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  1. MA has reciprocal with CT
  2. The people can enter and exit by the back door and the driver can keep the front door closed
  3. I've been cutting the paper bags in small rectangles to use as a barrier when opening doors and other hard surfaces as a precaution from picking up the virus. I have a stack in my car.
  4. After every use of your razor soak a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and wipe the blades down then dry the blades with the dry end of the q-tip and your blades will remain sharp for a extremely very long time. Thank me later.
  5. Did you tie a DOUBLE palomar knot or the SINGLE palomar knot because if your using the single palomar knot then that is the reason your losing plugs because the knot is slipping which is more pronounced with lower pound braids. Another benefit would be the doubling of the knot would give more strength to preventing a breakoff at the knot if it was not a slip.
  6. Never was fan eventhough I saw them on July 11, 1976 at the Cape Cod colleseum.
  7. Go to the fence and scream with a deep sound voice the words "SHUT UP"
  8. The best lawns that I've seen have Zoysia grass. This is a creeping grass that chocks out weeds. I don't understand why there are not many with this grass it is a beautiful green in color in the summer and yellow when goes into winter season and has the feel of a firm mattress. People place plugs into the ground spaced a few feet apart then over time the grass joins together choking out crab grass Once you have this lawn you can extract plugs with want looks like a poko stick that you stick into the ground to get a plug of grass to transfer to other lawns. I think stores don't sell these because you will never I mean never have to buy grass seeds.
  9. Bring a C-Note in the event you have to post bail
  10. The high tide is 11:30am and the gathering is scheduled for 10:00am to 1:00pm not the best time for those that don't want to get their feet wet.
  11. I believe the high frequency ping will be in the atmosphere and not underwater because the energy of the high frequency get dissapated quickly in the water. This could affect the hearing of mammals like dogs that are on land if the sound travels more then a 1/2 mile as proposed.
  12. Copper Fit Pro Back Support with the double closure belt, this is the newer model with a main velcro strap and two over lapping adjustable straps that are adjustable, best to wear under the waders. Seekonk Walmart carries them
  13. If you have gmail it is possible the contacts on your phone were sync and saved on the Google server, easy to retrieve, just search the internet on how to retrieve my contacts on google, good luck. I searched my contacts for dumbass and found you.
  14. There is no passenger door
  15. I have a Zeebaas Surfedge, new in the box with paperwork that I may consider selling for $500