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  1. Stradic FK’s on sale at some of the major retailers right now. Think the big C and the big BP. Looks like they are clearing stock for the new model.
  2. On the topic of Youtube/sol celebrities and kayaks... EliasV just got comped an Old Town Pdl..... Let the comments begin....
  3. Penn’s are rugged reels but not nearly as smooth as Shimano or Diawa. What were your previous reel brands?
  4. Strong outflow between two incoming currents.
  5. These masks can be a real problem if you chew tobacco! Sometimes you forget you have them on! I’m a big hat guy.....
  6. Not the first time I'm late to the party... Sorry I missed the first post. I don't spend that much time here.......
  7. Read Alan Hawk,the first gen had the Saragossa gears. Later changed to inferior gear. My HG was purchased when first released.JDM. Your not wrong on the split handle.
  8. I have a first year JDM HG (with ,supposedly the Saragossa gears) and a US PG standard model. Both are bomb proof and would highly recommend them. I actually like the US PG model best.
  9. I agree with all the posters on this,pretty accurate info. When the JDM Spheros with the HG came out I bought one. First year production. Quality gears. As others have said,the early models had better gears. At least according to AH. Can’t comment on that. Mine did. I actually prefer the PG 4.6 gear ratio to the 5.6/5.7 what ever it is. In any case these are really good reals,highly recommend them.
  10. I was referring to the last gen Baitrunner oc,d series. Not as rugged as previous gens, Some issues with springs are documented.
  11. I have a lot of time on both these reels, here goes. Rugged reliability,Penn. Drag ,Penn. Smoothness of retrieve,Shimano.
  12. Did you smoke a cigarette afterwards?
  13. I also have had issues with my Shimano Baitrunners. I own 3,first was an OC 8k that was flawless. Bought a 8k D that went back to the factory twice because it just locked up and wouldn’t retrieve. They sent me a new one the first time but when it locked up again they fixed it. Spring issues. Had to hand retrieve 80 yds of line. So,the sucker I am said buy the OC for another,my third. Bought it a couple months ago. On sale,what can I say... Starting to have issues with it too. While retrieving with 70% drag the spool is skipping backwards. These reels are pretty much identical for internals except for drag washers and handles. Some cosmetic stuff. Not happy. I previously used Penn 6500LL for about 3 years with 0 issues other than grindy gears. I am not the first to have these issues,search the forum.