp. on an unweighted fly like a deceiver, let the int. line bring the fly down with the line as one.
  8. As weedy and super technical as the TH discussions are, and I just helped start one recently has Tim ever been asked or have other frequent posters to that method ever requested a separate forum on SOL for that?
  9. Was this setup on a floating line?
  10. click bait move on Yes catch and release harms and kills fish but not all of them, at least its not an article about how they feel pain.
  11. or when your surfing and some fisherman starts casting where you've been surfing. It goes on and on.
  12. Just wanted to also say thank you to all who have taken the time to chime in and comment. A few thoughts. I have personally watched myself blow anchors over and over because I was not using the cheater line on this setup, additionally my fly was off my left side rather than on my right while beginning my sweep. Because of this thread I am able to understand better the mechanics of how the anchor is created by the tension of the line during the sweep so thank you. In a few weeks I will be at the Farmington taking this class and will follow up with a breakdown of what I learned. Finally if anyone would like to pair up and run over to Pulaski this winter I would welcome that as I am a noob and dont know where to really begin. I have seen videos of the Salmon run there and didnt like what I saw so I stayed away from that action, however I have since learned that it thins out during the winter. This site is an awesome resource and many thanks again to you TH enthusiasts.
  13. I am not close enough to NJ (Saratoga NY) to run down, I am taking lessons on 10/27 from Spey Casting NE. However I have watched videos from Tight Lines Fly Fishing in NJ and they are top class. I wish we had a shop like this up here, sadly our only indie fly/ski barn unexpectedly closed up so now its online or Dicks/Field and Stream and its rough up here, we have a ton of water to fish in NY, VT, NH, CT and ME, and there are awesome shops except in the Albany/Saratoga area. We have one Orvis outlet, thats it and its pretty much trash (not the product but the selection).
  14. Greg thank you for this information I am now reading that chart, also wanted to say I heard from Lisa at Spey Casting NE and will signup for an outing so thank you Fro for 75.00 I think its a great investment before I drive 4 hours to a river. I looked over the line i have again, its a 550 Grain Skagit line from RIO , the main portion is long and what appears to be integrated floating head that transitions to the blue section built into the line. Pictured also is the loop to loop section that reads Rio 8/9/10 which I assume is the section you attach for dry flies or tippet/leader for shallow drifts? The heavy section is about 25' I tried to measure it as best I could but its hardly scientific, it doesnt taper until about a 1' from where it transitions into the blue running line. Thanks for all your help. I really cannot take another winter without going fly fishing again, last winter although wasnt epic in terms of snowfall here (saratoga area) it was long.