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  1. Thanks for the comments Rye. Now help educate a South African - what's a Half Pounder? Z
  2. Clever
  3. I'll log in to FB and have look. Thanks Billy.
  4. Wish I could get there to learn.
  5. I calculated 27" from butt to reel - pretty long, But its your rod and suits you, or did I make a mistake? Past experience says a 10' rod with the RV25 at 20.25" is too close for a VSX150 filled with 30lb SS, I would have it closer to 25" 16" is a big gap between the RV25 and the KL12H Before you comit to epoxy you could try just pushing the stripper forward by 4" or so You are fully choked at the KL7L, 98 and a bit % by the 8M
  6. You would have to play around, but I suspect 7 would be nice
  7. Perhaps slow the drop in size from KW30 to KL25 to KL16 to KT10's
  8. Bother.
  9. More guides, say 7 + tip? Lighter tip; better use of blank - it looks like a carbon butt with a glass tip which I reckon would benefit Maybe DF to SF with small-ish running guides along the lines of KW30 KL20 KL12 to KT8's My assumption (which if I am wrong blows my idea) is that your mate would be using braid?
  10. What a pity.
  11. You going to put guides where old ones were or something more up-to-date?
  12. Not cheap.
  13. RR, use the dropbox link Aquaholic mentions in his quoted post. Suggest you download it directly so yiou can easily filter the data in Excel
  14. Only in my mind in that I have thought about it on a long rod. I will be building a 13' 1-4oz soon on a blnak I havn't experimented on as yet, so perhaps I'll give it a bash
  15. The last acid wrap I did was an 11' 1-4 for myself for a Tranx 400, but I used it with both the Tranx as well as a CT framed chrome Rocket. I set it up with KW20/12/8/8 the last KW8 was set at 180 degrees ie under the rod and then KT7's. Your choice of KW16 will be just fine - I seldom have them on hand as I struggle to find a use for them