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  1. Fishing was good then we had a bizarre cold snap went out twice and worked awfully hard for the few fish posted here.
  2. Hell yes these are great
  3. Nice , water looks super clear too, blood you in Upstate or downstate?
  4. You're in FL don't you have huge LMB! Post em here that's bronze it all counts man
  5. Sure thing numbskull , I threw a tequeely which is a very heavy cone head crawfish pattern but it's really a wooly bugger, crazy dad which is also heavy and the meat whistle. At about 50f crawfish begin emerging so it stands to reason they would be one of the prevalent bait patterns to use. Remember though that crawfish are probably the hardest bait to digest so as other species are in abundance I move to minnow patterns and top water poppers, then back to crawfish in the fall as they begin the moot then. Another few comments I Target rivers and creeks I'm an awful trout guy and I know that as Stillwater heats up cycles move water up and down probably moving SMB to deeper areas as the heat comes on. Lastly there aren't many Maxim's with SMB they eat where they live so water conditions where you are are more important to feeding than printed ranges in web and print format. Our growth calendar up North is short so when guys in the South are getting SMB on the fly we still have ice on creek edges and snow squalls that shut down any hope of fish. Tactics: I usually throw WF line on 7 or 8 wt rod with 7' of 10lb-12 mono I want to get the fly down quick and tap the bottom if I can, on a lake I would Target dropoffs structure or weed lines but if you can get to creeks and rivers. Rocky bottoms boulders and slack areas just off current are good spots. Steve Culton is a trout guy up here who guides on the Farmington, he also does a fair bit of SMB and striper fishing and keeps a good blog. First two are crazy dad the last is the meat whistle and you can Google tequeely fly just Rusty estaz with rubber legs and a heavy cone head. SMB are easy if you can catch trout you can catch these sunfish on steroids.
  6. I lived in Richmond VA for 12 years and saw some of the most prolific shad and striped bass runs ever, congrats on that giant Hickory probably felt like a tarpon on the 5
  7. Love Smallmouth bass above all others for it's abundance of fight, I am lucky we have excellent small mouth habitat up here in the Capital region of NY if you love catching SMB on the fly show us what you got. Three landed yesterday on crawfish patterns.
  8. Awesome post nice work, there is a spot up here in Albany area loaded and they are impossible to hook on a fly one day they are feeding on the bottom the next on invisible surface bugs, and they are massive and spooky as hell , I tied up crazy dad's for the summer Carp sessions, what weight was your setup?
  9. Threw the crazy dad yesterday at 6 or so SMB were right at the 4-6' got on the board for 2020. 3 landed 2 lost so finally the long wait up here is waning
  10. TGS question on the clousers previous page what are those called with the white lead eyes I've seen them at Eldridge brothers shop in Maine and are very effective do they have a name? Are you going to try your hand at any of the crab pot flies? My PB striper off Maine came off one of James's CP fly.
  11. Smallmouth should kick off any day now these are crazy dad flies that I saw from a YouTube site called Marty's bench these will do fine for smb and Carp which we have plenty of, never used dubbing but I had some in a rust color so it worked out for me.
  12. Ultra luxurious clousers
  13. Been tying up some meat whistle variants for early SMB up here in upstate NY
  14. Suave second from the top, is that a perch imitation? I think that would do well in freshwater. Nice looking flies.
  15. Great looking flies everyone, I try to get one or two done a day between work and kid obligations.