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  1. And now you made me look. I thought the IRS was going after all the guys buying in CT and not declaring the purchases at home.
  2. The cranks or pedal posts I'm not caring about with the new. My model was first out 180 so it does'nt have the bow legged cranks. I use a stainless set made by Jeff Z above. The reverse I use a lot. Every time i hook up they're railroading towards a mooring. So backing up has become an involuntary response. As far as the plastic pull lines. I don't even notice them and toss fish on them as you described. I don't cram them under those bungees either. Just don't even notice anymore. So you don't have the added bonus of the line moving and screwing the bearings up before its secure. That's why your happy about cleaning it. The line that spins the fins runs through that mess close enough to knock one set of bearings out before there covered. That's why I needed a third hand to keep fins from spinning and moving the line. I'm sure there's a trick to it but I haven't found it yet.
  3. Ehhh you might want to look good at it. There's a few sets of plastic bearings. Probably could get a needle in but a fitting don't think so. It really isn't a big job. Just don't mix sizes and be patient. A bigger hammer isn't the answer. I think it took me 45 min the first time after watching some boring kid in Australia break one down.
  4. Haven't had to use a dowel yet. Been lucky to keep straight and tight but need an extra hand with reverse string knocking pins around. Need a freaking vise in kitchen table
  5. You have a point. However I don't believe it possible to put the drive back together by hand with the bearings not held in place. The Blue Corrosion Block (dielectric grease) is sticky enough to get the job done. So maybe the actual lube job is really to get the dirty lube out.
  6. When you step up to the 180 (or not) a third set of hands is just about required to keep everything in place due to the reverse string. Not much more difficult but annoying.
  7. Check battery connections for giggles and gags and any splices for you know what.
  8. I have a harder time seeing the dune from a distance then blue. I'd rather have camo if I could. On the water everyone has Target Fixation it seems and aim at you like a buoy with these flamboyant colors.
  9. I thought they looked bad. By me there were whitecaps Sunday.
  10. Still double it was before this governor.
  11. I just had a thought. I wonder it being able to control the rudder on both sides was backup to a cable snapping. It would impossible to paddle if rudder was stuck in a turn.
  12. Rednecks might call them that. I'm from Fla, Bonito had teeth. And a dolphin is a fish not this Mahi Hawaiian it sounds better to sell in a restaurant crap. Your right though transplants in fla have a different language.
  13. Your lucky to still be here. This is a Retrieval Magnet for magnet fishing. They work around $30.
  14. You'll have to learn to reach for fish, no leg straddling, and jumping into seat is how I describe the move. Those are the problems I had when I used the outback. While not really a problem, it was a change to style I was comfortable with. I know you like your cart. However the scupper cart can now go almost center for weight distribution. Either way you may have to adjust yours a bit if the keel is similar to the old outback. While I never actually hit boulders with the drive. I like the deflection it has with hull. Same for the retractable transducer mount. Good luck.