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  1. It surprises me the number of people who don't understand the fish they are trying to catch. I recently fished overseas. The person who took me said it was fished out and only small fish were there and lent me some of his equipment and lures. We get there and there are 10 bored fisherman in automatic casting mode catching nothing. I cast where I expected fish to be and he told me wrong spot and showed me where to cast. Because I am polite I did what he was telling me but stayed observant. And I could occasionally see big fish where I expected them to be. After about 30 minutes the guy wandered away a bit and and I could cast where I wanted to originally. Third cast I landed a decent fish. This guy had about 20 years on me and fishes regularly but just didnt get it. I don't think he was deliberately trying to mislead me.
  2. If you are getting skunked regularly I believe you haven't completely understood your target's habits. Or you just like to experiment which is fine if you enjoy that. I used to catch few and was surprised when I caught one. These days I am disappointed if I don't catch one in the first 10 minutes. I very rarely experiment with new lures or even change my lure during a night. That may he boring to some but I just like to catch fish and the bigger the better. You may think you are in fished out water but there will be individuals out there catching them regularly.
  3. Maybe you could post a video and we can tell you what you did wrong? Using positive pressure to move fuel has been done for at least a century.
  4. Yeah I fish most nights too. I do stay at home if there is a neap tide with no movement. Just to be clear I am overseas. I just had a different impression of the striped bass fishery. I am content getting a fish every hour or two if fishing from the land. But from all I have read I thought the fishing was better your way..guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Our best fishing is actually now but we are not even allowed to target them because they are spawning and too easy to find. We have a 3 month closure. P.s. my previous posts were not specific to my home country. My wife is from another country and I fish when there too.
  5. I went almost a year of skunks when I started but can predict fairly easily where they are now. Are you talking about waiting for migrating fish?
  6. I'm surprised that this was your experience.
  7. There is some good points here. My tips for people not catching would be: 1. Focus on learning a small local area like the back of your hand. Keep it to 3 or 4 spots within a 20 minute or so drive of eachother. 2. Fish these spots hard every day and learn where, when and hopefully why the fish are there. Later you can concentrate effort at these spots when conditions match what has worked before. 3. For larger fish go at night if possible. Be stealthy and tread lightly. 4. You don't need to carry a bag full of lures. A plastic minnow and some jigs of your choice will get the job done 99% of the time. Vary retrieve instead of carrying different types of lures. 5. 75% of the time my retrieve is just winding extremely slowly. Just fast enough to keep in contact with the lure. A small twitch of the tip every few handle revolutions helps to know if you are still in touch with no slack. 6. Don't keep casting to the same spot if not catching. Fan casts and vary retrieve. 7. Sharp hooks are essential. Carry a file and check the hooks every few casts. I really dont understand how someone could fish all night with hook covers on. I find the hooks blunt just touching sand occasionally so probably touch them up every 15- 30 minutes or sooner if needed. If you are getting bumps but not a good ratio of hookups it is probably due to blunt hooks. 8. Dont be lazy. If your leader is compromised then cut it back or change it. Keep your reel and drag well maintained. A sticky drag will cost you eventually. It took a long time and alot of wasted effort to start catching regularly. Now I catch fish most nights. The challenge is catching the big ones and keeps me motivated.
  8. I too use compressed air (just a standard tyre air pump) rather than a fuel pump. Insert the drain tube to the bottom of the tank and air hose into the filler opening and stuff a rag around the two to build pressure. I have used garden hose before as the drain tube and it worked ok.
  9. I don't lose too many fish these days on these type of lures. If I am catch and releasing I switch to single hooks such as jigs because admittedly the trebles do alot of damage. I lose alot more on the jigs though because of their soft mouth and lots of jumping and head shakes. I have never tried removing a hook but will definitely experiment with it when the fishery opens next season.
  10. I've had nightmares of dropped fish.
  11. Have had decent fish (barramundi) bend 3x (I think) vmc hooks using a light drag setting in open water. I landed both of the fish that bent the hooks on these two lures. The bottom lure was from a 50lb fish. Luckily it had another hook in it. Top from a 30lb fish. I use 6x now.
  12. I'd rather spend my time fishing than socialising so no clubs for me.
  13. I clean and grease my drag washers regularly. The grease reduces the pull needed to get the drag working (more important if I want to fish with a heavier drag setting).
  14. I would focus on fuel too. Doubt it is an old fuel issue because it's starting. I'd check the pumping diaphragm.
  15. This guy is in Florida and does alright with a longer rod.
  16. I've found an alberto knot can survive going through the guides. I wrap 8 times down and wrap it back 8 times exactly over the originals. Then tighten slowly and evenly by pulling on the leader and both ends of the braid. Then a final tighten by wrapping the leader and mainline around my arms and maximum effort. If not tightened properly, malformed or the tag passed through incorrectly then it will fail. The knot can survive but very small or cheap guide inserts will not.
  17. I was given an unmarked spray bottle with some brown liquid that our local train company uses to deoderise seats and carpets. Don't know the name of the chemical but it works wonders. Maybe ask industrial cleaning suppliers for advice?
  18. If luring then bare minimum (the usual) for me is one rod, a bag with a couple of hardbody lures (popper, shallow minnow), 2-3 bucktails, a ziploc bag with 6 lengths of precut mono leader, nailcutters for retying and a hook sharpener. I also prefer to take needlenose pliers, headlamp and a knife because my family and I like to eat fish and I prefer to bleed them. If bait fishing then I take a soft cooler with ice and fresh bait in ziploc bags, knife, a couple of sinkers and a handful of pretied leaders in bags. Just one rod that I hold so no stakes necessary. Headlamp at night. I drink at the car before I take off but if really hot I may take a juice box with me. If I had to guzzle water for medical reasons like yourself then it'd be a camelbak for sure.
  19. I agree. If you havent bought a reel yet then a daiwa bg4500 would be great choice. I fish almost daily with mine and it has held up great over the last 6 years or so. I don't dunk my reels but wouldn't you clean and grease a spinfisher in that situation anyway? I clean my reel at least fortnightly because I don't want to lose a big fish through lack of maintenance. Last thing I want is a sticky drag. If my reel was dunked I'd clean before the next trip or not bother going.
  20. +1 Zman will definitely react with other plastics. I usually keep all my soft plastics in their original bags these days. I have had some zman sitting for a couple of years in a Moncross MC204WB (advertised as zman safe) box and havent had any problems. I dont mix different colours together though because they do bleed. I have experimented with scents and haven't noticed much difference in the area and species I fish.
  21. If you want to fish with a lighter drag then you can always set the hooks by adding temporary tension with your hand or thumb on the spool.
  22. Wow reading this I am glad my favorite fishing spot is a 5min walk. 99% of the time I am the only one there. And three free ramps with cctv and no queues (well paid by land tax so not really free if a property owner) within a 5min drive if I can ever be bothered launching my boat.
  23. I use a knot always. Have had swivels fail twice (manufacturing defect I think).
  24. What area?