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  1. i have a lot of luck with a simple high low rig. #2 circle hooks, just enough weight to hold... shrimp and or fish bites (pink/orange) -the free sand fleas beneath your feet work well too!. or lure: 1/4 oz lead head with a rubber body. You should find mullet, blues, spot, croaker, speckled trout, a little early for pomp. Fish are usually close in here so no need to throw your shoulder out casting for the moon. Works for me, your mileage may vary! If you work the sound further north (southern shores, duck) remember-fresh water license.
  2. Jennette’s Pier will open to the public today, Monday, June 8 at 7 a.m. with some new procedures in place to help ensure the safety of staff and visitors, including: Outside ticketing with direct access to the pier. Limiting visitation and modifying hours of operation (7 a.m. to 9 p.m.). Closing interactive exhibits and in-person education programs. Installing hand sanitizer stations and increasing the frequency of cleaning high touch public areas and restrooms. Installing protective barriers at ticket sales and information desks. Spaces will be marked on the pier for fishing to maintain social distancing. Areas that remain closed include: The Pier Shop The Public Bathhouse The Surfside Classroom Oceanview Hall and the second-floor terrace Looks like trouble over at Avon...? Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Seashore) is pleased to announce the opportunity for interested parties to submit proposals to lease Avon Fishing Pier. The National Park Service seeks a lessee for Avon Fishing Pier in order to: Enable continued use of the Lease Premises for pier fishing and associated services; and Provide regular maintenance and upkeep of the Lease Premises, including both the pier and pier house. The Request for Proposals, open June 8 – August 7, 2020, is available at https://nps.gov/caha/getinvolved/leasing.htm (info found over at the obxvoice)
  3. Sorry neighbor, I CAN walk to kitty hawk pier from my home! That price tag, for that short of a pier, has made it the ONLY pier I will not go on! If they do indeed extend it as has been written about, I would STILL think that price outrageous. (although I have not looked into seasonal pass price- I'd rather fish the sand)
  4. May 23, 2020 | Seashore News Cape Point in Buxton closed on Saturday morning, May 23, to protect two American oystercatcher chicks. A protection buffer for the nest was installed on April 5, and the hatching of the eggs on May 23 resulted in an expanded protection area that includes the Bypass Road. ORV Ramp 44, the off-road vehicle ramp leading to the point, is open for .39 miles, with the rest of the shoreline closed to protect the oystercatcher chicks. Due to flooded conditions, Cape Point Campground is closed until May 28, 2020. All reservations for this time frame have been canceled and refunds will be issued. For current beach access status and updates, visit the Cape Hatteras National Seashore website at https://www.nps.gov/caha/planyourvisit/conditions.htm
  5. If I paid the outrageous $20 fee they charge to fish there, and they kicked me off for a wedding...
  6. 1000ft?! it's about time...might make it worth it!
  7. "The Fishin Hole" sports and recreation NC-12 (366.74 mi) Salvo, North Carolina 27972 (252) 987-2351
  8. how is the new entrance ramp they just put in?
  9. Jennette's .... but it's closed. UPDATE -- Jennette's Pier will remain closed for the safety of visitors and staff until further notice following a state directive to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We will announce our reopening date in advance online and through the media. For more information please visit ncaquariums.com/coronavirus
  10. Avon Pier update: https://islandfreepress.org/fishing-report/with-repairs-underway-avon-pier-hopes-to-reopen-in-mid-june/
  11. I concur wholeheartedly!
  12. Good For You- Congratulations!
  13. You guys need to go over to youtube and check out the new vid by local surfer Brett Barley " HUNDREDS of BULL RED DRUM swarm KAYAK"...!!!!!
  14. Kitty Hawk Pier: Closed (work being done to entrance ramp) Avalon Pier: closed to fishing until further notice Nags head pier: temp Closed Jennette's Pier : Closed Outer Banks Pier: ? 252.441.5740 (no one answered the phone when I called) Rodanthe Pier Place : The Hatteras Island Fishing Pier in Rodanthe plans to open Saturday 25th, despite an ongoing coronavirus quarantine that is keeping tourists away. Avon pier: ? I called but no answer and voicemail box full (but i doubt they are open) But if you want to contact the number is: (252) 995-5480