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  1. Open up the device to get access to internal ac wires in the panels starting from the ac socket to the switches to the ac/dc power supply and see if there are any bare wires close to one another or if there any internal burnt marks.
  2. Unfortunately your state did not want "medicaid expansion" otherwise it would have covered adults under 65 years of age with no children.
  3. Don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide
  4. Just be aware that when waking up from a reclined position in the driver's seat you may think your still driving and you slam on the brakes.
  5. HP Instant Ink Printers have plans that provide Free ink cartridges that are supplied when ink is low at no shipping cost. There are several plans to choice such as 10 pages for $1/mo, 50 pages for $4/mo, 100 page for $6/mo and if you go over those amounts its and additional $1 for 10 pages.
  6. Place the plug in boiling water long enough until your able to pull the wire from the plastic. Don't over cook it, so keep checking until the wire pulls thru otherwise it could swell up.
  7. 88.....if that number is taken then pick one for me. Payment sent
  8. The PanOptix lens are also available in a "toric" option to correct astigmatism that is if the cornea is irregular shape.
  9. If I could make a recommendation it would be a trifocal lenses by Panoptic. The monofocal lense allow you to see far but not close, reading glasses will be needed especially if her arms are short whereas the Panoptic trifocal overs the near, mid and far range. The insurance covers the monofocal at no cost but not the trifocal which cost about $3,500 per eye. I have the Panoptix and happy with the choice.
  10. The natural lense in the eye gets a film causing cateracts, the natural lense gets removed and replaced with a man made lense.
  11. She having the monofocal or trifocal lense implant ?
  12. I'm in Happy New Year
  13. In my case the saltwater permit that is attached to the email can not be opened by any application because the file name does not have the extension " .pdf " The work around is to download the attached file which is the permit then rename the file to include the pdf extension
  14. There should be an incentive such that when a fish and wild life officer apprehends an offender, for example a poacher, that is convicted then that officer will receive a bonus in their pay for each conviction.
  15. Compare the clicker on both spools because it is very difficult to distinguish a broker clicker. My stradic gave me the silent drag treatment and if it was not for finding a small thin broken piece metal I would not have determined the clicker was broken for that is how difficult it was to see the clicker was broken.