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  1. A few new ones for 2019
  2. Any interest in a pair of Mikes beast darters? Blurple and jersey killer. Both are new. Id be looking for $93 shipped. I'll dig them out and post a pic if you're interested.
  3. All 3 are brand new. Pulled them out of storage. I'll send you a PM.
  4. I'll offer up some other plugs on the smaller end of the spectrum. White mini wadd, parrot 2oz darter, scaled parrot cowboy Jr for $100 shipped.
  5. Will do. Just been running around a lot. I'll post something up today or tomorrow.
  6. Pic of grommets or tail wrap?
  7. Any particular colors you're after? I can try to put a small lot together this weekend.
  8. "Small". Nice bunch you have there
  9. Payment received. Thanks TimS and SOL!
  10. Sounds good. I'll shoot you a PM. Sold pending payment. Thank you
  11. I'm near Harrisburg, PA. Long way from LI.
  12. Read the BST rules
  13. Probably not. I'd want a high end plug plus a couple of the SS.
  14. Haha I probably shouldn't be, but id consider some trades for plugs that equal $160 in value. Maybe a nice GRS pike, Fixter pike, or Voorhies troller/needle in a dark color plus a couple kickers (SS darters or bottles, beachmaster maple plugs etc). What do you have that you're willing to trade?
  15. Hey Travel, appreciate the offer but $160 is the best I can do with PayPal fees and shipping included. That takes a good chunk out of what I'll get.