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  1. That may be called the “Headache” or “Deep Pockets” part in the future. Forgetting it is not recommended if you have to lift bow to load. If you look in front of it in the pic above. The black piece is your rudder in the retracted position. Notice it still protrudes below hull profile. The “Headache” keeps the rudder from becoming a pivot point with the ground.
  2. does that float at all? If not add some noodle to the axle. Install before you come out of the water. Practice, no tilt. Then come out running
  3. You are correct and I believe that’s where they had me. The Lowrance was manufactured 2 years previous. They even knew the date it went from there dealer to what they called a “Lot” buyer to resell it, he’s not authorized but they know who he is (Fishy). Either way I just wanted it fixed (depth shading wasn’t working) they couldn’t, but offered an upgrade for half off with trade-in. It was Outdated already. HB let me know after I mailed it in. (Richard can you email a copy of the receipt). Never did get a receipt from that eBay sale. Not that it would have helped. I paid for that mistake. So those ended my electronics eBay purchases. Now I buy refurbished through manufacturer for less then new prices with new warranty from my date of purchase.
  4. Positive, check the service contract. I’m surprised being you don’t sugar coat anything. Both companies basically gave me the finger and pointed to the service contract when I didn’t have 1) no receipt but did register. 2) bought them from un-authorized party from eBay basically means second hand. Same crap both brands
  5. Hopefully part of those hoops you jumped through was making sure the-shot-stop is an authorized dealer for HB or you have zero warranty. HB and Lowrance's warranty are not transferrable. Even if you register you FF and need service, they'll require original receipt to make sure it was sold though one of there dealers.
  6. Good call with 500# in the bed, there is no more travel on Toyota springs.
  7. "Wow!" I can feel that burn and whipping on the Island.
  8. Torqeedo (electric). It has a plate to mount to that spot.
  9. It’s free And crowded, get there early.
  10. I'm using these pics as inspiration to make a bone striper chasing a bone bunker tattoo
  11. I second Capt Kayak. If you come to Ward Melville saturday. KFA will have a couple set up. Good time for you to ask questions.
  12. Love to see a pic of what's worn after you swap out drums and such. What was the problem that it was giving you? Making noise, or just a rough feel?
  13. Care to show a reference other then a forum speculation?
  14. Whether sun cooked or not. Still urine saturated meat, tastes good right?
  15. Thought they stopped selling them a few years ago. Never seen anyone with one. Guest on a cloudless and windless day they would be alright. Did it say Protecht on it?