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  1. I also have had issues with my Shimano Baitrunners. I own 3,first was an OC 8k that was flawless. Bought a 8k D that went back to the factory twice because it just locked up and wouldn’t retrieve. They sent me a new one the first time but when it locked up again they fixed it. Spring issues. Had to hand retrieve 80 yds of line. So,the sucker I am said buy the OC for another,my third. Bought it a couple months ago. On sale,what can I say... Starting to have issues with it too. While retrieving with 70% drag the spool is skipping backwards. These reels are pretty much identical for internals except for drag washers and handles. Some cosmetic stuff. Not happy. I previously used Penn 6500LL for about 3 years with 0 issues other than grindy gears. I am not the first to have these issues,search the forum.
  2. Great capture! As someone who has spent most of my 70+ years in the north country this is a familar sound. From the ice breakup on Alaska rivers,that can be heard for miles,to the expanding lake ice at -50 cracking and moaning,I love it. This is the kind of video that the weather channel likes to link to. Don’t know if that translates to $$$, but, good job, you were there and captured it.
  3. Camo sinkers? Here in the panhandle the latest craze is painting sinkers orange or chartreuse to attract the fighter squadrons of Pompano as they cruise by. Water color would be a factor in this. Thanks for the interesting thread.
  4. Spool spoken for. Admin,please close thread.
  5. $150 delivered and we have a deel. Personel check fine,will ship on receipt of same.
  6. Offer,shipped? Shipping is the problem these days.
  7. Kinda crazy how Penn positined this reel at $200 when it first came out and apparently after the sale of Pure Fishing they are dumping this reel. I don’t care if I sell it,it is a decent reel that was seriously over priced . The reason i have a nib is because Penn replaced my reel. Some folks have had good luck with these but not me. last chance........
  8. Edited after giant basshole edited his post.
  9. $155 delivered by priority mail. Reel is New,extra spool is used 9/10.
  10. Chi,sorry to drift from the subject,but a while back you had issues with the Quantum Smoke low gear ratio. In my experience it compares to the Stradic Ci4 for half the price. How did you resolve your issues?
  11. I can’t give you specifics,but since your morning and evenings are free, I would take a m 7-7.5 foot spinner with a top water and prospect. Spook Jr,She Dog,etc. Sea walls,jetties,grass flats with sand pockets and causeways hold Reds and specks. Look for birds,bait,the usual. Their are some good fish there this time of year.
  12. The original gooseneck was one piece. Bored and slotted for the thwart. Then tightened down by 2 screws that stressed the gooseneck as the slot tightened. This 3rd gen. Is two pieces. 4 screws hold a cap and spacers similar to a crankshaft cap eliminating the stress from gen 1. In theory anyway.