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  1. Casting is like a golf swing. Some guys are fluid and they got it and others don’t. Another thing,seems like all the really long cast guys are pretty stout!...... Last time I looked,Denny is pretty stout,combine that with a fluid motion and you have distance.
  2. That is ridicules, do you think that Dr will study your blood work after your Appointment? Hell no,maybe a nurse will look at it but he is on to the next patient. You can request a new Dr if you have no confidence in him. Their are a few really good ones. Good luck man....
  3. I have been a VA patient for at least 20 years. I have had some good Doctors and some ****** ones. For awhile I had a nurse practitioner that was worthless. My current Dr is excellent! I can’t believe they took blood at your Drs appointment! I do believe you though. I do a blood workup a week BEFORE my checkup so my Dr has it in front of him. I am what they call a complex patient and I spend an hour with my Dr twice a year. There are some really good people at the VA but they are the exception in my experience. You get what you pay for I guess..... Many aspects of the VA have improved enormously over my 20 years. The main problem is that it is just a HUGE bureaucracy that can’t cut dead weight. Good luck with that...
  4. Rack’em makes several different styles. I have 3 sets of this style. I love them.
  5. FL forum is mostly an East coast thing,this is a Big Bend,Panhandle storm. Best wishes to Port St Joe,Panama city,Apalachicola.
  6. What model St Croix compares?
  7. My problem with Daiwa rods,and others,is I can’t find them locally. TD and other big retailers are the only ones that stock them. So,if I am going to buy a one piece,mail order rod,that I can’t afford to return,I need WAY more information. Weight being number one A 7.5’rod that weighs 5.5 oz vs 4.5 oz,or a 7’ @ 3.8 vs 4.5 is information I need. Once that one piece rod shows up you can not afford to return it unless you have a local store you can walk in to.
  8. So, is this like Youtube? If we get a bunch of likes do we get money$$$???
  9. Thanks for that post. I salute Gen. Shachnow. RIP
  10. Please,tell us about it.
  11. Gorilla Cart at Homeys Depot....
  12. Bump for a great thread that is still relevant....
  13. There used to be something called “fair chase”. Now,drones are used in the Gulf of Mexico to spot Manta Rays and Cobia. I would bet anything that drones are used to spot trophy moose and Dall Rams. Where does it end???
  14. Thanks! I like it! I just got a couple spools of Seaguar Kanzen,30&40,for dirt cheap! I think it's probably discontinued but if you want some samples pm me.