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  1. Good morning ZA. Thanks for the quick response. Yes, long long range Roosters on open beach. Casting lures in the 4-6 oz range. 20lb braid main line, braid to braid knot to 50lb braid casting leader FG or PR knot to 24" mono leader. Lures would be swim baits like Sebile Stick Shads. The Aero Technium does not have the ideal retrieve speed for surface splashers, and I have other rods for that purpose. Do you have any recommendations for lures similar to the Stick Shads? I have never done any bottom fishing but I would like to have the capability and consider this rod also the only option that I would have for that (weight wise). But primary use is the heavier lures.
  2. Hello I am building a North Fork Composites 1167-2 Heavy power Fast action rated 2-8 oz. Reel is Shimano Aero Technium 14000 (72 mm spool diameter) Your help is appreciated. Guide train is Fuji RV25 RV16 KW10m and 8's for runners. I need help locating the reduction guides. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the responses. ZA, a 4 guide reduction train and no skipping any guide sizes? That is contrary to what you usually recommend, no? I can do it no problem, I just want to make sure I understand what you meant.
  4. Hello I am building a St Croix SCIV 7'6" HF 3/4 - 3 oz rod for a boat rod in Mexico (roosters, snappers, jacks, etc). Reel is Penn Slammer III 4500. Spool diameter is 54mm. 30 - 40 lb braid. casting and jigging. I need help locating the guides. Fuji KW guides I have the full set from 30 thru 8 available. Planning on using KW8's for runners. Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Will you take $35 shipped by PayPal?
  6. Where do you find knock offs? Any particular name for them?
  7. I am looking for options in repairing a nick on a reel spool lip. Anyone have any success doing this? Reel is a Daiwa BG5000
  8. Beautiful!. I really like the Mexican blanket one. What kind and size thread are you using? Do you coat with color preserver if using regular nylon?
  9. Looking to buy Line Stretcher Surface Tension lures 2oz to 3oz any color
  10. Looking to buy 2oz to 3oz Point Jude Pojee jigs or same size Deadly Dicks.
  11. I have time. What is the sweet spot for lure weights on the CTS 2-4oz? I need to do 2 oz to 3 oz, more tothe 2oz side.
  12. Kil what is the split on the 12' Stripe Bass Special? This is the blank you recommend for Roosters and Jacks in Mexico, correct?
  13. I can't find any of the blanks for sale? When will the Advanced Fishing website be back up?
  14. I am looking for recommendations for a 12' to 12'6" surf rod (spinning) that will excel at casting 2 oz. to 3 oz. aerodynamic lures for maximum distance. Primary targets are Roosters and Jacks, etc. Caveat: no section of the blank can exceed 79" in length to fit airline travel tube length restrictions. This basically means it need to be close to a 50/50 split for two pieces. I am aware of the Century Sling Shot. What else is out there that has a 50/50 split at 12'? Yes I know I can look myself, and I have. I am not seeing much that is 50/50, and several brand sites don't specify the section length so I am just wondering if others may already have this info. Thanks in advance.
  15. reelfire, which reel are you referring to?