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  1. You guys are to kinky for me
  2. Been there,not going back Thanks for the invite though..
  3. Thanks man,never expected to get this reaction to a 2 cent post….
  4. Well, I have listed links on the reel repair site to a very good reel guy. Have listed to Shimano parts discount shipping. Have answered questions about Shimano shims….. just sayin, I do try and help….
  5. Sorry Tim, did not expect this to turn into a piss contest. Never expected this reaction to a 2 cent comment. .
  6. Oopsie doodle,don’t make light hearted post when NewEngland is in the middle of a Nor Easter… Everyone is pissed and on line…
  7. Just sayin I miss those guys,they were the best.
  8. I joined this site in 2014. Guys like highplainsdrifter,awesomejohn,and many more made this site a must subscribe. Scooby came along and kept it interesting. Now he’s pretty much gone. Hate to say it boys but it ain't that interesting anymore.
  9. I have 2 Spheros 2014 reels.5k&6k Both are no knockers,lol. On the other hand,I am on my second Penn Clash,first replaced by Penn,that drives me nuts with the knocking. I don’t know if its a dimensional thing with the oscillation block but I’m ready to take my dremmel tool to it. Parts are cheap and I might learn something,lol.
  10. I'm done with Paypal! Not going to pay sale's tax on JDM. And,if I sell over $600 in one sale or multiple sales it's IRS time.
  11. This guy is the best I have found for specific reel DIY. He's not slick but he will walk you through it. The only guy that will tackle Shimano Baitrunners. And,don't forget,a Stradic is a CI4 etc,etc. Figure it out
  12. Practice make perfect,the more you do this the better you get..
  13. Schematics are your friend,lol. I know the part you are referring to. Be patient and the force will be with you….
  14. I did gunsmithing in Alaska for nearly 20 years . Back in the late ‘80’s,the VA extended my GI bill,and,just for fun,I went to a gunsmith school in Denver during my winter months when I wasn’t guiding. Long story short,at the school,when a spring flew out,we would yell out,”assume the gunsmiths position “. Everyone on their knees,looking for a tiny part,lol. Same with reels… You get good at it after awhile.