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  1. Don't drop to a #20 unless you are throwing 20lb or less.
  2. No thumb is as clever as a well set up braking system, be it centrifugal or magnetic. (others will disagree) Try Swimbaiter's method I do think your Live Target Mullet is not helping; try the bucktial. Learn in a field if you can With a sinker. Then move on
  3. Most 10lb braids sold in the US, say Superslick 8, Sufix 832 or J Braid, as examples are PE2 braids, they all break at 20-24lb or so with actual dia's of around 0.24mm, despite what the packaging states. Most 15lb braids equate to PE2.5
  4. No. But PE1 line can be a bit of a bear to manage
  5. Ivan, Century are good, Zziplex, Italcanna, Diamond, CTS and Veret too. Even Okuma here in SA have a superb big surf rod series the Makaira. But don't think they are available anywhere else, the US market has a Makaira surf rod, but from the images and descriptions, they are not even vaguely the same thing. If you are close to Sydney, take DanC up on his offer of some help. I might be mistaken, but I am pretty sure Jeremy Schrader (look him and Dan up on YT) has helped him a fair bit with technique, he could not make anything worse.... Jeremy owns more rods than a well stocked tackle shop and Dan's level of addiction, from what Jeremy has said to me is impressive. Help is a good thing
  6. No. I've built a few and whilst some on the forum have thrown this, I wouldn't. The 10' or 11' East Coast Special light would work though.
  7. Ivan, Assassin, a South African brand has set up shop in Aus, search Assassin tackle Australia. The Horizon series are very good
  8. Want assistance? Pretty sure you could get it to work nicely with both reels without too much sweat. 1st: if you have gone to the angler's resource site, you would have seen a tut on measuring up a reel. Only three measurements are actually needed: 1. Spool dia 2. Height of axle tip, measure from a flat surface, easiest method is to use a blob or two of blue tac or similar, to hold the reel in place, wind so that shaft is fully extended and post measurements for the two reels (I have the details for the VS150, not the VR50) 3. Distance from reel stem to the fully extended shaft. Don't bother with measuring the stuff you need to calculate the shaft angle, not required. Is your VS the standard one or have you possibly changed out to the foot from the bailed model? (it makes the reel a little taller off the rod blank) What braid? Specifically brand and (stated) BS are you using? (of course this can change, just gives a line in the sand from which to measure)
  9. Not true. Stradic FK 5000 is rated for 300m of PE2 line. PP Super Slick 10lb is a PE2 line. I've never had an issue using PE 2 line on these reels.
  10. Jbutts, Here's a thought, something I do and the results are positive if you are wanting distance with smaller spinning reels and light braid. As you have noticed, lures that tend to tumble sometimes give better results with heavier line, think of a kite's tail that keeps the kite balanced i.e tail down. That heavier line that keeps the lure tracking straight and tumbling less. But it empties the spool faster so you loose distance. Next move is to use a casting leader of heavier braid that keeps the lure tracking true, but use a thinner main line that empties the spool more slowly. I use 10-15lb braid on my Sustain 5k or even super thin 8lb Nanofil. BUT, I use a casting leader of around 15'-18' of much heavier 20-30lb braid to a short section of mono to the lure Lures track straight. Distance goes up And I get the benefit of a heavier braid around the rocks. When the casting leader gets worn, its a dead easy FG knot, to join the main line to the casting leader.
  11. I do love them already, I own 2 A 530 Will Power version with a Zzeta spool and a 630 Extreme, albeit with a mono-mag, not the carriage/shuttle style magnet arrangement that is standard fitment. Both with hybrid ceramics and fancy-pants Tungsten Disulphide coated spindles.
  12. Which is what exactly?
  13. C'mon DonB, I want a wide-spool 630 Chief Extreme Hmm? Please? Kidding, never going to happen, but I can dream.
  14. Yes. There are two versions of the 656 & 666 in the Shuttle series New one is called the STR Kuro - aluminium side plates and full stainless gears vs chromed brass side plates and brass gears for the SCMW. Pick your poison