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  1. And then you get smarty-pants folks like me that spool up with 8-10lb.... That long stroke spool concept has my ears pricked up. I wonder how much longer than say say the FK? 22mm stroke for the 5k? I'm holding thumbs
  2. Average US spec #15lb braid is about 0.27mm (ignoring stated specs) doesn't sound like a big difference, but small differences add up
  3. Hmmm. I would say a bit more for the 5k size - if it holds 175m of 0.35mm mono it should hold closer to 270yd of #15lb 832 (actual dia is 0.285mm) Perhaps they have reconfigured capacities completely but we will have to see. But that Dutch accented English soundtrack on the shimano-eu website brought back memories. Leuke video dat! Prima!
  4. That's them yes. Normally more than just one required.
  5. New gears = re-shim the main gear for side to side play. Did you replace as a pair i.e pinion and main in each reel?
  6. I tell them grass carp or sand sharks
  7. Not hard. Part # 14499 is the trip lever. 11166 & 7428 (spacers) will be removed too, as will parts 5701(spring guide) 6477 (spring) & 4718 (spring guide) Put them in a zip lock bag just in case you want to go back.
  8. The ring is angled/sloped forward, but its pretty close - just checked
  9. If I am understanding your description of the "other" spool it will not fit, your spool has bearings inside the spool, ie an ultracast design. The "other" spool sounds like it is one that uses bearings in the end-caps with a solid shaft/axle that runs through the spool like in the attached photo
  10. And right, there Cheech and I are singing from the same hymn sheet. My spool tension pretty much goes untouched UNLESS there is noticeable side to side vibration when casting really hard. Then I tighten tension by a tiny FRACTION of a turn (spool can still move from side to side) Test on grass, not when you fish, it is frustrating to faff and fiddle on the beach.
  11. Good lord, that's a good cliff notes summary
  12. I do, but Cheech above disagrees, try both and see which works better for you.
  13. I was leaning towards adjusting the mag or centrifugal breaking system before adjusting spool tension.
  14. Ryan, What reel are you referring to specifically? ZA
  15. I was thunking backwards, it's early.. The man has a point, 3.6 tube with 6 ring....