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  1. I think its a type of pretty poisonous lionfish.
  2. Water has been warm up here in the Saratoga area, hopefully the water starts to cool off in a few weeks and the fishing will bump up, last two weeks for me have been slow in the usual spots.
  3. Good on you man, I dont fish the canal, will probably never get there, I travel with family so its places like Ogunquit, and I fish in the dark with nobody around.... You must have been stoked and posted these shots only to get **** on for etiquette issues, and apparently the sins of thousands of anglers before you at the Canal. Im from VA and I heard of the flippin canal its in every "where to striper fish book" just like Montauk, its akin to other overrun locales like the Salmon river (go elsewhere). So they cheered him on or others on, its not like he knew of the local issues prior to his arrival and those problems have been brewing long before. Great looking fish congrats on an epic time out. Everyone admits the striper stock is in bad shape but why, because it impacts their own sporting interests (on this board) if you're not making a living doing it, then its a hobby.its Ironic that everyone in this thread including myself has contributed to fish mortality of this species because of our participation. Yet nobody has quit fishing for striper out of some magnanimous desire to help the species for its own sake.
  4. That had to take some work.
  5. Fished a creek that holds some pretty big Large Mouth, Pike and Pickerel, this was after a heavy night of rains and things were muddy. Lost one real big girl, lots of effort for a bluegill.
  6. I love that articulated dipsy doodle, nice stuff fall should be good to you.
  7. While i dont think deliberately casting lead at a boat is something you should do, I cannot imagine rolling up to a fixed position with multiple sharp objects cast in my direction for very long. Collectively snagging the boat tackle wordlessly and in unison would quickly move any idiot off the spot. You dont want a cop waiting for you on a jetty because you dinged some idiots gel coat.
  8. I dropped one for snagging a steelhead in Upstate NY on the fly and posting it after high holing me at the spot. Literally the guy pointed and said start casting there, Im pulling my line throught the guides and he drops a fly in the hole, snags a huge hen which I then help him net take his ****** pictures moments before pulling the fly from its cheek. He even got some mention of it up there in an online forum, snagger is a snagger fishing for likes on instagram, no thank you.
  9. I used James's crab pot fly, swung on fast sinking depth charge line to get my PB in Ogunquit Maine. The tides are so big and drop so fast its just swinging the fly and bouncing, either that or swinging sand eel imitations works for me. VID_26151128_164532_110.mp4
  10. Mike my parents are from Dublin, my brother moved back about 10 years ago, he jokes the Irish flag is trash bag stuck in a fence.
  11. Summer doldrums up here on the Upper Hudson, low clear and sulking fish. Trying to see if I can upload a video here. KVID0306.mp4
  12. That is a really nice Brown
  13. Right, illegally kept fish will become be on par with trafficking humans or narcotics. SEIZE EVERYTHING lol wtf man.,
  14. Got out Sunday morning on the Hudson flows low and clear, celery grass seems to be coming back after all the high water we had this year. Landed a bunch of SMB and one dandy of a LMB.