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  1. My beautiful friend?!
  2. I have so many cool birds where I live.. early spring (before the skukes show up) on a Sunday morning with no cars it sounds like a sleep app out there.. what I want to know is, what bird says "Gerber geebit"?
  3. 3 of those mean something to me, and there is no way someone could figure out which 3. Guesses would be welcome of course lol
  4. When you haven't really fished much in 10 years and get the bug again and go through tangled buckets of plugs...
  5. Guy I work with caught one this week on a needlefish. CCB side of the cape.
  6. Funny timing. I was just talking to a couple that frequents our local watering hole where my wife is a bartender. They travel quite a bit to compete in pinball tournaments. I had no idea it had become so popular again. The guy was telling me about a bunch of different rooms/collections in the area, and I'd bet anything they have been to this place. I will ask next time I see them.
  7. I want to hate it, because mustache girl.. Good luck.. Can't believe it's Freddy.
  8. I want to hate it, because mustache girl.. Good luck.. Can't believe it's Freddy.
  9. NETFLIX Really well done, the worst part was the cop hating reporter, but he was on an island... Close your eyes and tell me who the lead FBI guy sounds like.. I know someone will get it..
  10. I like Malbec to, but the wife doesn’t like smoky anything. That's why we buy his and hers bottles.
  11. I had to look it up but that sounds like a white I might like. The only white that I've had that I kinda like is Reisling. Château St. Michelle is a good American one.
  12. We drink to much wine to afford special occasion wine.. even when we go out for a $300+ dinner the cheapest wines per glass on the menu are often more than we pay for a bottle of better.. We drink reds almost exclusively, her almost always Pinot, I like cab and merlot also. $10 is a tough one for me, we've been in the 12-18 range for a while. We usually go with "Heather's picks", one of the wine people at our store of choice. It's usually a solid pick, and usually on sale with my LEES card. If I can find bread and butter for 11.99 I will buy it, still buy it a couple times of year at 13.99. Another one for 11.99 that I don't mind is Bogle.
  13. I agree, there is a glut of average weed.. it is very cheap but not something I want to smoke. I find plenty of fragrent delicious buds at my dispensary though, and as long as I go on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Friday I never pay more than 35 for an eighth. If that's expensive I don't know what to say. The stuff I got the other day is probably in my top three of all time smoke-feel and taste wise..Emergen C. Literally tastes like a Creamsicle, the only thing I've tasted similar is Ice cream man. In my new vape toy (PAX +) it's even more delicious. Got the pax with my points.
  14. I'd like to see the address label.
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