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  1. “Who is Elias? Why would anyone care what he thinks? “ Well,he has 65000 followers on YouTube that care what he thinks. Reason,he posts 2-3 times a week and catches huge fish in his outback. He is one with his yak and so comfortable in it that I think that is why he is so popular. If you follow him it is pretty obvious he is not comfortable in any yak but the OB. Old town gave him a 120 pdl that didn’t work for his comfort level,he may wish that he would have adapted to it now after 2 ob’s cracking on him. This latest yak was pretty new and he said he was trying not to stress it, still cracked....... Hobie,it’s on you....
  2. Tim..... And a whole bunch of really great contributors.... It was High Plains Drifter that brought me here.
  3. So basically ,you found an internet scam that you can justify. Kind of like those emails I used to get from Africa asking for money. I wouldn’t advertise it........ Sorry,big fan........
  4. Buddha,what does that rod weigh? Actual weight,not what it is rated for. thanks in advance....
  5. Firefox Focus focus for Mac.. Adbloc + for windows No popup ads,or any adds.. it not that complicated........
  6. Windows or Mac? I get 0 ads,everything pops.
  7. Seems to be a bit of deceptive advertising on this reel saying they are using Stradic FK as the basis, The frame is,I believe,but doubt it is a worm gear reel and only 3 bearings? Time will tell......
  8. No,it is certainly not “perfect”. Scoob seems to be the master of perfect spool filling to absolutely max. I don’t recall if he ever said how he spools his line, line winding machine or some other hocus pocus. Maybe he will chime in here. On smaller reels little things like backing knot,spool position,etc will show up quickly. I still think it is over shimmed slightly.
  9. Flouro sinks,on light topwaters it makes a difference. Startup pulls the lure down. Spook Jr etc. As for stealth,don’t need stealth on topwater lures.
  10. what he said. I know you are a perfectionist but it is not horrible. As you well know Daiwa spools have a forward taper by design. I would try a thinner spacer to move line closer to top of spool. Do you have backing on the spool?
  11. Benadryl stop the itch.
  12. You probably already have a Sibiki rod and don't know it. Best video ever on Sabiki fishing. Pay attention how he stores the rod near the end of vid..
  13. Probably banned for life for posting a non amazon link but look up World Wide Sportsman Hybrid II Pants for Men. way more crotch room than Columbia, stretch waistline. Just roomier than Columbia. Ankle zips for easy removal. Also,down here Bimini Bay Outfitters shorts,shirts etc are sold in every Walmart. I prefer them to any brand including ,and especially,Columbia! Trust me, I have them all.
  14. Hands down, Bass pro convertible pants. Way more rise and crotch room than the overpriced Columbia version. Trust me, I have both. You can wade in these and they dry in about 15 minutes. I have a couple pair that are 5-6 years old and going strong Tsunami makes the best shorts, Bimini Bay Outfitters. Wish they made a convertible pant version. ps,that is what I am wearing in my avatar,old pic,still wearing them.
  15. What was the deal with him returning to the US? I heard Turkey wouldn’t let him,for some reason? Any insight on this? When he passed his sister was very vocal on this site. Hope she sees this,he is missed.