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  1. Glad I started the thread. Couple nice late fly-rod fish today, maybe Tin Boat has a comment or pics on one of them?
  2. Thanks! You had me ?? for a second.. Haven't changed my avitar in a while.
  3. Thanks TB. I was extremely lucky to have a good crew to introduce me to the island and The Derby. The astronaut training reference was a clipped article about fishing the Derby and was required reading for new people in the house I was in.. I was shown all around the island, fished darters for the first time and caught fish in the crowd at the rip, went down some long dirt roads to dark North shore spots, peered half asleep from various docks in the middle of the night into the dark water looking for bait, tagging along with a guy with a castnet who hadn't slept in two days.. I could go on and on. Haven't been able to get there for a few years due to a back injury but I'm feeling pretty good about next year. I need more of those stories..
  4. and yes, iv'e had astronaut training... how else would you fish on the moon??!?
  5. I agree. Glad they at least raised the bass minimum to 34", but I wish they would put them in albie status; no dailies, 3 per man per derby. (I think that's right?) FWIW, 3500+ fisherman have weighed in 110 bass in two weeks, and that probably isn't going to go up to much. Now discuss The Cape Cod Canal, AKA The Ditch.
  6. Two weeks left, no thread this year.. not many fish weighed this week.. I remember this wind pretty much ending my Derby, but who knows.. Leaders are feeling good now, but 14 days is a long time. Every year it's the same talk bass wise ... do they go around and hang around late enough for a hail mary, or do they scoot through and hang west??(seems the latter this year)... All about the bait, or decimation of certain populations or??? For a few years now I've heard people say they wished they stayed on the mainland and fished BB and RI... guess it depends on what you value in fishing... Fishing on the moon is pretty cool, even if you're catching cookie cutters.. I'm not talking tides, I'm talking about being able to park and walk and cast AND SCOUT all day long for miles and bump into a handful of people at the most(midweek at least), occasionally sans clothes, which can be good or bad... weird rockpiles, blair-witch tyoe driftwood crap (which usually have free washed up plugs hanging on them btw...) You can bump into young ladies in love at oh dark whatever, get trapped around a bluff until the tide goes out, get a migraine looking at tide charts, weather and wind forcasts, rumors, etc. I have no idea how the grand slammers do it... Maybe when I retire and/or win the lottery and I can do the whole thing lol
  7. ^^^ Yep... like adding more ferries to the islands.
  8. Bday gift from my stepdaughter. We brought Portagee style potroast to her place and had a day.
  9. Thanks a lot, really, and I might do that. You obviously have experience in the matter. My strongest match to date was there when I first got my results. I pretty much know one set of grandparents, but my match doesn't know much about the side I'm related to because of divorce, etc.
  10. fwiw.. From what I've seen in the tavern, other than a little Irish I should be good, no??
  11. Thanks Mick
  12. Thanks, I'll check it out. I think there is enough now that I can figure it out. It's just a matter of psyching myself up to go down the rabbit hole again.. The attitude towards these tests doesn't suprise me, I can see how people not in my shoes would feel that way, I would probably lean the same.. Like the OP, I wasn't interested at all in where on the map I came from (no suprises there anyway), I just want to know my story.
  13. I was adopted, and I got real lucky, but I've been curious for awhile. With my parents blessing I tried to look a little when the internet and online registries came around. NY is still pretty hard to get any records. My wife got me the ancestry kit. I've found very close cousins, but no half siblings which would obviously make things much easier. I looked hard before my subscription expired but got a little burned out. You can still monitor your matches, and when I get a few more (or a half sib) I'll sign back up..
  14. Only on my first car, a used 78 sunbird.. I liked it.. never accidently flashed someone trying to put on my turn signal.. winter slop and spring mud meant you had to step a little harder iirc..
  15. pffft... if I keep it to that my wife doesn't yell at me...