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  1. My bad in assuming it was for popping. Do you really need such heavy line for that application?
  2. The 9'6 Suzuki is built on a very, very nice blank. I have built quite a few after bringing in a sample blank of both the Suzuki's. Whilst it can throw way outside its range (on the upper end) it really excels at 1-2.5oz. Silly light too.
  3. What defines distance? What are you throwing and how far do you want / expect to cast? 5000 sized Shimano like a Stradic filled with 8-15lb braid will cast very far, but is this sufficient for your needs? Penn's new Conflict II LC in a 4000 looks promising, but have to try one to be sure. Have you perhaps considered a longer (light action, but not a noodle) rod? TFO's GIS 11' 1/2-2oz seems very similar to what we use down here for throwing metals in the 1-2oz range and plugs like GT ice creams in the 1-2oz range with 5000 sized (Shimano sizing) reels and 8-20lb braid
  4. You should also look at the Omoto Chief 7000CTM... same bits inside as the Akios. I would estimate around $165+ delivery in the US.
  5. It is. Probably be useful back home too... Especially if you get clever and buy yourself some needle fish to take back
  6. I realize you have purchased line and what's done is done, but consider a hollow braid for this application. Something line Jerry Brown Hollow or Seaguar Threadlock. My clients who fish in exotic locations for big Geets swear by this set up, and I take them seriously When you get reefed, and you will targeting Geets, and then need to top up, you can do a blind splice with minimal loss of strength and just fill up the reel.
  7. That's the thing see They lie about the dia A line that has an actual BS of 50lb should be around 0.32mm, roughly If its a 50lb line that breaks at 80lb plus, which seems likely in thsi scenrio, it will be thicker ie 0.45mm+ / PE7 or PE8 and would explain why you are only getting roughly 260m of line on it. I am assuming you are targeting GT's on poppers and stick baits up there? Any big geet that pulls that much line is lost. You don't need km's of line, just enough of the strong stuff to stop them before they reef you
  8. They should, but they won't Lines are even labeled differently for different markets. US market wants 30lb braid that breaks higher than stated say around 50lb European and my local market wants 30lb to break at 30lb, 50lb at 50lb Not sure how it works in Brunei, but a safer bet is to buy using PE numbers (if indeed it is marked) Attached is a fairly safe PE# to lb conversion table. There are lines that fall outside this, specifically high end Japanese lines that use much more expensive Ultra Dyneema, Ultra 2 PE Fibre.
  9. Bit close for such a big reel (spool dia I mean) I would start with the #25 at 30-32" and work from there. I'll have a look at 1st KT, but my gut says around 32-34" from the #25 Above would be starting points.... What braid are you using?
  10. A less expensive option: For 1x Double foot to single foot try KW30 to KL20 to KL12 to KT8 For 2x double foot to singles try KW30 KW25 to KL16 to KT10 to KT8 Both setups work well as lighter alternatives to the "standard" KW30 25 20 12 reduction train. KL25H are plenty strong though, not broken one yet I like 25H to 12H to 8M/7M to 7L to KT7's on rods to 11' throwing up to 4oz I don't baby my rods, but given that I build a few rods, there are always extra guides for those oops moments, which does help in that I can quickly fix my own stuff. What reel and braid are you going to be using?
  11. Mine are Kingfisher brand (a local distributor and retailer) they are called sinker clips Mustad also make them.
  12. I until recently owned a T1200. All carbon, parallel butt. Smooth to cast. I would agree, good Bronzie rod, would pull the teeth out actually. I am now limited to a Carbon Metal Express for my field casting until I find the cash for a Tip Tornado Sport Graphex or Veret or similar. Carbon Metal is a great fishing rod incidentally
  13. Fathom 15 is a nice reel, but in my opinion is that it needs a mag set up - a-la Squall. (we don't get the small Squalls here) Brass side plates are pretty heavy on the 7000 Ambassadeur so no surprise it is heavier than a 6500 C3
  14. Hmmm. Century with their T1200 Eliminator make specific reference to a slower release of power being a selling point...
  15. In sand they don't work well, would rather use a wire grapnel for strong current or no wires if there is minimal current / I want to walk the presentation down tide. But over broken rock and reef they work well, the heavy mono spikes stop the sinker wedging itself into crevices