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  1. Here are some pic's.
  2. I am looking for info on knockoff Sebile Stick Shadds. I thought that the genuine Sebiles all had the red trademark "S" in the black eyes. But I just bought a Sebile Stick Shadd on Amazon. The images showed the red S in the eye, but the lure I received does not have the S - just plain black eyes. The lure came in what looks to be very authentic packaging, and the lure itself looks high quality. If this is a fake, somebody put a lot of effort into making it look real. So is this a fake, or are there some genuine Sebiles that do not have the red S in the eyes?
  3. Nice paint job by the way. But I can't wait until some Roosterfish scratches it all up!!
  4. Please ship yours to: Robert Ginther S4777 High Low Road Rock Springs, WI 53961 What is your shipping address?
  5. sure, I'll take that. But I don't have any more to trade. I am willing to send you mine if you send me yours. That OK?
  6. Bump willing to trade for something else too. what have you got? Line Stretcher? St. Judes? Kastmaster? Deadly Dicks?
  7. I have a brand new Super Strike Little Neck Popper (Floater) that I bought by accident. I am looking to trade this straight up for any of the following: Stick Shadd 2-3 oz sinker or rocker GT Ice Cream needle nose or skinny 2-3 oz SS Little Neck Popper 2 3/8 oz sinker yours can be used if in ok condition, We each just pay our own postage?
  8. sorry, I meant fishhappy's counteroffer.
  9. If GoodOneSam does not accept your counteroffer I will. $60 plus $6 shipping and plus PayPal fees. Let me know. Thanks.
  10. So, is the main difference between the inline hook and a siwash hook the position of the eye? And the decision on which style you use is really based on whether or not you are using a split ring?
  11. I bought them from fishboneknives.com about 6 mos ago. never used til now. I will try to contact Sargent to see if repair is possible.
  12. My brand new Sargent Sportsmate pliers broke. I was cutting hook shanks less than 4x and the cutter blade broke. I can't find anyplace to fix these. Anyone know where I can get the blades replaced? These are riveted together so I can't see an easy fix even if there were replacement blades available.
  13. I think if you google it you will find the general consensus is that you should not wash poultry. There is nothing to be gained (any bacteria on the surface will be killed by the heat from cooking) and the splashing and general rinse water will carry the bacteria to all the sink and surrounding surfaces.
  14. GT ice Cream Skinny is a pencil type lure, that is the brand name and model.
  15. I am looking to purchase Ice Cream Skinny 3oz or Needlenose 2oz.