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  1. I am a commercial green crabber here in Maine. I catch them by the ton. You give me the name of a bait shop is out and we will get them fixed right up. Thanks!
  2. Hey gang, been awhile. After losing my brother on Balston and then COVID, I didn't come out to Truro once in the last two years. Drove down Thursday night and worked on my laptop Friday morning. By Noon I couldn't wait any longer and checked out my favorite ocean side haunts. Wouldn't you know it, the fish are still there, chasing the same plugs and are just as much fun to catch! Too bad about the weather, have to try the bayside to keep out of the wind!
  3. The state gets a quota that is pulled from the total east coast take. Then there is an additional quota set aside for years when there is an abundance of pogies in our waters. Then there is the incidental take fishery. It is called an incidental fishery because many of the species on the commercial anadromous and pelagic license are incidental catches or bycatch. Pogies are one of the few fish on that license that can sustain their own fishery.
  4. The fishery that opened on Monday is a state fishery called an "incidental" fishery, however it is not enforced as such. You can wrap a school of pogies up and take 5000 lbs per day. Nothing illegal about using nets, they are accepted gear in this fishery. I would like to see the whole take of Maine pogies moved to this small scale fishery, which favors individual, owner operated boats, and would give all those people waiting for a lobster license something to do
  5. I have totally been there. It is super frustrating. Summer fishing for me has become "chasing the skunk." Just gotta get one more skunk to get that much closer to the trip where I catch.
  6. Ay,yi,yi. Stripers arent legal bait in maine. That is a sad picture right there. Good news is the large scale pogy fishery is closing this week, only small scale will be open from here on out.
  7. No action on the backside this morning, despite lots of bird activity. Lots of weed in the water, to boot.
  8. Any fish off of the pot line? I am on the cape for the next few days and would really like to get into a few bass. I usually surf fish, but sounds like it is dead. Could put the kayak in for an early morning expedition.
  9. Monkfish get caught offshore and cut on the way in. The heads and racks are sometimes sold as lobster bait. I would bet what you are finding are from heads that have been picked clean in lobster traps and then discarded. I don't know if the seals would be able to dive down and find live monkfish.
  10. Codfish, I really enjoy your posts and consider you a friend, though i have never met you. After a few sessions over the past few days, I will agree that the fishing is much better than it has been recently. Three years ago I fished hard for 10 days before sticking one fish on a trip in July. However! In the 90's I spent time out on the cape and remember blitzes up and down the beach, a mix of stripers and blues pushing thousands and thousands of baitfish up onto the beach. Sight casting to mid-30 inch fish in the shallow water inside the bar. Fishing eels on summer nights and having a legitimate chance at sticking a MONSTER bass. The fishery looks good today, but it is nowhere near as good as it was then. I would welcome changing the minimum size back to 36", or instituting a slot again. We would see a lot more fish and a larger average size
  11. I will second JBH's observation on size. I have been fishing the outer cape for the past couple of days and the average size is much bigger than I was expecting after the last 5 years. They will be in Maine soon and they are not dinks anymore. Lots of 21-28" fish!
  12. Slower bite this morning. A 25" and a 23" right off, then nothing until I left at 8. Gave it hell though!
  13. Wheew! Nearly got blown off the beach! Rolled up to the beach around 6 AM with my son in tow, "Just to check" from the car. Guy in front of us lands a 30" bass right off. OK, grab my rod and tackle bag, drag my son down the beach, park him above the waves, make a cast, fish on! What a great start to my season.
  14. I can only speak for a small area in northern Casco bay, but I am marking stripers and seeing random surface action all around me when i am working out there. Nothing focused like it will be in a couple of weeks, but still plenty of activity for it being this early. I say give it a try!
  15. Of course, will do! Judging by the rocks in your photo this AM, we fish different areas, I fish Truro and Ptown.