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  1. Haha I've been wearing sneakers or no shoes at all for the last 4 months. Don't care since all anyone sees on video meetings are from my waist up. Before that, I wore nice shoes at work and whatever I felt like when I wasn't working. About to get married, so i'm not really trying to impress anyone.
  2. Your question might do better over in the tackle collectors forum. They're a wealth of knowledge in there.
  3. Did some searching around the interwebs and couldn't find much in the way of feedback or reviews on it. If you have one or you've tried one, howd you use it and what were your thoughts? The model is NXJ-1212C. Its the 12' ODM jigster casting rod, rated 5-12oz. Thanks!
  4. You got it man. Will ship it out asap!
  5. I can only sell 1! Either ones fine. $33 shipped paypal or $30 on venmo
  6. Here's what I have for blast needles. Either of these interest you?
  7. I'm located in PA, so that would work for me if you'd be willing to accept a check or money order and ship it.
  8. I'm looking to buy a 6000 outright if you're willing to sell. Would rather buy from someone off here than use a big online shop
  9. I've had both a tonneau cover and a cap on my vehicle and I get way more use out cap. From hauling wet dogs back from the creek, taking a crew to the golf course, to sleeping in at beach, the caps are pretty ideal in terms of utility for outdoor activities. Better to put cross bars on for fishing rods, too.
  10. I've had 275/60/20s on my rig for 5 years and never had an issue driving on sand while aired down. I'd been meaning to get a setup with more sidewall, but never found a reason to outside of reading why I should on the web. Fwiw - I take mine down to ~18 psi before driving on the beach and try to air back up before I have to drive more than a couple miles on the road.
  11. Hey, I have a few that I will dig up and post. Any color that you don't want
  12. Not to pile it on TD, but same deal. Ordered some sinker slides months ago and haven't heard from them. No issues before this order, though.
  13. Funds received for all plugs. Will be shipping tomorrow. I'm going to close this one down. Thanks TimS and SOL!
  14. That one is 7.5". I believe that's the "Senior" size.