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  1. I am an old coot to as far as weed goes, I like to smoke good flower. Someone will chime in soon with a more detailed answer, but afaik shatter and wax are concentrates produced by a few different methods. I think you need different paraphanalia to smoke it, involvolving either a fancy glass glass rig or as simple as a crack pipe looking thing, but a hot "nail" or something to heat it up. One or maybe both? of them are also commonly called dabs. Kief is roughly the stuff you would collect in one of those grinders with a screen and a bottom chamber that you let build up for a few weeks and sprinkle it on top of your packed bowl, or in a joint. Dispensary keif is probabably collected differrently and more efficiently. It's basically the heads of the resin glands (trichomes?), the frosty looking stuff you see on good budshots. As far as sugar, IDK. Personally, the bud available nowadays, whether you buy it or grow it, is still good enough to get me by, and I consider my tolerance to be pretty high. I've never done dabs, but since I got my med card I have tried tincture, capsules, chocalate and gummies. The only one I remotely liked were 1:1 5MG gummies. I would take them again. If I didn't have any bud. Sugar I'm not sure about. Maybe processed but I think u use it like kief?
  2. Sorry, missed this. Not great jobs, but jobs nonetheless.. the OP's SIL could elaborate further. (Not the one that runs the HD.)
  3. And now Mick and the boys are singing, and it's getting personal and sad because of an approaching anniversary. Stay safe SOL, see you on the other side..
  4. anyone watch Oneworld? Probably not, (TTT....) watching it now.. Pretty good.. Elton was a let down though, especially on the heals of watching Rocketman..
  5. Gout, gout, pretty little gout, jump on in and splash about... but seriously, following.. I haven't felt anything in my left big for years, is this gout??
  6. We are hiring, because a lot of us older at risk folks are staying home, but if we don't get a bailout we are (supposedly) shutting down by June. except that won't happen because it can't.
  7. Crazy that the Covid finally pushed me to get my card. Online form, a phone call, and printed out my temp lisc. from my phone. Shopped the menu from a local dispensary, ordered online, and picked it up. One person let in at one time, and one budtender. It's the safest shopping experience I've had in the last two weeks.
  8. Right?? UV is irrelevant as far as I remember other than a late cycle experiment. I don't understand his LED/UV connection. You can grow great weed with white led's, and for really cheap buying your own cob's and components from alibaba or whatever.. maybe I missed something, hafta go back a couple pages..
  9. I was just checking if ^^^ he was saying LED's couldn't grow weed.. I'm sure he mispoke.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm just wakin up to the fuzzy warmness of drunk thread starts.Have to go thru the last page, but I think I remember liking some of are efforts. I asked her when the mic was coming and she said sometime this week..
  11. yep yep yep all yep
  12. Def will check her out. Thx.
  13. That's great.. what is that, a forieign version of the voice or american idol? The first part is up my daughters alley, but she's an alto.
  14. Not a bad one, she could do that right..
  15. Holy **** , yeah I wish she would sing some *** like that lol.. not sure though..