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  1. Good post. Stradic only uses 1 flat washer. Easy to true up. The other 2,not so easy.
  2. This guy is really good for diy reel maintenance. Best I have found
  3. Conservitive I would say 15 + miles. The more you peddle the longer it lasts.
  4. No expert but 4” fat tires a must. Lectric is a good entry level at 8-9 hundred. Rad power is worth looking at Rambo is a step up with hub motors. Beyond that the specs and prices are crazy.
  5. Hi handi. I bought a couple sets of Carbontex for my FJ’s from u about 4-5 years ago. They are still working but don’t seem as smooth as my Shimano carbon washers? 6k and up my carbontex are great,for me,smaller reels I prefer felt. Maybe just need a good cleaning and truing up on a flat stone. Anyway,I bought a set of Shimano carbon to see if there was a visual differnce. I can’t see one. Also,the Shimano had 2 part numbers but when I miked them they were all slightly different but hardly enough to warrant a different part number imho. I ordered a set from Shimano for the 5k FK. when I put them in my 3k they were to thick so thats how I got started on this journey
  6. I started a new thread on this,don’t want to hijack this thread..
  7. I brought this up on another thread and decided to try it. I like the smoothness of felt,but the bottom washer on my Stradics disintegrates. I took a factory Shimano carbon washer and thinned it down a bit on a stone. Greased it up and put it into a 3K FK. No fish yet but It is really smooth just cranking on it,lol. Time will tell.
  8. I’m an old gunsmith in a previous life,haha. I have many hard (Washita) stones and DMT diamond sharpeners. Thats where i would start to knock of the proud edges. Then emery cloth.. Its not the end of the world
  9. Anyone ever use carbontex with felt? I like the smoothness of felt but the bottom washer disintegrates. Thinking of replacing bottom washer with carb and felt on top? Crazy or not.
  10. Fu** use guys!
  11. Daiwa Ballistic 6k maybe?
  12. “rubber nose piece is hanging off.” Costa will warranty frames that are separating. At least they did a year ago for me and my fishing bud. They actually sent both of us new glasses. Worth a try,go to their site and fill out warranty form,send them in (shipping on you). I was surprised they replaced my glasses,ymmv....
  13. They call it “ghost “. It can be hard to locate. Suffix 832 i am referring to.
  14. Suffix 832,hands down my favorite. Been running it for years with 0 failures.
  15. My favorite, I agree with poster above that birds can see it better than other colors.