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    Tagging for American Littoral Society and taking samples for NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation.
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    Kayak Fishing. Bow Hunting. Land & Water Metal Detecting.

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  1. Amazing how much you remember from when you don’t follow rules. Alibis nailed down like the Rikers crowd. Good luck burning all the new bridges
  2. I see no stories. You got caught, be happy they gave you anything. Your hulls were almost white from being in the sun with no storage. Tell them some facts. Like how you quit the club cause you couldn't bend rules with a fluke picture taken at Bernie's. The waterworks you must have cried that day. Or how about "He guys I'm selling lures online here's how to go and give them a five rating without ever seeing them". How about the " Kastking is Solid" remarks. How are they making out for you today? Funny though as that whole thing went down with the hull. Many of us knew what you guys did and stood back to watch the self destruction. "Enjoy Your Prize!"
  3. You realize we’ll all talk behind your back now.
  4. I don’t believe in the Dog Days of Summer. This is the best time for me to catch bigger fish. Stock is down but what’s around still have similar patterns. Get on and learn theirs. Don’t go by yours. I think nothing of snagging a few (bunker), cramming them in a tube and dragging them a couple miles to where the predators will be. If you want to sit on a pod and wait, then those Dog Days will probably stay a reality.
  5. Cheech I spent an entire season only chasing bunker from top to thirty foot depths. You mentioned scatter, they do when skittish. If a seagull fly's by they freak out. Try a 10/0 unweighted, weighs close to an once and for whatever reason they don't see it coming and don't scatter when it touches down.
  6. Did not and will not watch his video. Knowing him long before YouTube. Pure Fiction. You want to know about used Hobie’s or repairing cracks. Ask the guys here.
  7. You'll learn more watching Family Guy. That YouTube channel you watch is pure fiction.
  8. Cheapest I've seen from an actual dealer.
  9. Gasoline would feel good to that itchy pain.
  10. Have you been hanging around with Al?
  11. Don't believe he has the experience that you have with the catching part. He's still floating.
  12. Not me buddy. I’m regressing to less maintenance.
  13. I’m a little more ghetto Bill. Wish I was neat like that. Hefty trash bag is more my norm.