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  1. From Today's (10/12) outer banks voice: As expected, this morning’s high tide caused by Subtropical Storm Melissa has caused more dune breaches and deposited more water and sand on areas between the Basnight Bridge (Oregon Inlet) and Rodanthe. That section of highway remains CLOSED until further notice. As soon as conditions are safe, our crews will begin working to clear the road, but at this point there is no guarantee we’ll be able to open the road before the next high tide cycle tonight.
  2. Here's whats catching much closer... (and they ARE fishing off the shortened pier)! The Red Drum have started showing up for the season! A 44" red drum was caught and released Sunday at Jennette's pier in Nags head. They have been catching small gray trout, spot, croaker, pompano, sea mullet and sand perch in my neck of the woods.
  3. Not about fish, but more bad news from the results of Dorian... CEDAR ISLAND, N.C. -- A North Carolina wild horse manager says more than half of one herd is thought to be dead after Hurricane Dorian storm surge slammed their island home. Manager Woody Hancock told McClatchy news that 28 of the 49 horses on Cedar Island, between the Outer Banks and the mainland, are suspected dead. He says the herd is lesser-known than the Corolla herd on the northernmost parts of the Outer Banks. That herd didn't suffer any losses. He said 21 of Cedar Island's horses survived, some managing to swim to safety. But dead horses have been washing up on beaches, while others remain missing. The horses normally migrate to higher ground during storms, but Hancock says they didn't have time as a "mini tsunami" overwhelmed the island on Sept. 6.
  4. Hell, I'm too busy checking out if I still have a roof on my house in Southern Shores!!! Left for NYC before D and won't get back till Saturday... Thank YOU for the map- The detail is good enough for me to confirm that not only do I still have a roof, but it looks like (if luck holds), I'll just have some minor yard work to contend with- small branches in the driveway kinda stuff. Our beaches however, look like somebody took giant bites out of them all the way down :^( Edit:just took a look at the banks... What in tar nation! - Turned it into a line of tiny new islands...:^0
  5. Just heard (but can't confirm) that Nags Head Fishing Pier lost a good chunk as well?! Anyone have better info?' Just found out the sad truth: Outer Banks' Avalon Pier and Nags Head Pier are heavily damaged by Hurricane Dorian Author: Staff Published: 3:37 PM EDT September 6, 2019 Updated: 3:37 PM EDT September 6, 2019 Both piers are a bit shorter in the wake of the Category 1 hurricane. At least two of the fishing piers along North Carolina's Outer Banks suffered heavy damage Friday due to Hurricane Dorian. Approximately half of Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills was swept away by the wind and surf, while about 75 feet from Nags Head Pier was also knocked out, according to OBX TODAY.
  6. Just before it swirled out, Dorian pulled down a good portion of the Avalon pier in Kill Devil Hills today....so sad. photo by Ben Sproul
  7. This from The Outer Banks Voice: "The main impact across eastern North Carolina would be increased swell and associated rip current threat over the weekend. "
  8. best pointer...read the thread pinned at the top "An Introduction To Surf Fishing The Outer Banks" (thank you ByronPA!)
  9. You will catch fish (if your capable ;^) "Do I need to make the trip down south ..." - depends on what your targeting, and whats in your area while your there. For good surf fishing reports you might try looking online for OBX bait and tackle in Corolla. from today...
  10. is this what/where your talking about?
  11. ...that's it.
  12. message sent to you with that info, as we are not supposed to (I don't think) post links... Hope it's what your looking for?!
  13. The closer to, and south of the bridge will prove more productive for salt species.
  14. I recently moved to Southern shores... the sound water in Duck is barely brackish. Large mouth Bass, blue gill etc. (you will need a fresh water license). Today's fishing report from a reputable source: Surf fishing along the northern Outer Banks in Duck and Corolla has been good so far this morning. Plenty of king fish, (aka sea mullet), bluefish, some black drum, and speckled trout. Best baits have been shrimp, mullet, and blood-worms. water temps out front have risen to 62 degrees. Tight lines!
  15. Bob's Bait and Tackle in Duck is a must! (check out their website for daily local fishing reports etc.) Surf is your best bet, the sound there is mostly fresh water and small fry.