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  1. Maybe I missed it but the gear ratio is a huge difference in these reels. The Spheros pg is 4.6:1 where the Penn 4500/5500 are 6.2:1/5.6/1. To me the lower gear ratio translates to much less effort to retrieve and a much smoother retrieve. IE,power gears. Scoob is the man but I disagree the Spheros is harder to service. Very simple reel. yes,the side plate on a Penn is easily removed but overal they are both locomotive reels and pretty similar.
  2. “Cooking and Fishing” If you click on the video scoob posted than click the Youtube link it will take you to Youtube and his channel. He also did an hour interview on Eliasv youtube blog,interesting.
  3. Guys,a drag system on a spinning reel is the simplest of all braking systems. It is nothing more than a stack of washers,be it felt or carbon fiber. These washers are under compression from the drag knob. If it is herky jerky it needs lube. Learn how to service your reel.
  4. Ya,watched that this morning over brunch. I subscribed to his channel a while back,learned a lot about proper Japanese style of fish handling.Especialy wrapping filets in paper towels. Makes a big difference. That micro ,suishi style ,charcoal grill is really interesting.
  5. And it was a great review! Got me interested in buying one. I am going to recommend them to my brother that fishes lake Superior for Lakers and trout . Downriggers and planing boards. His guests are less than skilled so he prefers level wind reels. An affordable option to rig 6-8 rods.He doesn't like to mix reels,wants them all the same. Thanks.
  6. These are interesting,time for scoob to add his 2 cents.
  7. My Emblem Pro Carp finally arrived today. First impressions are positive. Light,around 12oz for a 12’ rod. lots of power,nice tip,huge guides 50 mm stripper etc. Not to crazy about that but if I add a long cast reel should not be an issue. you guys that said 2-6 are,I think,right on. I will probably add some cork tape to protect the blank. Cant wait to fish it! Feels like I can hit 125-130 yds with 3-4 ozs,will find out. cheeres...
  8. Don't know,but from what I have seen over the last few years,"updates/changes" are not necessarily an improvement from Shimano. And,I am a Shimano fan.
  9. I watched this when Scoob originally posted it but now it's winter,I am bored and went thru it again. This apply's to any locomotive spinner and I think it is the most comprehensive tutorial you will find any where. Good job Scoob,would like to see more...
  10. Smokin’ deal! lots of good peddle yaks out there now,buyers market.
  11. Hey man,in my experience if you send back to the factory they usually just send a new reel. Penn,Shimano,etc. I would go that route. Best...
  12. I agree, my tiny local B&T had a 25% off his already good prices at Christmas. My brother was visiting and we went in and dropped a few hundred each.
  13. And speaking of deals,the worlds greatest outfitter that just merged with Bass Pro has the Penn SSV 3500 for $68 bucks. Less than a BG or Battle II.
  14. chitala,keep us posted on this. I have 3 Smokes from the original black to the second or 3rd gen blue and they have been super easy to maintain. Not the Speed Freaks but the low gear ratio reels. I wade with them and they get wet,have really held up well for me. I use the 2500/3000 size. No issues.
  15. No links to commercial sites allowed,unless it's Amazon. I think is the official policy.