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  1. Chances are good it is sealed. I've had a look at the schematics. Same design perimeter body seal It looks like Shimmia have used the same metal/rubber seals on the handle screw in points as they have used on the Stella SWC, but they could be plain flat rubber ones Sealing to rotor and AR looks to be the same except for an additioal O ring and spacer - might make it better, might not The IP rating it has been given is as a result of the seals and O rings that have been installed on the line roller.
  2. Good. Told you.
  3. Hmmm. You went for KW's over SV's or MN's.. 7 guides instead of the original 4. How does it perform?
  4. Depends, if you tie a solid ring or split ring and two barrel swivels to the end of your 80lb and then a length of light mono to the sinker and then clip the sinker to the ring, it works very well and is not dangerous. Ignore the reference to steel in the attached photos; this is for a SA style sliding rig for sharks
  5. So a KL25H followed by a KL20? You can; reduction of coils will just be slower than the 25H followed by a 12H
  6. Taken a beating as in you've bent them?
  7. Gen 3 blurb doesnt state made in USA, so.....? Gen 3 references Dyneema (if its the real stuff it should be from DSM in Holland), not Spectra (from Honeywell in the USA) like the Gen 2 lines. Gen 2 not actually on the site anymore
  8. Where is it being manufactured now? Website doiesn't say, unless I am not looking in the right place?
  9. Emblem for 8oz + bait? They are rated max 4oz. Even if you are are refering to the spod versions 8oz is way too much. Good donor rod if you want toi build a cheap long range plugging stick though
  10. What's wrong with his 2 set ups?
  11. I think Albacized is right - that fish at the bottom looks like a Silver Trevally to me.
  12. Sudsy (apologies for off topic q) I recall you being a fan of a specific Spiderwire for your conventional reels.... (for its ease of un-picking) is it this one?
  13. If you have look at the Rocket Reels website, there is a tuning guide; the suggestions for the SL20 and 30 will work for a Saltist. You could get the (thinner) yellow oil too and see whcih you prefer or go mad and buy all 3 oils (the tournament oil is water-thin and very fast)
  14. It can happen with super expensive guides too, a hard knock against a rock or wall or a drop on a hrd floor can cause damage to a guide such that it breaks when you use it and then you blame the knot....
  15. It will be just fine. Wondering why you woukd be concerned it would not work? Fazlite is a step up from Aluminium Oxide and is effectivly a replacement for their Hardloy ceramic