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  1. Nice plugs being offered here. Surprised they haven't been snatched up.
  2. Metal SP minnow Guppy jobo jr Ss darter Rigged eel
  3. Something new?
  4. Yep, if you're after big fish and have a limited window to fish... hire a guide. It can be tough fishing, even with that level of knowledge with you. Tough on your body and tough to catch.
  5. I'm pretty partial to super strikes and beachmasters. Mike's also has some nice darters as well.
  6. Are those regular spins, no red dot on the lip?
  7. Good deal. Good luck in your search
  8. Hey, I have plenty more of the new style 3oz darters. You don't happen to have any of the older 3oz 3 hook darters that you'd trade do you?
  9. I'm in, thanks!
  10. I'll take these please
  11. Here you go. $40 shipped with your other plugs if you want it.
  12. I think so. I will have to check after work. I'll send you a PM for this lot. Closed pending payment
  13. Selling as a lot only: 1 mini wadd in weakfish, 1 2oz darter in black over orange, 1 6 inch danny in purple over gold, and one torpedo in ice. All are brand new. $145 PayPal shipped.
  14. Looking for the mini wadd?
  15. Hey, would you do the Flo yellow darter for the pencil popper in this photo?