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    Tagging for American Littoral Society and taking samples for NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation.
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    Kayak Fishing. Bow Hunting. Land & Water Metal Detecting.

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  1. Yes. One a rifle. He brought his two kids with him. A divorce. One a shotgun. Divorce. One a pistol. At kitchen table with wife and one of his kids present. Again divorce.
  2. Three times. Still feel cheated, at fault, and wish I could have done something that would have changed the outcome in either of them. Wish I could tell you it gets easier, I'd be lying. Its not the same as losing someone to natural or accidental causes.
  3. Welcome to the club and thanks.
  4. Sorry your right the law changed from three to twelve in the 80's.
  5. Bologna Al. They moved there to get away from taxes and it was the only place Social Security would keep a roof over their heads. However their kids followed and dragged the state into the crapper. I grew up in Fla. As a kid I had to deal with riots in Miami and morons floating in from Cuba. I got out at first chance. Now you couldn't pay me to move back and learn the language. If you truly want to learn fishing fla, call a tackle shop not the tavern. Nobody born and raised from the area is going to be on here and reach out to lend you a hand. However a transplant may steer you down all sorts of roads. Good luck Al.
  6. Yep. Water getting in under those conditions I don't see as a problem. Its not a whitewater kayak. The first video, 3-4 miles is international waters (imo you don't belong in a kayak) 8 miles is just stupid. Natural Selection is inevitable.
  7. “Floridiots” and all there old people waiting to die.
  8. Look at a real review from a local to you.
  9. No, 1984. Was bought in Germany by a real a state tycoon, brought here and never driven. I acquired it and couldn't even work the German Blaupunkt radio. Was a challenge driving through Brooklyn on the Belt Pkwy. The wide tires were unforgiving. Harvey Wallbanger only way to describe those rides. Had a beetle in high school. The interior of the 911 had the same look inside besides being leather. That's why I called it the Super Bug.
  10. Haha they probably thought you were Ross trolling. Wait nope me too. Nor have I posted there. Guess Ross shut them down.
  11. Twin to my Super Bug I called it.