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  1. More cooking please
  2. Thanks,so you are saying Toyobo makes the fiber but Daiwa,YGK,etc weaves their own line to their specs. Guess I probably should of known that.
  3. I am wondering if this is unique to the JDM Toyobo factory? I assume if it is a JDM Izanas whoever brands it it is the same product. Maybe a different color.
  4. A search for “Izanas” turned up this 2 year old thread. Izanas is showing up on Daiwa j8 grand,Yo-zuri super 8 and other JDM braids. And,with some issues. My question is,2 years later,is this different than Dyneema or just a name change? What is the verdict?
  5. Bass pr0 is showing the 8 strand starting at 10 lb,15 Lb etc. also comes in white which I like.
  6. Anyone have any experience with Yo-Zuri Super Braid 8? According to Yo-Zuri website it is only sold at Basspro and Cabelas in the US.
  7. Define medium to heavy surf? How much lead to hold.
  8. Quick story about br reels. Last winter the Black Drum were pretty thick. Had 3 rods spiked and a Drum took one. Was fighting it and a second rod started snapping with a Pompano beat. I knew if I took pressure off the drum it would relax,so I put the baitrunner on and respiked it. Grabbed the other rod with a fat Pomp and landed it. Back to the BR reel and pulled in a Big Ugly. I fish by myself so the BR feature is a big plus.
  9. Just don't use the baitrunner feature. It will fish just like any spinner.
  10. OC and D are the current Shimano Baitrunners. Both are the same internally with the possible exception of drag material. I replaced my OC felt drags with Smooth Drag carbon for $10. Don't remember if I did for the D. The previous model was the Baitrunner B and it is a beast,very HD. But,not sure if u can get parts anymore in typical Shimano BS. Not sure of the spool specs but would think they are similar to current models. The Thunnus is cream of the crop but out of my price range.
  11. The B's are tanks but My OC & D are 3 years old and I fish them 125+ days a year. Had 1 replaced by Shimano but they are as nice as new with very little maintenance.
  12. #1 YES! #2 YES,I use circle hooks exclusively and the weight of a 3-4 oz Storm sinker is enough to set the hook in the tinniest catfish to a 30 lb Drum. #3 Shimano Baitrunner 6-8K model OC or D. The OC is about $129 but I bought from my local B&T for 25% off. My D came from another local B&T for 50% off (floor model).By the way,I believe the internals are the same on the OC & D. Some folks say dealers can't discount Shimano but that is not true at all. They may not be able to advertise current models but they sure as hell can discount them. I recently bought a Stradic FL for 35% off with stacked discounts at a MAJOR big box dealer. I'm to damn old to be chasing expensive gear into the wash.I love them.
  13. Here is a crispy one I bought at a garage sale.
  14. This is a Zebco Cardinal I used back in the late 70’s on the Kenai river for King Salmon and Silver Salmon from shore. Really was a pos reel but caught buocoo salmon with it !! Swedish reel.
  15. Agree 3K for that rod and I own 4 Bg’s from 1500 -4500. Like them a lot. But,right now, I would buy the Shimano Spheros SW 3-4k for similar $.