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  1. I am building a Century Sling Shot 1505 (12'6") MF 1-4 oz 15-40lb rating. I will be using either a Stella 14000 or Saragosa 14000, both of which have a 68mm spool diameter and appear to have the same body size and shape. I will be casting 20-30 lb braid connected to mono leader by FG or PR knot. Typically do not cast knot through the guides. I have the following guides: Fuji RV25H RV16H KW10M followed by KW8's or KW7's. My tip tops match these diameters. I don't seem to have a dedicated choke guide (not sure how I missed that when ordering). I have two questions: 1) Do I need a dedicated choke guide? If so what should it be? 2) How do I initially lay out the reduction train? I am not sure if I should be using a NGC 27 x spool diameter to the choke guide, then set the reductions guides to the line back to the reel? Or do I do some kind of KR layout? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am looking to build a St. Croix 4T76HF3 (rated for 3/4 - 3 oz., 15-30 lb) for an inshore rod used to target roosters, groupers, snappers and such in Mexico. Is my Penn Slammer III 4500 a good fit? Should I use a single foot guide train using the KR Concept? Or would I be better off using double foot guides, and if so how do I lay out the reduction train (still Kr or maybe 27x spool diameter)? And what size guides? I will use braid, probably 30lb. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am looking to buy a size large Orvis mens underwader pants. Hopefully like new.
  4. For real ? That seems odd but I was planning on making one anyway
  5. Mahigo, I assume not including the blank sticker was just a mistake. I wasn’t trying to imply anything else.
  6. I believe you! I didn’t mean to imply I didn’t. I was just saying that I didn’t get a label with my blank, the one that says Century Sling Shot and the rod specs, ie the label that I would put on the built rod to show what brand and model it is.
  7. Lol Mahigo
  8. Yes, I just have the blank not the built rod. But I did not receive the rod label that you have pictured in your photograph. I'm not sure why didn't receive it, that's kind of disappointing as you are correct, it puts me in a difficult position trying to sell that finished rod to a third party when all I can do is make a promise that it is in fact a Century rod and a graphene one at that. Century has told me that they are out of the blank labels at this time. Hopefully I can get one in the future…
  9. Also, just as a side FYI, I read on a different website that the Rod Geeks factory is currently having a severe Covid outbreak and that is preventing them from prompt responses to emails, etc. My understanding is that the folks at the Saint Croix factory are supposed to be getting all of the emails forwarded to them and they are responding, but in any event, that is the reason for the lack of responses from Rod Geeks
  10. Excellent. Thank you AFMike for the prompt response!
  11. I recently ordered and received a Century Sling Shot 1505 from GetBitOutdoors. The company rep at GetBit said that Century told them that the blank would be the new Graphene model. I received the blank without a rod blank brand/model label and now I am wondering if there is any way visually to confirm that the blank is indeed the Graphene model. The blank is basically a gloss black with no apparent pattern or any other visible markings. There is a bar code sticker on the blank that says SS1505 12' 6" SLING SHOT 1-4 oz, but no mention of Graphene. There also is a number 060362 011651 and HJ144LB OR8. Any way to confirm that this is or is not a Graphene blank? I do not want to misrepresent it if I sell it. I know I should contact Century, but I know there also are Century reps on this board who may be able to help.
  12. Grave Digger, I am the OP on the post you had tagged discussing the RodGeeks 9' 4 pc build. As Spoonplugger suggested, from everything I read (a lot) the Rod Geeks 9' and 10' 4 pc surf blanks are the same blanks as the St. Croix Triumph 9' and 10' 4 pc blanks. I ended up building the RG 9' using a NGC guide train with Fuji KW guides. I built the rod with the goal of getting a rod that would cast Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft lures for distance and with hopefully enough backbone to pull grouper and snapper out of the rocks on Mexico beaches. The casting part seems ok, not awesome or anything (yet, still working on developing a casting groove), and I have no experience with catching any fish on that rod. I also own several Triumph 10' 4 pc factory rods. They also are Mexico travel rods. These are great rods. I now use them to cast 1.5 - 2 oz metals primarily from the beach. I refer to the rod as my 30.06 as it seriously flings those lures a long way with 30lb braid. Fun rod to cast. I don't use it above 2 oz anymore as I have a Century 1505-5 for that. You could buy 4 Triumphs for the cost of the Century. But before the Century I used the Triumph for up to 3 oz, which worked acceptably but seemed to be approaching a little beyond ideal weight for the Triumph. Certainly doable though if that is what you have. I have no complaints with either rod.
  13. Does anyone know the split lengths or ratio for the Black Hole Striped Bass Special 12 34-4 oz blank? I don't see this blank listed on the Black Hole website. JignPop lists the 10' and 11' as 7:3 split, but does not reference the split on the 12'.