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  1. Crab flies on inlets, outgoing tide, those little brown crabs get pulled out and bounce along the bottom, sand eels in July, sparsely dressed also swung on outgoing tides work.
  2. Pline makes a crimping tool , i got my supplies on Tackle Direct.
  3. second the Eldridge Brothers, you can also buy the crab pot there, great shop very helpful people.
  4. Its April 1st, well played. The yellow areas are productive also if you have access to boats or dronez the red x areas work.
  5. "Mike, it will take honest politicians that genuinely care about the environment and the future, who are not influenced nor motivated by money and greed. Realistically unfortunately that's a none existent combination of qualities in the real world of politics !" Starting with Omega down in Reedville VA. I cut my teeth in fly fishing on Striped Bass in the Patuxent River, and Chesapeake Bay region. Secondly it will take a joint state and federal effort to really deal with farming interests that are inland from the tributaries that impact watersheds like the Chesapeake Bay, the last time I fished in the Bay every single bass was covered in Myco lesions, I hung it up at that point. 12/12 hooked and released.... All bass were long and oddly lean shaped. It was so dis-heartening that I made the decision then to stop fueling up the boat to see a species of fish I love dying. Want to know more about Omega? Ive since left Richmond VA and fish the Hudson primarily for SMB, LMB, Pike and whatever else wants a fly these days.
  6. Mike I own a TFO 8' that I use for Int.line for Striper fishing I also own a few Recon's the difference other than the price is the weight, the TFO is definitely heavier, and is a bit stiffer. Its held up from lots of abuse but feels a bit less refined/responsive. The recon's ive owned have felt like they struggled with sink tip lines weighted for them. For sink or int. I would go TFO over the Recon , I agree with the above in that the handle is weird for lack of a better word, like it should be sanded in the middle down a bit to get a better grip on the rod. Ive also hauled in catfish with the TFO, hasnt broken yet and its been beaten.
  7. A cup of coffee w a Snook leaping out of it. "Early bird gets the snook" jk
  8. Pink crystal meth did it for me in a big way over everything else, sorry this is a late response, if you post in the FF Forum you would get a host of answers.
  9. "I'm trying to give you the best advice I can for catching early season fish but you seem to want to insist on pursuing your own path,so,give it a shot.Fish that are holed up deep are not the most enthusiastic biters." You mentioned that you use a type 3, sink line thats what i was pursuing, I assume you are using unweighted flies on a type 3 sink. I have an 8wt int. line but no sink tips, I am curious if you use an integrated system or poly leader type.
  10. I dont know you BD but ive been reading your posts for years, get well and thanks for letting me virtually pine for a Dunkin after a good morning of throwing betsy's.
  11. FT sent you a PM, SnS thanks for the reply , I am somewhat new up here and have a location that I feel pretty dialed in on, but up here the ice out and temps are so cold for so long that the water temps dont bump up into the 60's for quite some time. I was hoping to fish earlier this year and want to fish deeper, what kind of type 3 sink are you using?
  12. Great hive mind I have a question regarding sink tips etc.... Recently I rigged up a new 7wt Recon with Airflo Streamer line, on a Medalist. This year I'd like to start fishing once ice is out, and water temps are closer or above 50 which means dredging. Anyone use the Airflo T series for single hand and if so how did that work for you. In the past I have used the Airflo Trout/Salmon polyleader and am thinking of buying a couple for this early high water season and dredge a bit. Any advice is well appreciated. Please enjoy this moment of intense anger as payment, yesterday I sucked up the full paper into my Ariens snowblower, I am not a subscriber to this paper. Luckily just a shear pin is what it cost me and 25 minutes on hold with the Times Union.
  13. Get **** done around the house needing done.
  14. Tied up a faux bucktail thing for pike, now i know why that stuff was on sale, met Mr. Clouser himself, and have been busy tying up smaller bluegill and carp flies. Moving on to a batch of Murdich Minnows.
  15. I ended up pulling the trigger on a pfleuger I liked the price and seems like an older battenkill that I had thanks everyone