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  1. Kil, please tell me about how that Korean BBQ grill at the table works. Are you doing all the cooking at the table or just reheating the meat there? That looks cool regardless!
  2. In case you don't sell these at the show, and you decide to split and ship, I will offer $350 for the 9' 3 pc. I will even ship to you a rod case and packing that you can use to ship back to me. I already have the 5 pc 12'6" rod, its awesome. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. I am looking for recommendations on a rod or blank for a specific strategy I would like to try on snappers and pargo, etc., from the rocks along shorelines in Mexico. I am looking for a rod that will cast light lures of about 1/2 oz to 1 1/2 oz but still have the backbone to pull the fish out and away from the rocks. My strategy to be tested is to toss light weight but larger lures like Sebile Magic Swimmers softs that won't sink right away but instead will float and swim with the wave wash reflecting around the rocks and hopefully be less likely to snag the rocks. Since I will be casting from shore or a boat I don't think I need surf rod casting distance. I am more looking for something with a casting sweet spot in the stated weight range, and the necessary backbone to deal with these big fish in tight spaces. Any rods/blanks out there that will meet these criteria?
  4. Can you tell me more about the 9'6" rod? I can't find it on the website
  5. If you still have The Moon Pulled Up an Acre of Bass and The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting I will take both. Please let the know the price shipped. Thanks.
  6. And, just to be clear, the chart above shows the full moon as the empty circle, and the new moon (no visible moon) as the solid black dot. And, this is the schedule for the whole northern hemisphere (I think, I could be wrong on that last part, please correct me...)
  7. Anglers Roost appears to be fly fishing only? Anyway, what I am wondering is whether custom rod builders, of any level of experience, are able to construct travel rods from single piece blanks by cutting the blank and adding/building the ferrules, or whether you can only build a travel rod from a precut multi piece blank with the ferrules already built by the factory.
  8. I know very little about building rods, but I am just curious... If you want to build a three or four piece travel rod do you have to buy pre-fabbed pieces with ferrules already done, or can you just cut a one piece blank and build the ferrules where you want them?
  9. Let us know about the Roosters!
  10. Sudsy, Thanks for the heads-up and review. I will look for this book. "The only time I am happy to see a six-inch fish, no matter how pretty it is, is when it's destined to be fed to something much larger." Now that's funny!
  11. BFD, Thank you for that post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
  12. Here are some pic's.
  13. I am looking for info on knockoff Sebile Stick Shadds. I thought that the genuine Sebiles all had the red trademark "S" in the black eyes. But I just bought a Sebile Stick Shadd on Amazon. The images showed the red S in the eye, but the lure I received does not have the S - just plain black eyes. The lure came in what looks to be very authentic packaging, and the lure itself looks high quality. If this is a fake, somebody put a lot of effort into making it look real. So is this a fake, or are there some genuine Sebiles that do not have the red S in the eyes?
  14. Nice paint job by the way. But I can't wait until some Roosterfish scratches it all up!!
  15. Please ship yours to: Robert Ginther S4777 High Low Road Rock Springs, WI 53961 What is your shipping address?