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  1. I look at FF's as sacrificial. The surprise of what you describe is just not surprising to me anymore. I actually have a backup unit. Love to hear what their tech support says and if you speak to someone within the states.
  2. No time to make once he actually got the stock last year. This is the narrow one. He was supposedly making a wider one. They should be on his website unless he never went through with them. Muskie was the plan for its use. Really though if your using on kayak all the time IMO its too heavy. That aluminum billet like you see in my pic is about 6 lbs. If I remember correctly about $80 + the laser engraving put it around $110. Call him though.
  3. Ketch made a over 40” for me. It’s strong but HEAVY.
  4. The sound is almost barren compared to a few years ago. Some 36" fish around but few. The schools of sub legal are much more sparse. Same goes for the blues in the normal areas they usually congregate. Used to be millions of buffalo across the US too.
  5. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20090196849 0017] [It was found in testing for shelf life of the lures that successive freeze/thaw cycles create lures that continue to get harder and stiffer. This hardness-stiffness eventually draws the molecules so tight that syneresis of liquids occurs and the fish lure becomes unacceptable; that is, increased hydrogen bonding initiates severe syneresis (weeping), which changes the physical properties of the lures unacceptably.]
  6. They don't want you to learn the secret after a winter freeze/thaw cycle. It becomes more durable.
  7. How big a hammer do I need Bill? Maybe Matt and the sleuths will get the hint.
  8. Oh and here is your fix. $305 Its considered one part. The Hobie 180 Spline.
  9. No race. The spline is the race. The plastic bearing could have a hardness of 10 while the spline has maybe a 7. All I know is it looks like this within a season of staying away from sand. Both used one season. One lubed and one dry. Although the dry did wear slightly less. Once it wears a little more they collapse like the guy that had it happen two seasons in a row here on the forum.
  10. Roger don't know if fresh will make a difference. Bearings are harder then the spline. Makes the spline sacrificial. The back gets the abuse first but works its way to the others. Most peeps don't break down and do preventive maintenance to see how worn they get. I'm not the only one that shelved it for the GT. Oh and the GT is quiet. That 180 has more clicks and squeaks as it wears through the spline you just won't get with the GT.
  11. Number 3 just got hung up as a spare. Its a shame, $300 a season to use it. If they would just fix the bearing problem. Can't wait for the fall for Jeff's breakdown and inspection.
  12. I'd take a compass over the outback and nothing other then a GT for a drive with the original solid aluminum cranks.
  13. The Narrows, Tangier's, Mastic, whatever you prefer. It was around last year for a while same time. Just one.
  14. Still? 2nd year. Its like a lone wolf of the point.
  15. Working your way back to a boat again I see. Remember needs to be registered in our state also.