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  1. Black Hole Striped Bass Special 10' 2-8oz. It's a 40/60 split, but if you just have to have a 1 piece, glue it with decent epoxy
  2. You in the US? B
  3. These fly blanks are also a bit special ie not on the website. Super excited. Incidentally, three piece heavers are the norm here in SA; two piece uncommon.
  4. CTS can make 3 piece blanks. I have asked and received costs for a S7 14'6" 5-8oz and a S8 14' 5-8oz (you would call both a 7-12oz) Not ordered yet as I spent money on a handful of CTS fly blanks 1st. B @HL
  5. X8 is Protected from long term immersion beyond 1m up to a specified pressure? As an aside: Not one reel is rated against dust intrusion hence the "X". You can have an outdoor light (for example) rated at say IP57 which would mean limited dust prototection but capable of submersion to 1m....
  6. I like to help. One of my latest personal builds (I experiment on my own rods) is an 11'10" 1-3oz for a Sustain 5000 filled with 10lb-15lb braid. Rod is taped up with RV16 KW12 KW8 and then KT7's. I can flick 1.5oz metals to 110yds. Bit of effort and distances go up..... For thicker lines I put a 5000 sized Omoto (think Ambassadeur round conventional) on the same rod.
  7. RV20 KW12M KW8 / KT8 Id run KT6's, probably a good idea to have the 1st 2 or 3 after the KW8 as KB's and then KT's. 7 runners for a total of 10 guides + your tip top
  8. Aside from the layout with which you are sure to spend an inordinate amount of time farting around (I would too) how did the grips, esp the very forward "full wells flare", turn out? B
  9. As a thought - you are looking for size 10's - this says to me that they are on the tip section of your rod, adjacent towards the tip top? You could use KW's, easy to get and they will work just fine; you may even want to replace the 1 or 2 #10's that are not damaged with KW's so the look is uniform. I still build with Low Riders; but only use 1 or 2 in size 20 and then 16, then I change to KW's for double foot or KT for single foot applications
  10. Lucky bugger. I'm envious. And looking at the Breakway USA site, the prices, whilst not cheap are certainly very competitive when compared to Century and Zziplex.
  11. You are doing damn well.
  12. Stradic FL / Sustain FJ / Twinpower FD. All have long stroke spools from the Stella design. Light and lovely to use. They cast beautifully. Use light braid and a braid casting leader and you should be able to easily get 2oz lures to 100m+ with your 11' 3/4-3oz. I use the older Sustain FI (non long stroke design) on a 11' 3/4-3oz and have it filled with PE1.5 or PE2
  13. Italcanna is another brand to consider. Their Vector A4 is a tournamnent (only?) rod that holds 2 world records in 150g and 125g classes (280m+ for both) but from what I have heard, their Vector C3 and Vector LA are exceptional casting and fishing rods. Breakaway tackle in the USA are the importers
  14. I am a Century fan. Have a look at both the UK and USA offerings. Inasmuch Century USA are more lure focused, their new Drum Gun and Surf Machine Max look very interesting UK - Tip Tornado Graphex.
  15. Erm. Initially more confused as the Airflo Cold SW Intermediates have 40' heads Then I thought to go look at the Sonar chart. I figured out you were refering to 8 weight lines vs 9 weight or even 10 weight (that was my actual question, sorry) Airflo Cold SW Int #8 is 40' / 307gr Sci Anglers Sonar #8 is 49' / 330gr Did you prefer the Sci Anglers Sonar over the Airflo Cold SW intermediate?