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    Tagging for American Littoral Society and taking samples for NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation.
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    Kayak Fishing. Bow Hunting. Land & Water Metal Detecting.

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  1. You learn real fast Bill to lock the screen. I forgot once. Had a bunker splash some slime on the the screen. It went haywire. Wiped it off with dry paper towels, however it was so foggy that night I couldn't get it to reset. Lesson learned. Barleypro visor a must for touch screen for wet conditions like rain if you plan to use screen while on the water.
  2. Very simple Dominic. Once, you could go just about anywhere on Long Island and catch them by the bucket, and that's what everyone did. Now there's none. As said above, shouldn't be a season at all.
  3. Anything other then a Zebco 202 just wouldn’t be right for their first. $20 with a rod. That and a can of WD40.
  4. That's absolutely a fabulous idea Brad!!! The Mrs. birthday is soon
  5. Glancing blows sounds like a tease. I don't like her already.
  6. Still not completely idiot proof cause I'm not getting it.
  7. 15-20lb, 7’, graphite, is what should fit your needs. Medium or Fast depending on your preference. Brand is your choice but those specs should be right on.
  8. There's chat on doing something, not with Jerry but still chat though. I'll be at Floyd Bennett for a couple days for an unofficial gathering. Beginning of May. Haven't nailed down dates yet. Sort of like the KFS South Jersey Friends Gathering I think it may be called now or not in October.
  9. I promise you. Its over in any way you may have been familiar with.
  10. Ignore the guy behind the mask. He hasn't a clue.
  11. For the paddlers. Imagine that.
  12. Think of it this way Gell. I see maybe one a week paddle out here and then there hoofing it to the beach with whatever it is they use on there head to the water. So you are right in them not using a scupper cart or any cart of all. Your beloved JS video star doesn't have any and the squeek that started this thread never used more then one when I would see him with charters. They cost money. Imo reality is when everywhere I go from Delaware to Maine all you see is one Brand. Its the only one that can have a problem. There's a hundred guys in my club. Only three I can think of off hand use a paddle as a go-to, and two use a Rotory drive. Less then six use a cradle, the rest use scupper carts. I have yet to here of a crack in the scuppers since it was reinforced a few years ago. That's a lot of guys bouncing down curbs and up, over rocks, and dunes. I don't see a problem.