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  1. thx rkg. I looked at saltist 8000.  maybe.  I have slammer 6500hs and bg 5000.   I'm worried about roasting the gears in the bg.   y. idk about the other reply as to sealing.....  my best friend growing up lives in Panama so I go every couple years.  where he lives is very remote and a mega hassle to get to.  if you look at a map an hour or so south via boat from Santa Catalina.    good waves and fishing   that said if my buddy didn't live there id never go back.  hard traveling , bad food, etc.   I travel a lot saying this.......  ill prob bring the 5000 bg next time dual purpose panga jigging and surf casting.   I have 10 ft interliner daiwa and access to his gear.    no roosters yet for me there.   I can get one and ....... but fishing time w my buddy is all tuna popping trips bc we go w a local guy that has whatever license to sell them .....   and they need the money. the obvious answer is to bring the slammer but its my best spinning reel....and id hate to leave it there .....and sure my buddy wouldn't let me go home with it!   if you know are the gears in the new bg /saltist the same metal as the old 6500h ? if so it would make bringing the bg the choice as the old 6500h is the preferred reel there....I had one and the bail and handle broke....both common w these reels     thats really why I went slammer.   maybe bg 8000 is the answer.  all about high speed.  we upgrade hooks on 4 oz Roberts rangers     

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    2. bronson


      y.  my current setup for those trips is a 10ft Albright 4 pc and bg 5000......and I'm happy w them. I know from past thread u got the century.....I did end up selling mine.  I'm in costa a lot and the petty theft there also concerns me and the Albright bg combo id hate to lose but wouldn't cry over.  speaking of century last fall Ryan white put his latest travel setup in my hands....its a butt section w two different tip sections one a jigging the other casting so like tuna popping one day panga then casting for roosters w the other tip.  then bc I mainly trout fish here on the obx I took a few cast w the  new 7'6 demon w small jig. both rods blew me away.....it was really hard walking out empty handed .....that stop almost cost me 2 grand!  I'm also a big fan of the tsunami 8'6 travel rod.  I've brought a few of them to costa w whatever extra reel I have and always sold them. they will launch a ranger .....

    3. RKG1


      I have a St. Croix Triumph 4 pc travel rod.  I like it a lot.  I carry it along with the Century and just have different lures rigged to each.  I just built a North Fork Composites 11.5' rod rated 2-8oz to throw heavier lures appr 5oz.  The plan is to use it for slow retrieve swim baits and jigs, not surface lures.  Just trying to have a different option for when the high speed surface splashers aren't working.


      Is there a big rooster fishery in Panama?  Is it mostly from boats or is there some surf fishing opportunities also, Rooster or otherwise?


      A buddy in Panama and Ryan White - sounds like you have some good friends!!

    4. bronson


      plenty of roosters in Panama ...mainly boat but I'm sure you can get them w toes in the sand.....I don't think its like Cabo in the summer....unfortunately I can't travel in the summer  due to work .....and seems roosters mainly in deeper water in the winter months...y I'm sure on the tropic star lodge website lotsa big rooster pics. Panama seasonal too like fall to dec wahoo , then jan to may tuna ,  great bottom fishing at times too....if you haven't heard about the fishing lodge w kayaks.......they talk about in the yak forum a bit.  out of my budget but sounds awesome. Ryan whites a real nice guy    his shop hatteras jacks is sound front so you can demo rods easily. he sometimes will have staff and will give some casting tips.  one time I lucked out and demoed a 13 ft heaver and one of his buddies showed up and they rocketed a few pendulum cast.  blew me away.  

