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  1. Lighter lures, particularly bulky ones, will slow down much faster after release; big spool is up and spinning feeding more line than is being pulled by the lure = backlash. Try more breaking with the lighter plugs/lures; start at max and work down from there until you find the ideal setting
  2. And in pdf format so you can zoom in and not loose clarity.... ST8000FI.pdf
  3. I assume you have removed the rotor and the side plate? Without removing the main gear, rotate the pinion gear #11827 between your thumb and forefinger Does the worm gear #10471 rotate? If so, the chances are good that #6206, the oscilattion pawl is worn or broken. Shimano may not have the part available as your 8000FI (not 800FI) is about 3 generations old, but parts for a newer reel MAY fit
  4. Come on. Try Shimano maybe? Use the schematic and ask them is they still have the parts you require.
  5. Don't glue the seat on when you experiment, make up some tape arbors for a tight fit and go cast it
  6. 27x is a starting point. It is not gospel. You can and should experiment with choking closer. Try a KW30 stripper at 700mm from the spool face with a KT8 at around 1460mm from the spool face. You should end up with a 7 guide + tip top layout Are you sure you like such a long butt to reel seat set up on such a short rod? My calculations from the data you gave put the reel stem at somewhere around 570-580mm from the butt - this is why you are ending up with so little space for the running guides
  7. Try. Its a super surf reel.
  8. I'm not a shark angler either, at least not on purpose. That fish (it weighed over 550lb) was taken on a Penn Squall 50VSW. Re the Penn Torque spinners - I have only seen a handful here. Penn cocked that one up here, by not promoting them. They would be perfect as our lot wade and reel under water.
  9. Perhaps I am OTT, slightly coned I understand, but that is bunched at the top with a distinct dent at the bottom, not just cone shaped. Could just be slightly overfull. However, I am sway swaying post away from original intent. If it works, leave it alone. Apologies The SaltX looks promising.
  10. Ok. i know Daiwa’s ABS spools are supposed to look like this and we all adjust for flat...
  11. Its a bit top heavy. A shim or three will flatten it out.
  12. Braid. Braid. Braid. Set up varies depending on target species and conditions 30-80lb braid main line FG'd or PR'd to 20-25' of 50-150lb braid casting leader. FG'd to short section of mono and then trace/rig Clip down rigs rule, typically baits clipped to the sinker via the hook or with what we call a dingle dangle Reels: anything from a 10000 to a 25000 size Shimano Saragossa, Twin Power or for the elite a Stella. 5500-8000 Daiwa BG, or Saltiga or 6000-8500 Penn Spinfisher or Slammer For Drum I cannot think the really big reels are required, other in that long casts empty reels substantially
  13. This one?
  14. Hey Brian, Spinners on heavers have pretty much taken over down here. Big heavers mind you, with beeeg sinkers and beeeg baits. Mates of mine test rods to breaking point. I'll look for the video of one of them throwing an 8oz sinker + 250ml (8oz) Coke bottle, with a fixed spool, on a 15' rod. As mad as balloons. B