  2. Bronson, I assume you already know this, but the the retrieve rate on the older Saltist H series does not match up with the new Saltists of the same model number. On the new ones the retrieve rate is slower at the same model number. Anyway, did you consider the Saltist 8000 instead of the 6500? The 8000 weights only a 1/2 ounce more but has 53" retrieve rate over the 48" for the 6500. Canary, why do you say the BG5000 is more waterproof than the Slammer 6500HS? Did you mean the Saltist instead of the BG? I currently use all of these reels. I like them all but have settled mostly on the BG (good value to performance) and the Slammer. I prefer the BG to the Saltist at this point since the Slammer does what the Saltist does for performance and sealing, etc., and I can take apart and clean the BG. If you are fishing from a panga and not the beach, perhaps the seal is less important? You can get two BG's almost for the cost of a Slammer or Saltist. The BG is a very competent reel. Tell us more about Panama! Do you do any surf fishing there? I am currently a Mexico guy for surf fishing but always looking for a new place.
  3. Anyone have a Shimano PR bobbin they would like to sell?
  4. This seems like overthought/boredom corona thinking LOL, I started this post and looking back I think your are correct. Probably really wanted to post something, anything, that day, and no doubt influenced by a few bourbons at the time. Now I just wish this post would go away! But in all honesty, I was kind of wondering if the salt that gets soaked deep into the line on the spool can lead to corrosion of the spool if left there for an extended period of time.
  5. I like your spiral wrap on the ferrule. Do you have a link to a video or other instructions on how to do that?
  6. What is the retrieve speed?
  7. Nice. I am not familiar with that blank. What is the length of each of the 2 pieces? What did you use for a shim under the shrink wrap on butt grip section? Let us know the sweet spot for lure weights after you cast it a while. Surf fishing in Mexico?
  8. Thanks Bait. I have put this project on hold for now while I retool. Considering switching from the Slammer to a Shimano Aero Technium 14000 XTC. That long cast reel intrigues me and might be perfect for what I am trying to accomplish with this build.
  9. What model year is it? do you know the reel weight, drag strength, retrieve rate and line capacity, etc?
  10. Switched the Slammer III 4500 to save weight - its 6 oz less than the Slammer 6500, and still has 30lb drag. The 4500 holds 300 yards of 30lb, you are thinking that is not enough? I am not set in stone on the 4500 (but I do have one I would like to find a use for...)
  11. ZA, in your KW 30/25/20/12 and 8's on out, is the 12 the choke guide, or the first 8? Elsewhere someone suggested that I move the 12 to the choke position, but that does not seem right to me based on my (limited) knowledge of the choke guide.
  12. Ok I am starting this build and have some issues with the proposed guide layout using (all Fuji KW) 30, 25, 20, 12 to 8's. The problem I am having is that the 30KW guide is sitting 20.5" from the spool face, which as I understand is outside the recommended 22" to 28" range. Is that a problem to be avoided? (Note I have switched to a Penn Slammer III 4500 (55mm spool diameter)) Another issue is that with the above layout the distance between the 20KW and the 12KW is 8" and then between the 12KW and the 8KW choke guide is 5". That seems like too many guides there - or is it ok? FYI the runners are appr 5" apart to the tip. If I switch to a Fuji RV25 as the first reduction guide then I can locate it at 25" from the spool face. I don't really want to spend the money for the RV, but if it is necessary to get the guide train correct then oh well. But before I can consider this option I need clarification on ZA's post above. In his RV guide train is he saying 25RV, 16RV, 10KWM as the reduction tran? Or is he saying 25RV, 16KW, 10KWM? I assume it is the former as there is not much difference in height between the 16KW and the 10KWM. Can I substitute the KL-H 25 and the KL-H 16 for the two RV's of the same size?
  13. Wow, those photos took me back to some great memories. I played a lot of marbles when I was a kid. Until I won all of my friends' marbles...! I don't know what they are worth today, but back in 1970'ish a boulder was worth three marbles. And a steelie was worth 10 or more depending on the size. Values were negotiated on a game by game basis. Amongst 10 year olds! That was a great game. Cat-eyes, maggies, boulders, steelies, etc. Every neighborhood had their own rules. At school you had to call out the rules before the game. Were "bumps" allowed?! Shallow pot or deep?! And then you had to set the bets based on how we all valued the marbles each player was using. Kids played without adult supervision and solved all of their disputes on their own. Thanks for the memories!
  14. Interesting. I have been thinking about doing this but with a surfboard rolling bag. my rods are surf rods so I would be looking at the 8' length case. I could fit my rod tube in the middle and the other gear along the sides. Still researching this. Might be easier to just pay the extra $100 for a rod tube in addition to my checked gear bag.
  15. I hope you don't think I am trying to hi-jack the thread, but I have a few follow-up questions based on some of the responses. SBassturd - What software(?) are you using to generate that rod layout graphic in your initial post? ZA- can you please clarify what you mean by PE6 and PE8, etc? ZA- As I understand your comments above, you are suggesting that with a 13' rod casting 4-5 oz, the load on the line during the initial (hard) cast will likely break a 30lb braid, so you are suggesting using a higher strength braid leader of a length that will wrap onto the spool to absorb the high stress load at the start of the cast. Is this correct? Would this analysis apply to a 11'6" rod also casting the same weights? ZA- you made an interesting comment that I had not thought of before. The thicker braid line will not cast as far as a thinner braid, not just because of the thicker diameter-higher mass, but also because the thicker line will unload the spool faster and thereby increase resistance sooner. Thanks for that insight.